Top 10 Best Minecraft YouTubers

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1 SkyDoesMinecraft Adam Dahlberg (born: January 17, 1993), better known online as Sky Does Everything or NetNobody (formerly SkyDoesMinecraft), is an American YouTuber, video game commentator, and former animator who gained prominence for their precursory Minecraft appeal, referring the Minecraft gold ingot item as "budder" and hating squids in the game. They also sang the song "New World" as a Minecraft parody at Minecon 2013. They are also a musician going by the name NetNobody.

Sky is funny and awesome

I voted for him because he is hilarious and fails a lot! Especially at parkour and survival games!

Okay, he is great and he deserves this place. I've been looking for somewhere to say this and her I am. He is a great YouTuber, and works hard for the sake of his Sky Army. I appreciate that. He is sarcastic and funny, and even though he swears, who cares? It's words. There only bad if used against someone. He is a great dude. His friends are amazing too. He was an inspiration for me, I built a whole world dedicated to him. He earns every single one of his subscribers. He works hard and that how I like it. Now I want him to stay like this. He is honestly the best in my opinions. He still uploads videos, even through the ups and downs of his life. He doesn't let anything get in the way of his passion of YouTube. Bring it haters you don't know what you're in for in this dude.

He's the best.

I really enjoy his videos, his roleplay series, his try not to laugh and his characters! Like The Breakfast Brigade. He is really hilarious and well, there is a reason he is the best Minecraft YouTuber. I love him, it's kinda sad that he lost a lot of ten year old subscribers just because he's cursing now! They say 'Yea I'm a true sky army member! 'And when he starts cursing they reply back saying 'Uhh! He's cursing!? Unsubscribed! 'Like, sorry for my language but just shut up! If you're a true Sky army member than you would stay with him! If you are still subscribed than you, my friend, are a true member.

2 Captainsparklez

He is like a master to me. He make it easy for you to understand mincraft and its ways. He has his anger moments sometimes, and jokes to make it an interesting video not a lame one. That is why he is NUMBER ONE!

CaptainSparklez Should be number one, not sky. Sky has no talent in writing songs. The only thing he wrote was New world, but it was a parody. CaptainSparklez may have made a bunch of parodies, but off super famous songs like Gangnam Style, Dynamite, DJ got us falling in love again, and even Viva la vida. He even managed to make an original. The song, paradise, maybe more popular than all the songs captainsparklez made parodies of, but the parody version of the songs captainsparklez made has more views than the parody version of paradise Sky made.

Original, #1, and one of the earliest.

Role model he always seems so clean, occasionally letting off some steam. Keep on killing creepers Jordan!

3 TheBajanCanadian

Mitch is really funny and he always makes someone's day. The videos are really entertaining and they keep the bad words to them selves. If you go back to the older videos from about 2-3 years ago there was a bunch if cussing but since he knows how young his viewers are, he has quit cussing. Mitch is my favorite YouTuber and he should definitely be #1. He is almost at 4 million subs and that's great. Keep going Mitch! I'm counting on you!

Bajan is a very awesome YouTuber! I Watched his episodes ever since I was 4! (I'm eight) he is a good and funny YouTuber that relies on his viewers and listens to their ideas and challenges! He does vlogs, mods, mini games, and was on minecon multiple times! He is with these 2 teams called "the pack" and "team crafted." These teams have you tubers like JeromeASF, SkyDoesMinecraft which are popular and on this list. Very Hilarious and friendly. He doesn't cuss, and he may have cussed YEARS ago but now, he doesn't. Good for kids! I love his videos. I may haVe not have subscribed, but I love his videos. Samuel KIM

He' s bae. Literally, that's all I need to say. Mitch has every good quality a YouTuber could have, with the added bonus of being rather hot... But what makes him so remarkable is his unique personality, his kindness, and, well, coolness. He was the Swagster McSwaggins of the old Team Crafted, and the most famous member of The Pack. But fame means nothing compared to his generous, likeable personality. I think it's safe to say that he deserves #1 of all Minecraft YouTubers. Watch out, Adam, there's a new Sky coming to town!

