Top 10 Most Annoying Things Friends Do When Playing Video Games

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1 Hit the "reset" button on the console

By "reset button" I'm gonna talk about TURNING OFF. This has happened a few times where a friend of my mom will come over and bring her son and daughter with her (the son is older, but both of them are younger then me) And me and the son have played the game and then the daughter will turn off the console while were playing to get are attention. Luckily, when the daughter did that, all me and the son played were Minecraft so we didn't really loose anything

Ok, this isn't quite a reset, this is off.


I have a full Nintendo network account, and I have to type in my long password. A newbie and I were going to play Splatoon. She was going to have the gamepad because she wanted to be a girl. However, she didn't even let me put in my password because she was looking at my stepdad's Mii. Until my mom told her to, I couldn't put my password in.


So, the newbie and I are 1 vs. 1. I tell her she needs a gun, but stubbornly, she chooses a roller. I tell her we need to shoot the balloons, but she pathetically uses her baby voice and says, "No!" And when I win battle after battle, she throws herself on the sofa and hits the off button. When I lie and say it was a glitch, she sat straight up and yelled, "REMATCH!"

I didn't want to play with this sore loser.

2 Keep saying "you suck" despite you playing like a boss

Dark Souls hatemail

So I was playing Dark Souls 3 and there was this dude using Morne's Great Hammer and wore the Deacon set. He went one handed. I was using Chaos Blade and I parried him and one shot him with my visceral attack. He said that was "just luck" and he would have beaten me even if I kept wrecking him before that.

Happened to me in every Soulsborne game.

Every time I played Subway Surfers or Jetpack Joyride on my phone on the bus and lost a game or forget to collect something, this guy kept saying I suck and calling me names like "idiot" or "dumbo". I was actually very good at the games as I started them in second grade!

3 Play for 2 seconds, then quit
4 Only play certain games

Okay, so I have a friend who lives across the street from me, and for a good long while, all she wanted to do when she came over to my house was play Super Mario Odyssey (I'm terrible at spelling, so hopefully, you know what I'm talking about). And keep in mind that she also has Super Mario Odyssey on her Nintendo Switch at her house (Well, actually, when we first started hanging out, I think she only had a Wii U). So I guess before she got a Nintendo, I can understand her always wanting to play that game because she didn't have it herself. But afterwards, it got annoying to me because I love playing LITERALLY ANY OTHER GAME ON THE SWITCH. Luckily, we could agree on Snipper Clips and Jackbox.

5 Keep pausing the game

This is a good way to piss off friends in Super Smash Bros.

6 Refuse to play on consoles before the 7th generation

Come on! All the good games are on old consoles!

This is a big problem for me. Because I own a PS1, SNES, and a Sega Genesis. All my friends insist I should get a PS4 and it gets on my nerves! I mean, come on! Just because it's old doesn't mean it sucks. (Unless it's CD-I or the Atari 5200…)

7 Insist there's a 2 player mode in a 1 player game

My brother tried to play Halo 5 with my on the same console.

8 Be unable to figure out simple controls

Friend: "how do I move him!? "
You: "joystick"
Friend: how the heck does this work?! "
You: really? My 5 year old knew it the first time he played on it"

She doesn't know how to WALK in Splatoon, OR shoot, or aim!
My brother is only 4 in April and he knows that! (He can't really aim THAT well, though)

9 Delete your save files
10 Screen-watch
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11 Fight over your best controller
12 Restart the game when you are doing really well
13 Make fun of you when you lose
14 Brag about winning the game
15 Spout out random memes
16 Whine

So my parents sometimes invite my mom's friend and her husband to come over to our house to hang out, and they normally bring their son and daughter with them (The son was older then the daughter, and I was older then both of them) And for a long time me and the son would play Minecraft on my Xbox while the daughter went to play with the toys in my room. And once me and the son tried to teach the daughter how to play Minecraft with us, and she couldn't figure it out. Now this wouldn't be so bad, but every time one of us tried to help her, she would start whining about how she didn't want our help and that she wanted to figure it out herself, and then as soon as me and the son resumed our game she started whining again about how she couldn't figure the controls out. So then me and the son just started ignoring her and playing our game. Eventually my mom and her mom came up and started telling us that we should teach her how to play instead of ignoring her, and that got me SUPER FRUSTRATED as I tried to explain that she wouldn't let me, and that's about all I remember.

17 Quit then want to rejoin in the middle of the game
18 Use hacks
19 Turn off the controller when you win
20 Break your controller
21 Take the controller you are about to use
22 Argue about you winning the game
23 Get really angry when you are about to win
24 Constantly brag about how they're going to win
25 Make you lose and claim they're "helping you"
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