Top 10 Best Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Characters

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1 Stealth Elf

I have her, and she is the best! She levels up to 15 and can heal by herself. I beat Jet-Vac with her by using my dummy. Jet-Vac couldn't even find me!

Her upgrades are super powerful on the top path. I almost killed Drobot with her! Drobot had 147 health when he killed me. His Drobot was level 15 and Stealth Elf is level 15 too! She is awesome!

Stealth Elf is a difficult Skylander to master. She has low armor and low health, and most of her attacks are melee. Her advantage comes from the speed of her attacks and her movement.

She can dart in and out of combat, striking enemies with deadly knives, or enter stealth mode and catch her enemies unaware for a special backstab attack. SILENT BUT DEADLY!

2 Ignitor

My Ignitor is at level 15, and I have managed to beat every single Skylander in 1v1 except the giants (because Ignitor has a little bit too low health). His attacks are very powerful, and if you're a good player and not a noob, you will defeat most of the Skylanders with ease thanks to good combos and the right decisions.

Notice that I've chosen the sword path, which is just the best with the extreme Mega Slam with a critical damage of 120 (Skylanders Giants). Enough said.

Ignitor RULES! He has great attack power, a pretty sweet defensive system, and his upgrades only get better. You start off with amazing sword attacks, and then the next thing you know, you have RANGED sword attacks with even greater damage!

This Skylander was so awesome that I actually skipped Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy!

3 Drobot

I honestly think that Drobot kicks ass. If he has enemies in front of him, his quadratic lasers can also blow up enemies near the target. If they are really close behind him, he can fly away and use his afterburners to scorch them. If they are far to his left or far to his right and he's facing a faraway wall, he can use his blade gears in a frenzy.

Best of all, if he is flying, he can launch blade gears backwards, and if he is flying slow, when he hovers and starts flying again, his afterburners will recharge. Number 1!

4 Trigger Happy

The spam you can do with his guns is super overpowered, and he has the ability to get the job done with ease from level one. He is undoubtedly one of the best Skylanders. (I mean that in a good way.)

He is really crazy, and with the machine gun upgrade and ultimate ammo, he can keep spinning round and round while shooting loads of bullets everywhere. This has proved to be great in battle.

This guy, this guy! If this game were competitive, he would be god tier. Wall bounces upgrade. Machine gun. When paired with the right kind of brony... I mean crazy, well yeah. P.S. Give me all the muffins!

5 Sonic Boom

One of the great things about Sonic Boom is she becomes a boss whichever path you choose. Before you choose a path, she's actually pretty pathetic. Her roar is powerful, and her babies can take on enemies while she can take on other enemies. Even better, with her soul gem, her babies can attack from further away.

Even egg toss is great if you choose Medea Griffin, and on Siren Griffin, roar has great range. She should be in the top 5.


She is a beast! I defeated Kaos with her babies. She can beat everyone except for Ignitor and Chop Chop. I am shocked that Hex is above her. Like I said, she is a beast!

6 Chop Chop

I'm sorry, Double Trouble. I know you used to be the best, but Chop Chop blew you out of the water. Most people don't recognize it, but his shield is literally immune to everything if you upgrade it completely.

His sword is just another piece of equipment, so go for it. With some practice and consistent use of the boost, you're a winner.

SLICE AND DICE! Chop Chop is awesome. He got through every level, including Kaos. Sorry, Prism Break. I know you're the best in the game, but Chop Chop just blew you out of the Knock Down zone.

When you fully upgrade him, he will just SLICE you directly. He is probably the best Undead Skylander. When you always try him, he acts like the winner of the game. AWESOME!

7 Hex

GO HEX! Well, she is not the best, but she has a pretty good ability. That super bone wall is great. When enemies hit that wall... BOOM.

When she is fully upgraded, she becomes the master of the Undead. Plus, she is easier to control, and her aiming skills improve. She killed my Trigger Happy, Terrafin, Eruptor, and Drobot! Kaos will try to kill her, but with all her attacks, upgrades, and her awesome Soul Gem, Kaos will rapidly fail. Ha.

Hex is the best in battle mode. All you have to do is make your wall of bones in the corner and use your skull rain attack. It is also very good in long hallways.