Skydoesminecraft has a gigantic following... Of children. Mitch is a more mature and experienced Minecrafter, who would destroy adam in any challenge. While I am not under the impression that Mitch is a god or flawless pvper, he is pretty good (before I get hate, yes, I have seen Huahwi and he would beat Mitch in pvp). Despite his shortcomings though, Mitch is a good guy, and an entertaining and skilled Minecraft YouTuber. He deserves higher than Adam, GO BAJANCANADIAN!

4 TheDiamondMinecart

Again, so much nostalgia. I grew up with Dan, and Stampy. I really miss the mod showcases, but I'm also kinda glad he started to branch out.

TheDiamondMinecart is one of the best Minecraft Youtubers ever! He does amazing Mod Showcases, do really cool house builds, and has an awesome survival series. Personally, he should be in the top 5!

Dude, when I create a YouTube channel I will have my channel as Theminidiamondminecart, and I will look exactly the same as you except for your beard because I can do yo accent! You are also my friend, and favorite YouTuber! By the way I am 9 years old! I wish I could meet you but, my parents don't like you, and they won't let me go to insomnia, and meet you!

DanTDM, popularly known as TheDiamondMinecart, is one of the best Minecraft commentators I've seen. I believe he should be higher on this list because of three reasons: 1) He has been recognized by YouTube and been given the Golden Award. 2) He has fun impersonating a villager he has named Dr. Trayaurus and a skeleton dog named Grim. 3) BECAUSE REASONS!

5 JeromeASF

Jerome is an absolutely hilarious YouTuber. He's easy and fun to watch and has his own little references and special things about him that give him a special unique character. He also is pretty decent at most forms of gaming, and his claim to being colorblind adds to the humor. I doubt I haven't smiled at least once during every video I have watched of him. He makes me laugh and is a good outlet to the fast-paced and pressuring world, an easy escape for anyone eleven (and maybe younger, depending on the kid) to up to probably twenty-three or four, but obviously that's just my guess, so don't judge watching it off of this.
If you've read this far, thank you and be sure to leave your own opinion!

Jerome is awesome. He used to slack on his videos a little bit but ever since the end of 2014 beginning of 2015 he has been working a lot harder to keep his subs happy. He is amazing and just overall a really kind, fantastic, funny guy. I am glad that he is at least in the top five but he deserves to be rated higher, he's got to be better. Don't go hatin on me, I am only sharing my opinion. Jerome has an amazing and child friendly channel but he is still really funny.

I'm a long time fan. I remember when I was 4 watching his videos with my brother. His videos make me smile, laugh, and I appreciate the content he's made. Jeromes videos make my day and cheer me up when I'm sad. Jerome's a great person in general he's good at minecraft and is hilarious. I want whoever is reading and who hasn't watch to watch a video of his and I assure you you'll laugh and just have an all around great time.

You can't deny, Jerome is awesome. He deserves to be in first place. I think he is one of the best YouTubers ever, also his videos are so funny. I also like how he has so much series, but Jerome can find a way to do anything, so somehow he makes it easy to keep up. Jerome should be in first place, oh I'm so sorry, I meant to say "Pope General Jerome". laugh out loud

6 Stampylongnose

I have been watching stampy ever since about 2014. He is literally my childhood, and he was one of the first Minecraft youtubers that inspired me to start playing Minecraft.

Stampslongnose makes very funny jokes that crack me up and split my head open at times. I think he deserves first because he has about 315 games and shops in his lovely world. I once watched one of his videos in his lovely world and decided to continue watching. I finally decided to go to his first video and restart there. That swear chest must have a lot of gold in it now! I think the other videos like race to the moon and challenges like that should zip him up to the top. There are so many things he has done in just the four years he has been playing Minecraft. It takes a lot of work to get to his position and he had and still has the patience to do it all!

