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1 Ash and Serena

I truly believe that Ash and Serena are made for one another. No one could write against them once you see Pokemon XY and XYZ. There were many scenes during Ash's Kalos journey where Serena and Ash's love for each other was shown, like:

1. It was Ash who actually asked Serena to join him on his journey, a thing that we have never seen Ash do before.

2. He gave Serena a gift even though it was not her birthday or anything, just to thank her. So many girls have helped Ash before, but he never gave them a gift.

3. When Serena was getting ready to go to Hoenn, she gave Ash a kiss. What could be more romantic than this? And after the kiss, the expression which Ash gave to Serena proved that he liked her too.

So, that's why I say that Ash and Serena shipping is the best.

2 May and Drew

If anyone had noticed, in Who What When Where Wynaut, May and Drew are holding onto each other even after they fall off the cliff. When they are drifting down the river before the waterfall, you can see that their heads are really close together, making them appear as if they are holding on to each other. The reason I say this is because, if they weren't holding on to each other, they would probably be drifting apart like the way they were after they went down the waterfall.

Also, if you look closely, you will see that they are still holding hands when they go down the waterfall. They don't actually let go of each other until Drew is unconscious, and then May gets a hold of him again.

Don't believe me? Go watch the episode and see for yourself!

3 Ash and Misty

These two are perfect together. (Sorry Amour shippers, but) Misty was the only female traveling companion that Ash showed jealousy in when she was paired with another guy. Misty had so much more development than the other Poke girls in the franchise. I guess you could describe the two as tsunderes.

The most obvious hint that they liked each other was in "Pokeball Peril" when they were stuck on a blimp in a trap that Team Rocket made. James points out that the two are "very romantic creatures," leading to Meowth pointing out that they both are lovebirds. This leads the pair to look at each other and blush. Ash and Misty look away, only to deny it.

Ash and Misty are supportive of each other (we all have our mistakes, so don't get on me about their arguments) and will look to each other for support. Ash's reaction to his goodbye to Misty (and Brock) was sadder than his goodbye to any other girls he met on his journey.

If you guys are hanging on Serena just because she kissed Ash, then I don't know. But there was actually a banned episode in America where Ash and Misty do kiss, but it only aired in Japan. So, I hope that these two get together in the future, and I think that these two genuinely care for each other a lot, despite their arguments.

4 Ash and Dawn

Ash and Dawn are just made for each other. Their friendship is so real. Dawn had her own goals in life, rather than just traveling with Ash. Ash has learned so much with Dawn. Those two are just the perfect couple. Dawn is the only female character in the Pokemon series who has a central character just like Ash. This clearly shows how important Dawn was for Ash. Also, he has saved Dawn so many times that one cannot even count.

Their chemistry is the thing which I loved the most about the Diamond and Pearl season. Also, we can see that whenever Dawn has an option to choose between Ash and any other boy, she has always chosen Ash. She is just like Ash and shares an informal relationship with her. Dawn's Piplup's reference shows how important Dawn is for him. And since they are just like each other, they understand each other the most.

Even Cynthia, the Sinnoh champ, knows how important they are for each other. I just want this ship to be fixed permanently in the anime, and other characters can be brought and removed as per the maker's choice.

5 Ash and May

Well, Contestshipping is always better than this, and there's nothing to go on as they're interested in each other. However, there are some things I like about this ship. I don't know if I like this or Pearlshipping most out of the main girls x Ash ships.

1. It seems heavily implied that Ash is mostly responsible for her acceptance/interest in Pokemon. What I'm saying is that when she saw Ash respond to Pikachu at the end of episode one, not only did she not care about Pikachu frying her bike at that time, but she also saw how cool they were together.

2. They have the opposite, but similar, thing going on. Not only is May into Contests rather than a badge quest, but she is also styling, mature, and caring. We all know Ash was, during Kanto-Hoenn, immature, mostly thinking about himself, lets his mom decide what he wears, and couldn't care less about his messy hair. Both are adventurous, child-like, and love to eat.

3. They had some pretty strong moments together, like the Ranger movie and splitting the half-ribbon.

So Advanceshipping is pretty awesome (though Contest and Pallet for the win).

6 Jessie and James

I really love this ship, and it's the third most famous ship in Pokemon. I've shipped them since I watched the show. I'm not that much a fan of romance in movies, but I really love to ship them. There are many romantic scenes between them, and James has called her darling, sweetheart, and things like that in some random moments. I just love it!

I don't get why they're not more popular. They're the ones with the most chemistry and they really care about each other. Rocketshipping is so painfully underrated. But I think I know why, and that's because the new audience of each generation is mainly children, and they are less likely to understand grown-up characters.

I've shipped these two since the beginning, and my friends didn't get it back then. When they got older, they understood what I meant.

7 Misty and Tracey

I used to be a Pokeshipper, but lately, I just love the potential and the interactions of this couple so much! Chronicles made me fall in love with them!

Whereas one might prefer the type of romance where two people bicker a lot to hide their reciprocal fondness (which is totally acceptable, and I'm not judging it), I just love more the connection Misty and Tracey have. They are perfectly in tune with each other, on the same wavelength, and I admire that. If I could choose a romance for myself, I would want something like that.

You can feel that they respect each other a lot and enjoy spending time together, especially from Chronicles onwards.

He's there for her. They can count on each other. I like the idea that they were only friends during the first arcs, but then revalued each other once they got to know each other better. I like the idea that maybe Misty underwent a bit of a crisis after leaving Ash's side, but Tracey, without even realizing it, was there as a pillar for her. I like that Tracey has a chance to shine by her side, and that Misty has a chance to be happy.