If you choose the second path, all you have to do is put up your wall of bones and wait for the enemies to die. They will try to get past it, but they will ultimately fail.

8 Terrafin

The Mr. T of Skylands... enough said.


Fine. First, Terrafin is unstoppable when he burrows, as he is untouched by most, if not all, attacks. His Body Slam takes out a decent amount of health, and when that is coupled with his Series 2 Wow Pow, he becomes virtually unstoppable.

Now for you people who like to complain that the burrowing is cheating.

Terrafin isn't the boxing champ for nothing. When fully upgraded, his regular punch attacks do somewhere around 40-50 damage (I forget and I'm too lazy to look it up). Then, after he delivers two Silver Platter Specials (aka his spiked knuckles) to the opponent's face, he unloads with an uppercut that would make Mike Tyson proud. The uppercut not only does 60 damage, but it allows Terrafin to move out of the way of an attack.

As for his sharks, they're meh. They do dish out some damage, but nothing significant. One thing is clear though: mess with Terrafin, and the whole family comes swimming to take a bite out of you.

(If you haven't noticed, I fully support the Brawler path for Terrafin.)

9 Spyro Spyro is a series of platform games which primarily features the protagonist Spyro the Dragon and his friend, Sparx the Dragonfly.

OK, I can tell you some facts about Spyro I know. Spyro became the first Skylander. He is the most well-known Skylander. Spyro came to Skylands, and he knows about Skylanders, so he said to Eon, "Can I be a Skylander?"

Eon made him show his attacks to see if he was strong enough to become a Skylander. When Spyro was done, Eon couldn't believe his eyes. Spyro was amazing! Eon made him the first Skylander. Eon told him about the Core of Light and also about Kaos and his enemies. Whenever Kaos and his enemies came, Eon made Spyro fight them, and Spyro always won.

10 Double Trouble

The sunbeam attack is so powerful. Once it locks on, it deals continual damage and will still allow you to move. So, you lock onto your opponent and then put some distance between you and them, while still using the sunbeam to continue doing damage and avoiding their attacks.

I have used him to complete every Skylander game on the hardest levels, and he continues to succeed. Add to that his smaller explosive versions, who suicide explode into weaker opponents while you're off killing other things, and he becomes extremely powerful.

The Contenders
11 Ghost Roaster

He's awesome. He has moves that can go up to 50+. His stats are good, and he looks awesome. When he goes into ectoplasm mode, he just knocks everyone out.

He's awesome. He has cool and powerful moves that could go for 50+. His stats are great, and he looks awesome.

Use the skull and just spin in a circle around people. It is monstrously overpowered.

12 Slam Bam

Slam Bam is awesome. He has four arms, and he can freeze his enemies and punch them with ice fists.

Slam Bam is pretty much the best character I have, and I'm only missing Terrafin and Wham-Shell (since he's not out yet!).

Slam Bam never dies, and when he does, you still have all your other Skylanders to finish the level with!

13 Cynder

Cynder is really powerful. She can bring lightning down from the sky. Also, she can do a shadow dash. The cool thing is that when she does shadow dash, she will leave ghosts behind which damage different kinds of enemies.

Lightning can come from her mouth too! I think Cynder is one of the greatest Skylanders ever created.

I chose Cynder because she's the total package. You can zap enemies with black lightning anywhere from near to far. Also, the ghost trail is useful for booby traps.

I couldn't tell you how many times I baited enemies in, only to slip behind them and zap them and the ghosts. BOOM!

14 Sunburn

In my opinion, he's really powerful. If you take the flamethrower upgrade path, he can have unlimited flame, and if you hold the action button down long enough, he will turn into pure fire.

His dash attack is also strong and good for speeding through areas. One upgrade he can take (I believe it is the soul gem power) allows him to explode into flame as he is emerging from his fiery path.

Overall, he's very cool. I love the idea of a Phoenix-dragon hybrid, and his design is awesome. He is definitely my favorite.

15 Flameslinger

Flameslinger rules! His fire bow and arrow has a perfect range that keeps him out of enemies' attacks and lets him attack safely. His flame run is awesome! Even though it does a little damage, it is safe for Flameslinger to get attacked. Once you get Speed Demon (Wow Pow), he is stunning. The trail is bigger and it is easier for enemies to get hit. His volley strike is okay, but if you get Super Volley Shot (Soul Gem), he is awesome.