Stampy is an amazing YouTuber and I want to thank him for playing Minecraft so we can watch your videos. I hope your reading this just so I can tell you that you don't deserve 7 you deserve spot number 1. Also I would like to thank lee, Amy lee, squid, and all of is outstanding helpers for making videos for all of your fans and hope you get this message so you know how much I love your videos. Oh yeah before I forget please don't ever quit being so funny and Please thank your helpers for helping your videos so amazing. Look at comments daily please because I love your videos, you and your crew you are all amazing at everything you guys do. : )

Stampy is hilarious and VERY funny. I got addicted to his videos the first time I watched them. A great part of him is that he is creative. I like how he does his videos his own way, and how he manages to think up so many ways to make his videos stand out. The best thing about Stampy is how hard he works to entertain us. He puts more effort into making his videos than any other Minecraft you tuber it have seen. He really, really deserves everyone's support. I love your videos Stampy, they make my life so much more fun! Keep going Stampy! You're always a number 1 to me!

7 PopularMMOs

Popularmmos should be totally be in the top 5 along with TheDiamondMinecart, the BajanCanadian, SkyDoesMinecraft, and Stampylonghead those guys and popularmmos should really totally be in top 5. Subscribe to all of those channells now! My personal favourite series in popularmmos are the mod showcases, challenge games and I love when Pat screams when he plays 5 nights @ Freddys for the first time. He is absolutely clueless and I show a lot of support for Popularmmos and GamingwithJen!

This Channel is the best for Minecraft! Pat aka Popularmmos does tons of mob battles. I love his lucky block races,hunger games, challenge games and trolling games. When he does videos with Jen, I find that it makes me entertained as Jen is like super funny and also bad at parkour. There should be a reason why Popularmmos is not in the top ten! He deserves to be in the top five or top ten at least!

Honestly, Pat and Jen should be within top 5. No offense but Stanpy Cat's channel is kind of kiddish, and Sky, once again no offense, is kinda acts dumb, makes NO sense, and says bad words, which will influence his viewers in a negative way. I do give credit to all the other YouTube channels, but Pat and Jen shouldn't be eleventh.

Pat AND Jen should be in the top 5. Personally I think these guys don't get the appreciation they deserve. They deserve A LOT more subscribers as their just ace. They always make me laugh and could do the same for anyone. Their videos are so original whereas most Minecraft YouTubers copy each other. Every series on that channel (except mod reviews mini games and maps) has been created by them! So much time and effort is put into their videos to make them what they are. If u don't like them well stuff u their amazing and have tons of fans that love them so honestly nobody cares. This YouTube channel definitely should not be NUMBER 11! That's stupid! These guys are amazing but apparently a lot of people can't see that which is sad.

8 Antvenom

He is boss at Minecraft. His consistancy of high quality videos are great. I love catching up with all of his series. I really think he cares about his viewers the most out of all these guys, not to say that they're bad though.

His sheer skill at minecraft amazes me. Not to mention he is a great person too. He once played minecraft with one of his fans, a six year old with cancer, for an hour and a half. Not only a great gamer, but a kindhearted, amazing, and inspirational man. You go AntVenom!

AntVenom is a beast! He rarely swears. Everyone is scared of Ant when it comes to hunger games, especially Sky! Ant's mod reviews are awesome! His evil laugh is is the best I heard from anyone. Ant, in my opinion is the best you tuber.

I think ant is best I mean come on nobody is as good a him at PvP and does cool top ten stuff. Also I always doing stuff with sky and is super funny. I think he should be top five but I guess that's not gonna work out but please vote for antvenom king of the ant farm and Minecraft

9 Ssundee

SSundee is my favorite YouTuber. He's hilarious, has appropriate language, and is generally a happy guy. He truly cares about all of his subscribers and values their opinion. He has cheered me up on many occasions with his jokes and constant laughter. His creative addition of Derp SSundee was one of the best things he's ever done for his channel. Derp SSundee is hilarious and occasionally makes me feel bad for him because he keeps saying his mom doesn't love him :( :). He helps other channels like Crainer's come to life, and now SSundee and Crainer are best friends. Together they do challenges and for some reason torture themselves for viewer entertainment. I know I wouldn't wax my leg or eat the world's hottest peppers.

If you like happy YouTubers who care about their subscribers and always cheer you up, go watch SSundee.

You can tell Ssundee puts time and effort into his videos. Also, he's been though A LOT in his life, and seeing him always being so happy when something goes good... It's amazing. Ssundee clearly loves every single one of his subscribers. He is an awesome dude.

