Top Ten Games Like Grand Theft Auto


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1 Saints Row 2

The best and high point of the "Saints Row" franchise. This games had comedy but also retained enough dark moments to keep it serious. The cutscenes were so unique at the time for being extremely cinematic due to utilising film-like camera angles and different cuts. The character finally got given a voice and it worked out so much better. The gameplay was much of the same from the previous game but that was a good thing. There were many memorable missions in this game that I replay so many times. The graphics while subpar still don't bring this game down from the greatness it is.

Not like Grand Theft Auto.Better than Grand Theft Auto

Best saints row game ever... Amazing storyline and lovable characters just love it...

In my opinion, I think this game is amazing, you can do a lot things in this game. - Delgia2k

2 Watch Dogs

I don't know why the people hate this game great graphics amazing weapons and great main missions and side missions but I agree horrible Physics

It's pretty cool that you are a hacker in this game, I don't mean by internet hacker. - Delgia2k

But but but but... You can't shoot in cars

Decent game deserves to be on this list?

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3 Red Dead Redemption

Western version of Grand Theft Auto - Delgia2k

Never played it, but I'll get RDR 2 when it comes out.

Grand Theft Auto and RDR are both from R - spiderskull98

Awesome, especially the way u use guns

4 Mafia II

40s Grand Theft Auto version

Better than Grand Theft Auto 5.

This game is also awesome because it has good story/ good gameplay good /system and good environment and also the this game is realistic because it is also 3d

5 Sleeping Dogs

This one is like Grand Theft Auto but Chinese - Delgia2k

6 Bully: Scholarship Edition

It's Rockstar, same guys as Grand Theft Auto, of course it's like Grand Theft Auto - spiderskull98

This one is like Grand Theft Auto in school. - Delgia2k

I love Bully.

7 Saints Row IV

Saints Row Iv is a good game, but I think Saints Row 2 is better than Saints Row IV. This explain the reason why I put it here - Delgia2k

This game was okay, but to me it's nothing special. Saints Row 2 is the best in the series I don't know why Volition had to change it.

Developers smoked too much weed...

Am I the only one who enjoyed this game and on a fun way too?

8 Hitman

If you are fan of stealth, then this game is yours - Delgia2k

Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell and Hitman where the best stealth games.

9 Scarface: The World Is Yours

My younger cousin used to play this all the time in 2006. I played MLB 2K6 all the time back then. - RobertWisdom

Man, this game is based on 1980's famous movie - Delgia2k

Just get Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

10 The Simpsons Hit & Run

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11 Watch Dogs 2

This game is so dope.

The graphics were amazing.

The city is based on San Francisco,REALLY BIG.

The parkour looks better than the first one.


Should be GOTY.

12 Payday 2
13 Driver: Parallel Lines
14 Shadow the Hedgehog

Whoever put that on this list is stupider than Alois. Just because you shoot people in the game THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT ITS LIKE Grand Theft Auto. There is NO free roaming, NO running over

15 Far Cry 4
16 Just Cause 2
17 Hitman: Absolution
18 The Godfather Part II

As you can see, The godfather part 2 is a movie, but the godfather 2 is a video game. - Delgia2k

A really good game played it 5 times repeatedly

This game is based on 1970's famous movie - Delgia2k

19 Total Overdose

Issue game...

20 Just Cause 3

I didn't like playing this game.

Very similar to Grand Theft Auto, except its not as inapropreate, and there are so many explosions

21 Mafia III
22 Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
23 Twisted Metal
24 Saints Row
25 Saints Row: The Third
26 True Crime: New York City
27 True Crime: Streets of L.A.
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