I've played and beaten all three games in nightmare mode, and yes, there are admittedly more powerful Skylanders available (Tree Rex and Magna Charge are simply beasts). However, my little Flameslinger is the complete package as far as I'm concerned. Couple his volley of arrows and his ring of fire with his insane speed and agility, and he will always be a force to be reckoned with. "Let the Flames Begin"!

16 Zook

Zook is so powerful. Even though he's slow, his defense and attack make up for it.

His mortar is so great. Crusher (I know I'm weird), Flameslinger, Zoo Lou, and Slobber Tooth are my favorites.

Zook is a beast. His cacti are so awesome. I killed Kaos with him in one try. He should be number one. Also, his mortar/cacti is boss.

17 Gill Grunt

My first Skylander did well, but it took time to upgrade. But after that, it was awesome with his jet pack and anchor. The best was shooting three anchors at once. A bit weak, of course, but it helped against KAOS.

This guy can beat Stealth Elf any day! Even Eruptor, ranked at 108, can beat Stealth Elf! With his anchors doing more damage than Flameslinger's arrows and his high-powered hose, nothing can stop this fish!

For The Gills!

Have you seen the guy? He is amazing! Turning into a shadow with amazing traps and fast claw attacks. No one can beat this tiger!

18 Camo

A half-plant, half-dragon? Someone who doesn't play Skylanders might think he's bad, but he is one of the best Skylanders ever! He is S1, so he works in all games. However, Thorn Horn Camo only works in Swap Force and Trap Team, but we're discussing the original Camo.

He looks cool and has good attacks. You can easily spam his Sun Blast attack to defeat even the strongest enemies. Get hit? No problem. Once you purchase his soul gem, just hold down the Sun Blast button and you will gain a Sun Blast shield. Once you have three Sun Blasts circling around you, you can heal yourself!

The Firecracker Vines attack starts off weak, but if you upgrade them (excluding the Firecracker Vines upgrade path), they become decent, although still his worst attack. The Melon Fountain is great, especially after choosing the Melon Master upgrade path, which increases the melons' damage, adds more melons, and allows you to hide in the fountain by holding down the Melon Fountain button and releasing it to send all the melons flying. However, when you're above ground, you can touch the melons to send them flying individually.

With great attacks and a healing ability, what's not to like about Camo?

19 Whirlwind

She is half unicorn, half dragon, which are my favorite animals. And she can fly, shoot magical rainbows, heal allies, and create thunder clouds. She truly is the best when fighting a boss.

Just put another character with low health in, and she will heal them all the way!

Whirlwind is my favorite Skylander. Yes, I love having my own unicorn, but she is a powerful player too. She has great range and can reach bad guys on towers. I've taken down level after level with her.

Stealth Elf makes a nice partner to play with.

20 Voodood

His staff does killer damage. Skylander should be top 15 at minimum. His electric wires almost always hit if you're good with them and do decent damage.

21 Bash

No one can beat him fully upgraded in a battle! He hits a minimum of 240 when upgraded, can travel fast through rolling, has amazing armor, and very high health. Combined with heroic challenges, he is unstoppable.

He does major damage that can defeat anything easily and, frankly, is just good looking.

Bash is one of my strongest Skylanders. If you charge up the Gaia Hammer, it does 240 damage!

22 Stump Smash

Stump Smash is the best Skylander ever! He can just smash down a bad guy with his hammer and his acorn. He can just spit it out of his mouth, and it goes so fast the bad guy will not have a chance to run away from the acorn.

He has so much health, which means he can take on anyone! Best melee character!

Easily the most powerful. Can defeat every giant too.

23 Wham-Shell

Come on, with his golden mace and electrical fields, nothing can stop this crab!

24 Lightning Rod

What is Lightning Rod doing here with the loser Skylanders? He should be in the top 10!

I like Lightning Rod because he can shoot cool lightning bolts. He is the only Skylander that's more like a human.

25 Wrecking Ball

He is cute and very strong. His Soul Gem move is very powerful, making him unstoppable.

He is so cute and very strong. His force field ball is a great way to get big enemies.

Wrecking Ball is so cute, and he can roll and eat stuff from far away.

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