SSundee is the best out there. Not only are his content original and is always changing (he doesn't only do Minecraft like most YouTubers), he also has many side projects such as his music label, making his channel something even more than a regular Minecraft channel.

SSundee is super amazing, he isn't inappropriate, and he does everything from Mod Reviews and Pixelmon to Super Craft Bros, Prison Break, and Cops and Robbers! He is associated with Team Crafted, Looks good, and is just SUPER AWESOME! Please Vote because SSundee is amazing!

10 iballisticsquid

IballisticSquid is funny too. His accent is Awesome and I like you being partner with stampylongnose! Iballistic is also Famous too. He and stampylongnose can work together always! He especially have the most awesome sky island with lee Bear! What will honestly happen if iballisticSquid joined to stampylongnose's Sky island? That will be very cool!

He's really funny, especially with his good friend stampylongnose! I love all the collaborations, of him and his friends. He doesn't swear which is great for kids and lets parents trust their children when on these kind of channels! All in all, funny and a good role model for this generation

He's hilarious and whenever I'm bored or sad I watch his videos and they make my day every time! He's really cool and chilled out and is focused on his games and work. He deserves to be in the Top 10!

He's so cool and I love his voice. I now watch his videos over and over again because they are that funny. I burst out laughing and I think it's good that he plays with Stampy because he's cool too. he is simply fantastic.

The Contenders
11 ChimneySwift11

Has a unique way of dealing with things and doesn't take anything too seriously. Amazing commentary and never silent. He always explains things but never drags on, and when he does, he has awesome gameplay.

Chimneyswift11 is the funniest guy ever! He can always put you in a good mood, his builds are amazing, and the minecraft files are really funny and cool! He also loves to connect with the subscribers.

He's making his thing. His video's are always the best quality and he cares about his subscribers. His commentarry always makes you laugh. And besides you won't be able to quit watching his videos. They are amazing. And his tooth is awesome.

Chimney always makes the best out of every situation! He's always cheerful and really funny, yet he can sometimes be serious when he needs to be. Definitely deserves to be #1 on this list!

12 Deadlox

Wow no votes for deadlox that's sad he's so awesome he funny to VOTE for DEADLOX!

You are really funny and friends with sky. Plus your headphones are really cool. And when you do videos with sky you are really funny. Like when you built a cobblestone generator in island of the skies.

I just think that you are the cutest boy I have ever seen on Google. I just can't believe I am posting my own beliefs. Also I do have a boyfriend. But I just think you are so sexy. Also my name is Paris. I love you

He has a very cool skin and deadlox you're the coolst man hat I ever meet in the whole wide world.

13 BlueXephos (Yogscast)

BlueXephos and the YogsCast are awesome. They have that sort of bubbly energy that just makes you addicted, and puts you in a good mood every time you watch them! Simon and Lewis are the best team, and one of the great things about them is that when your recording you can tell that they are friends and that they care about each other. To me that's important. They are just awesome, e, hilarious at everything they do, and just plain funny! Keep it up guys!

The Yogscast are just the best gaming channel on Youtube. First of all their videos have weeks of effort put into them, people like Sky or Captainsparkles, just play any random adventure map and post it. The Yogscast of long running series and have their own million dollar video game under production. They have like 9 channels that do their own work. They have their Yogscraft series which is amazing. They have the most successful Video game series on Youtube which is none other than the Shadow of Israphel. Out of everyone on this list they have the most subscriptions. For all the other Youtubers on this list, all the people put are: They are funny. Is c00l because he duz Park hour. I Like it because hez cool. Blah Blah Blah. The Yogscast are hilarious, but it's not just that. They are like a family. They have a fantastic Fan base, unlike the fan base of people like pewdiepie, or Skydoesminecraft, and they have been on Youtube for more than five years. People like chimney swift have ...more

The Yogscast are my favourite YouTubers ever. Not only do they consistently produce hilarious videos, or they have multiple members and channels that each do their own thing and are united like a family, but every year, they host a Christmas live stream that donates money to charity. I don't think I've ever watched a Yogscast video without laughing.

