Top 10 Best Danganronpa Quotes

Danganronpa has given us not just intense courtroom drama, convoluted murder plots, and teddy bears with sinister motives, but also some unforgettable lines that resonate with us long after we've put the game down. When it comes to dialogue that's razor-sharp, heart-wrenching, or just downright hilarious, Danganronpa has it all. Its quotes can make you laugh, cry, and question everything you thought you knew about hope and despair.

Whether it's a truth bomb dropped in the middle of a class trial or a quippy one-liner that captures a character's personality perfectly, these quotes are the ones that the Danganronpa community believes deserve to be highlighted.
The Top Ten
1 "That place is sealed up tighter than Togami's butt!" - Makoto Naegi

How do you know that, Makoto? Wait, no, I take it back, please stop. Oh God.

Are you talking from experience, or...?

2 "If you were penetrated by something that big and thick, you would die instantly!" - Sonia Nevermind
3 "Don't put me on the same level as that VIRGIN! I might...catch...his VIRGINITY!" - Hifumi Yamada

This is the most Miu thing ever, and it wasn't even said by Miu.

Very funny Miu... Wait! This wasn't said by Miu?

4 "For a few years now, it has been Ibuki's dream to make a statue of her bewbs made out of cookies!" - Ibuki Mioda

Who doesn't love that quote? It's just -

5 "No human language can describe the disappointment I'm feeling right now." - Kyoko Kirigiri

Kirigiri, wow. Kirigiri is now describing the Undertale fandom. Kirigiri be like, in non-human language, "egdethceryhswwrteqwrygdqwr!" DISAPPOINT.

6 "AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!" - Teruteru Hanamura

The first time I heard him say this, I thought he said Apple of Eve. Naturally, I thought of juice boxes.

YES! One of my favorite Teruteru moments. His accent was the best!

7 “Hey, do robots have dicks?” - Kokichi Oma
8 "It appears it's just as Miss Sonia said...I'm just a, I'm not just a pest, I'm a total f****** PIG...ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MISS SONIA?! IF I'M A F****** PIG, YOU CAN SAY SO!!" - Kazuichi Souda

I couldn't listen to this. It broke my heart.

"Ambition makes you look pretty ugly. Creepy Sonia-stalking little piggy."

9 "You are but one individual plankton drifting through a vast ocean...try as you might, you're naught but the tiniest, most inconsequential of existences." - Byakuya Togami
10 "Monokuma has some fine, FINE birthing hips, dude! I'd just LOVE to tap that fluffy round a**!" - Monokuma

Self-love is important, I suppose?

The Contenders
11 "I'M sorry, I didn't quite CATCH all that...AHH, SAY IT ONE MORE TIME...I NEED TO RECORD IT...FOR REASSSONNNS...." - Kazuichi Souda
12 Holy s**t, I love boats - Izuru Kamakura

Row row row your boat gently down da stream, merrily merrily izuru comes to scream

13 It's a lie! - Kokichi Oma
14 "I don't disagree with not disagreeing" - Genocider Syo
15 “This entire discussion is completely idiotic.” -Byakuya Togami
16 "If you're lying, I'll set your pants on fire!" - Himiko Yumena
17 "Well, I was always taught that if you had bad penmanship, a ghost would come and haunt you." - Yasuhiro Hagakure
18 Yeah, but disappointment varies depending on the person, Ibuki associates it with department store rooftops." - Ibuki Mioda

Correct. I love Ibuki. She's amazing.

19 "Taylor Swift!" - Teruteru Hanamura

Have fun getting sued by Taylor Swift, Teruteru. She is going to snap your neck because of this.

20 "This is amazing, Hajime! What an impressive display of harassment! Even I'm about to lose sight of hope in the presence of that item!" - Nagito Komaeda
21 I hate liars! Liar, liar, pants on fire! - Kokichi Oma

Have you looked in a mirror recently, Kokichi?

22 "She's not busty, she's BUSTED...for having some fake-a** tiddies!" - Genocider Syo
23 "Don'tcha know?! Me and balls are the best of friends!" - Miu Iruma
24 "Welcome to the world of girl love! It's slippery when wet!" - Ibuki Mioda
25 "O-Omigod! Miu actually said something smart!" - Kokichi Oma
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