I like the assumptions that everyone makes about them in Chronicles (the narrator too, haha), and I like that her sisters are supportive of them. Just... They are cute! They give off a sense of domesticity! I think they would work really well together. They have such a good influence on each other.

8 Go and Koharu

I'm so glad this is already at number eight. It reminds me so much of Amour. Chloe also blushes and cares for Goh a lot. They are already super cute.

I like this ship. It has good chemistry, and I feel like they both have a nice thing going.

9 Bonnie and Max

Well, I saw a picture where Bonnie kissed Max, and good, they're the youngest couple I've seen yet. Yep! I like this. They are so cute together!

Yes! I know they never met before, but fourth-wheel shipping for the win! They better travel together at the end of the anime, or there will be death.

Even though they've never met, they would make a good couple.

10 Cilan and Iris

Hey, I'm a WishfulShipper, but Ash and Iris look good together. However, Cilan and Iris are better off together.

This is good. It's nice and sweet. They protect each other from their own fears.

I have always seen Cilan as a brotherly figure to Iris and ship them as a BROTP, but I'm kind of okay with this ship.

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11 Brendan and May

Please make this higher! It's much better than Amourshipping as it'd be more likely two-sided than Amourshipping will ever be, and it's not creepy at all, unlike how Serena is with Ash sometimes. Also, it's better than Pokeshipping as they don't see the need to nag and argue with each other every time they talk, like Ash and Misty.

But Brendan grew to respect May, and May got a true friend with Brendan. Way cuter than Amourshipping.

I don't play the games or watch the anime, but even I know these two have something good going on, just by looking at fan art and fan fictions. I even went through the trouble of looking at different polls and voting for them in every one.

12 Brock and Lucy

It's such a great couple unless Olivia came in Sun and Moon. It's my favorite shipping in the case of Brock.

13 Calem and Shauna

I like the ship. It's a good relationship, and during the fireworks display after catching Furfru, Shauna points out he is the first guy she has seen fireworks with. Calem seems protective of Shauna, like in the legendary arc of each game where he is the rival. He tries to convince her to leave in order to keep her safe. Good ship.

In the games, this had so many more hints than Boutiqueshipping (Shauna x Serena). Firstly, in Santalune Forest, Shauna follows you around, asking to heal your Pokémon. Then, in the maze, she asks you where she should stand. No matter how many times you mess up (when playing a male character), she doesn't get mad at you. And at Parfum Palace, she says she will remember this moment forever.

Also, the music played in that scene is called Together with Shauna when playing as male. And I'm pretty sure the SM mom is Shauna.

14 Elio/Sun and Lillie

Probably one of my favorites. Such an underrated ship needs more attention in the fanbase.

15 Clemont and Korrina

I like this! Citron and Corni are both gym leaders, have relatives shown in the anime, and have blonde hair.

They are both gym leaders, and it's better than shipping with Ash.

That one episode where Korrina tells Clemont about her past made me really like this pair.

16 Pikachu and Buneary

But how do you know Pikachu is a boy and Buneary is a girl? Maybe they're both boys or both girls. Maybe Buneary is lesbian, bisexual, or gay. We may never know.

17 Ash and Angie

Ash basically said he'd die for her! They bettered each other.

Oh, I love this ship! I can't believe how low it is!

Ash literally almost died saving her.

18 Black and White

Seriously, the hints, the interactions, the blushing, the reunion? A "platonic boss-employee relationship" my ass. Seriously, they are already canon, they just aren't aware of it.

19 Dawn and Paul

This is literally so cute! I know a lot of people say they shouldn't be together since they are so different, but opposites attract, right? I don't know, I just think it would be interesting to see someone with a peppy attitude paired with someone who seems really cold.

I love Ikari! Dawn and Paul do seem to care about each other, and Paul changes due to her. I like this and Pearl, but this is obviously better!

Ikarishipping is my favorite shipping. I loved their interactions in the episode Familiarity Breeds Strategy. It's the best ship ever.

20 Ash and Iris

What? WHY is this on the 42nd spot? Oh well, no matter what people think, Negaishipping is my favorite ship from the animated series. Why? Because Iris and Ash complement each other in a unique way I haven't seen in the series before. They both adore Pokemon, set their friends before anything else, love playing around, are adventurous, and love stuffing their faces with food.

Yeah, I know Serena has a crush on Ash, but that's pretty much it. Iris doesn't put Ash on such a high pedestal and she points out his flaws so he can improve. Ash isn't perfect, and Iris knows this. They both have a long way to go as trainers, but if you gave them time to mature and grow, they could achieve greatness.

21 Cheren and Bianca

Seriously, Dualrivalshipping is the cutest ever. Just cute, cute, cute.

They are just so cute together and could balance each other out well.

22 Dawn and Zoey

If Pokemon had the same representation the newest Nick/Cartoon Network shows have, they would certainly be canon. They have the chemistry and the aesthetics. I love them.

It's really cute actually. I didn't watch DP, but I looked at the Bulbapedia article, and it looked cute.

Awesome girls got along really well and balanced each other out really well.

23 Brock and Misty
24 Ruby and Sapphire

My OTP! This ship is the best one ever created! They knew each other since they were young and had a crush on each other ever since. Yes, Serena knew Ash when he was young, but Ruby saved Sapphire's life! He even has a scar on his face to show for it!

This is the best ship ever (spoiler alert)! Not only are they a good pair, but they also confessed their love for each other and continue to show signs of feeling for each other.

This is 100 percent canon in the manga.

25 Victor and Gloria
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