Literally the pioneers of Minecraft Lets Plays on youtube, with Shadow of Israphel, Tekkit and actually being around for 10x longer than the majority of the other Minecraft channels.

They also have been making quality content for much longer making their videos feel familiar and comfortable to watch, and makes you feel apart of a family.

Other Minecraft youtubers may make videos, but these guys make history.

14 sethbling

Y'know what I like about sethbling? The fact that his videos are popular because he is smart and good at the core mechanics of the game rather than just being lucky (seeing as how luck-based survival mode is). Many of the above youtubers made it big by being dumb or making fools of themselves (not all of them, but some). Sethbling is the exact opposite. He is amazing and the reason I occasionally come back to Minecraft even though I don't like it that much is so I make machines as good as SB. He is just plain awesome!

Sethbling just does what he does, and no one else can do it. Just imagine him with Deal With It Glasses! Chimney's also pretty cool, I mean he's the happiest Minecrafter alive! Ant's the best solo commentator, and forget the Yogscast (actually don't, they're pretty cool too, especially Duncan and Sjin), because Skitscape and Fawdz are easily the best commentating duo. They never seem to be trying to be funny (well maybe with lapis), because they're just two best friends having fun.

Sethbling is a great youtubers and person at heart. He has a lot of experience. This is coming from a 20 year old girl and all my friends are like why are you watching this. It's Spain explaining what kind of content is on your channel every time but I love you and your content so never change.

Seriously, Sky is number 1? All he does is yell about butter and squids then sits back and lets the 8 year olds laugh their asses off. Sethbling actually gives tutorials on useful and interesting redstone builds.

15 Minecraftuniverse

I really can't say much. Just totally awesome in general! He someone that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants someone funny, smart, and with a good attitude to watch Minecraft videos of! I can't wait to see the next video to come out by him! Good job Jason!

He is so cool and funny and he's friends with Sky who I give a thumbs up!

Tons of mods, adventure maps and other cool stuff. (friends with skydoesminecraft)

He does many interesting mod showcases, and plays games like the survival games. I also think him and Sky together are far more entertaining than apart.

16 iHasCupquake

She has a great personality with great features! I love iHasCupquake! Ecspecialy for her great attitude! I, myself, Have been watching her sence 5 years ago (kindergarten). And yet, she has not gave up on her passion for YouTube! And one more thing, Think about this, In almost every video, YouTubers say, in the intro, "Hey guys! Its <WHoever is saying this>! And, welcome to another video! " And, In the outro, "Any ways guys, Time is almost up! I love you guys! Cya all later! ". Ask yourself a question... Does that mean something to you? Well, It does to me when iHasCupquake says it. Mainly because, I know she is a amazing person, who actually loves us. She may not know us, nor our names, but she loves us. That's why I love her too. Now, of course not in a crush love, although she is beautiful, and I'm a girl, never mind. Any ways, as I was saying, She loves us. She loves me. She loves... YOU! And, she loves all.

Ihascupqauke is one of the best YouTubers in the world she makes bad jokes but it still makes me laugh even though it's really bad. She doesn't really says bad words because she knows kids are watching I also say a big shout to Stampy, Dantdm, and PopularMMos. Stampy does so many builds and games that it amazes me how he comes up with good ideas. PopularMMos does so much mod showcase its just amazing he is so funny that I laugh on every video that he makes. Dantdm does so much roleplay and games that I almost think I'm dreaming about the videos but I'm not he is just an amazing YouTuber.

She does so many other things than minecraft too, her series " Oasis" has over 100 episodes to watch and she makes good quality videos of a balance of other things and gaming. She decorates her houses in minecraft beautifully for those who like decorating and she loves baking too. There aren't a lot of girl minecraft players as boys I am a girls and I play minecraft but ihascupquake is one of the best she has over 1 million subs

I love iHasCupquake because, she never promise, and she always make everyone happy, and she is the first girl, that play minecraft, the first girl that I like on YouTube, she is the one who make me play minecraft, and everyone who is a girl like me, should vote for her!

