Top Ten Stupidest Minecraft Mobs

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1 Zombie

Silver fish sure is annoying, but that's something. Slimes can be a pain when their BIG and they divide. They are also useful for their slime ball. The zombie has nothing. It is weak, is slow as crap, common, has an annoying cry and gives a horrible spoil. Of course it's the worst mob! But that doesn't mean that they are a bad thing, since its just a classic and that we need weak mobs.

Zombie's item can be useful like sword, armor, pick, shovel,
pumkin or iron ingot. Rotten flash is useful to breed wolfs
but I have to admit zombies are stupid. They walk right into the lava
when he saw me.

They don't care if they are burning. Skeletons are smart to find a dark place, but zombies don't.

They come in big packs and if your getting your pickaxe out getting diamonds by lava then... Zombies

2 Silverfish

I hate silverfish because they are gross and in strongholds there is so many of them. So I was getting attacked by a silverfish once and I missed a lot of hits and that made me break the infested blocks so that more kept spawning so I died even with protection 4 netherite armor.

Want to see a silverfish I did when I first got Minecraft I spawned it in the water thinking it was a FISH! I went to survival and died like that.

They spawn if you hit a silverfish stone. There is no difference between a stone and a silverfish stone so they'really gonna pop out of nowhere when you're mining.

I though it was a fish, too! Then my friend told me it can hurt me, so I stayed out of the water after that

3 Squid

They were stupid enough to go out of the water.
AND the stupidest part? They are trapped in a cobweb
and they were able to trip a tripwire. Confused.
One swing of my highly enchanted diamond sword, they were

I love squid! They peacefully glide around the water all day!

Cute but stupid because they get out of water a lot.

Just... Their face. They don't even attack!

4 Slime

They're so dumb when I was in a fenced farm they were all jumping at the fences doing nothing at all! They so stupid that I walked away from them

I did a test in creative where the slime couldn't see em. Would the slime go for the small farm? Answer? He went sytrait for it the second I spawned him. All they do is cause trouble to farms, divide into annoying tiny slimes, and the largest ones are even more of a pain!

Ugh this should be first because when I'm on creative flat mode they are everywhere and when I kill them there's more and when I tried to get rid of them I died even though I was in creative mode they are annoying WHY Minecraft WHY?!?!

I hate slimes all they do is jump at you and attack you and when you kill them they multiply. it's so annoying!

5 Magma Cube

Just Like The Slimes. Show love. Magma cubes/lavaslimes are my second favorite mob. Really gotta put both on the list huh... Very Original

Just as dumb as slimes.

I don't know I like them

6 Chicken

They are okay but I like putting animals in the sky and a chicken doesn't take fall damage

7 Endermite

Hey are just like silverfishes. They only exist in Minecraft on computer. T

What are endermites. They're not even on Minecraft, they don'the even exist.

8 Villager

These stupid squidwards grunt for hours on end AND they look stupid AND they do stupid things so why are these ting number 9. They should be number 1!

They are so dumb, walking into walls at night, do nothing to take out the fire on them, and do anything dumb to die.

I made a fireplace and it jumped right onto the fire! I wanted to trade him
so I saved him. That proves he is dumb. Thanks goodness I had a
potion of fire resistence.

Their nose is the size of a brick no wonder why they are so retarded.

9 Cow
10 Pig
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11 Bat

This should be #1. They don't do anything. They fly into lava and just squeak and sleep on the ceeling of a cave and that's it. They're dumber than sqquids.

Cute but not very smart.

12 Creeper

These things are SO annoying! I prefer lava over them! I mean, I think they're cute and all, but their annoyness(I don't know if that is a word)beats everything.

13 Sheep

They just jump into water when they now they can't get back on land so I have to help them so I have to wast brocks.

14 Wandering Trader

Wandering traders are the WORST they spawn where you are and give the WORST trades. I don't want to give you 3 emeralds for podzel. Like were you exiled from your village and need emeralds to be worthy again?

15 Rabbit

Tey are SO stupid! These fools saw a carrot I was holding. They rushed to me and I hit them with the carrot.
But they didn't ran away! I had a nice, rabbit that evening.

16 Fox

They are cool but can sometimes be a pain. Especially when having chickens, fish and rabbits as pets. Solution: Dig a 2 blok high hole and place a wolf in there.

What does the fox say

17 Wolf

Until recent times, they wandered into lava. What a waste of getting bones, finding a snow biome, then finding a wolf.

18 Enderman

Endermen are awesome. By the way, that is what there are SUPOSSED to do. Chickens are stupid they would just walk into lava and they could not kill anything if they tried. Endermen can kill you and teleport before you shoot arrows at them. Wolves are also cool because they teleport also and you can tame them. But yeah, it is dumb how they wandered into lava but they don't really do that anymore.

They are dumb. I purposely look right into enderman's eye
and jumped onto some water and it teleported onto the water.
It squeeled and teleported back to land. I stared enderman's leg
and hook it with fishing rod and killed it with my enchanted diamond sword.

Endermen are pretty smart compared to the rest. He can pick up and place blocks, teleport greatly in defse (ai is smart), etc.

19 Skeleton

No, they actually are pretty smart. They can avoid sunlight, unlike Zombies, that stand there, burning

NO! They are smart enough to avoid sunlight

They are smart in the 1.9 update

20 Ghast
21 Zombie Piglin
22 Snow Golem
23 Guardian

They are dumb and they shoot lasers?

24 Ender Dragon
25 Ocelot
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