17 Tobuscus

Tobuscus is one of the best minecraft youtubers if you just like to have a laugh without getting too serious. He is hilarious because he fails so badly at Minecraft. Sometimes you think he does it on purpose, other times you think "well maybe he really is that bad. " It's always fun to watch him die because his tantrums are usually high quality, chair/desk slamming gold.

Best one. The only one even remotely humorous to me. He plays this game the way I like to see it played, from scratch and no weird or stupid patches. Not only that but he doesn't skip a beat, he makes his stuff right there in your face, not returning the next video with full armor, weapons and house that springs out of nowhere.

I think he is such a great inspiration to people everywhere. Because Toby, if your seeing this, then I gonna say:
"You've inspired me, my little brother, and my entire life because of your videos. You give me a great beacon of hope that shines bright, in a pit of eternal darkness." And that...everything I just said, is 100% true and I truly mean it."

-gordon bentley
2014 south seventh str. Lebanon, OR

He's funny, talented and you could put his Minecraft videos in the background while you play the game because his commentary is so entertaining. He might not be the best at survival mode but his reactions are so genuine, you feel that he learns from making a bunch of mistakes, simply put he was always learning. Along with Paul and Sky this guy made my childhood, thanks Toby :)

18 paulsoaresjr

Paul is the best. It's thanks to him and his "Survive and Thrive" series that I got into playing Minecraft, and I don't know what my childhood would have looked like if I hadn't. It's been one hell of a ride and I owe it to Youtubers like Paul, SkyDoesMinecraft and Tobuscus. Not only are Paul's videos filled with interesting commentary where you're always learning new things about the game but he also talks about other things other than Minecraft, like real life stories, interesting facts, funny jokes etc. There is even a strong family relationship in his videos since he often plays (or has often played) with his wife and children, which is very warming and cool to see. I know Paul's been playing a lot of other games recently but he's starting to play Minecraft again, and that's awesome. Thanks for making my childhood Paul :D

Paulsoaresjr was the first Minecraft YouTuber ever (as far as I know) and even though he took an extended break from playing Minecraft on his channel and moved his focus toward other games, Minecraft has returned! Paul and Davidangel64 both introduced me to Minecraft back in 2011 and honestly Paul's How to Survive and Thrive series was a lifesaver! Minecraft Dad was adorable and Man vs. Minecraft is still my favorite Minecraft roleplay series of all time. His commentary is so lighthearted and friendly, and I can tell that the man behind the microphone is a great father to his kids and a great person in general. I'm a Soarvivor for life.

Paul is hands down the best minecrafter! All this mod and parkour and survival games stuff ISN'T what Minecraft is about. It's about SURVIVING. Paul is the perfect definition of that. He has such a soothing voice, he has great commentary, was the first man on YouTube to do Minecraft tutorials (not a lets play though, I don't think) and he is SUPER family friendly! Not too good at building or redstone, but he isn't Hypixel. He's the one and only PAULSOARESJR! Soarvivors forever!

He deserves more attention than he gets! He is really funny and doesn't go crazy (which I think is a bad thing). He is also family-friendly and one of the best "soarvivors" out there! His ideas for series are really great, and he's a great role model and an inspiring guy. He also makes Minecraft videos for the people, not for himself, and that shows you a lot about his character.


My kipper flipper made me do it... Aww who am I kidding I would have done it even if my flipper said to or not. He not only is funny he has skill unlike some higher people. And he can accept being the starplayer in joke that include him being a fish

Voting for him due to well, natural comedy and charisma. Incredible to watch.

The mudkip is amazing I love his skin, commentary, videos, voice, and plus he is really sweet just WOW!

I love huskymudkipz's videos because he is funny and because he an amphibian.

He should be in the top 10. Come on everyone, vote for the mudkipz!

20 explodingtnt

Just watch some of his videos, and you'll understand why he's number thirty on this list instead of anything lower. Also don't forget to watch Pink Sheep's videos as well as Purple Shep! (However, you might have to play Minecraft a lot to be able to understand ExplodingTNT's videos because they are often about if something about Minecraft changed. With Pink Sheep, he might seem like a jerk if you do not understand that he "burns" his enemies and that it seems like he is insulting them instead. And lastly, Purple Shep is a glitch in Minecraft and therefore, he can be extremely weird at times. but that is what makes him funny.)

He is personally my favorite because he makes the funniest Minecraft machinimas. I have been watching him before I started playing Minecraft. He also has his very own server that he once in a while comes on to meet and greet his fans. He is a very funny person so that's why I want him on this list.

Hilarious! I watch a lot of his videos and they are all super funny/silly people type in the comments what to make a video of like if (character) did (something) or if (something) (existed/did not exist/switch places) or Why does (something) do or not do) are if (character) met (character) you get the idea! He has 1 million subscibers

ExplodingTNT should be in the top ten in my opinion. His videos are hilarious and have a new take on "what if" videos. He takes simple concepts and turns them into enjoyable pieces of work.

21 ZexyZek

I don't see why ZexyZek is at 25! He should be in like 1-10! He makes almost daily REALLY well put videos while challenging high school! I mean he does high school and probably stays up until after midnight just making the video and then having time with friends and himself. I mean he has a hard and successful life. Not only that but he is a great YouTuber! He is funny and so are his friends! He is really unique from others. Unlike Sky and the others who are just old and have barely anything else to do in life this guy actually does YouTube for fun!

Zexyzek is AMAZING, not only are his trolling videos hilarious (which were the videos that mostly made him big) but his other content like his walking dead series, broquest and hexxit are both extremely entertaining and funny making for good quality content. Hopefully his videos will always be this good and I would not be surprised if he passed 1 million subs by only his full third year on youtube.

I watch all his series and was his 26 subscriber! And I watch his other channel ZekTV. I can't say everything wonderful about him in this one comment but I think a lot of people know it already!

ZexyZek says that he trolls not griefs but in his trolling episode 62 he gets rid of a guys iron armor and trashes his house. He deserves to be this far down the list.

22 Vikkstar123HD

Vik is one of the best Minecraft Youtubers I've watched. His content doesn't get stale, and it can be enjoyed by anyone, unlike another couple of Minecraft Youtuber's I know. Vik is the only member of the Sidemen to not have his channel dedicated to Fifa. He plays Minecraft a lot, and his How to Minecraft series is really good.

In my opinion. One of the best YouTubers that do Minecraft videos, because he is a great pvp, he always at time with his videos, he keep It nice even if you are young or adult, and a lot of cool stuff like starting singing when he say something from a song. You have to check him out!

Vikk is one of the most inspirational YouTubers ever. He is always himself and is so random and funny. Not to mention he has excellent solo commentary. Vikk is very humble and is a great role model and I respect him a lot.

He is a boss who is funny AND he plays with AliA. He is very knowledgeable and has taught me a lot about Minecraft.

23 Amy_Lee_33

Amy should at least be number thirty three! She is an amazing YouTuber with cool videos! Her main survival series is called Amy Lee's Land of Love which is really similar to Stampy's series, so if you like him then check out Amy's channel! He is in the top ten so why isn't Amy?

Amy Lee is so funny. She is such a hippy, and that's great. In race to the moon series, she sings this in the background; Loves it, Funzies, Loves it, Funzies, I don't have any magic, funnies. Haha loves it, Amy Lee you're the best!

She is so pink and friendly, I especially love her because she helps me get through times when boys think they are better than girls. Go Amy!

Amy is such a girly-girl, a tree hugger, a child-friendly YouTuber and Minecraft player! I enjoy whatching her, and I would gladly, without a thought, give this vote to her! Amy you are the best! And I'm a girl too!

24 slamacow

He inspires me to want to make animations for YouTube myself. I want to learn from him, and his animations are Amazing!

His animations are so cool they are really cool they make me want to YouTube a lot of Minecraft too.

Slamacow is seriously on eof the best Minecraft animators out there... Plus, his characters, Dave, Bart, Eddy, and himself, are just so funny!

How is Slamacow this far below? Sky is overrated and can't think of anything original.

25 CavemanFilms

He is funny he keeps his content clean and awesome and he is friends with lots of YouTubers.

Great roleplays. I Loved the MNAF series and should get together with AntVenom to do something like that with other people.

He should be higher

I love wrecking mob!

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