Top 10 Most Infuriating Things in Certain Video Games

Now, I don’t hate all these games. I like some of them, but every video game has its flaws. Feel free to add your observations about certain games.
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1 Extreme difficulty (Super Mario Bros. the Lost Levels)
2 Having to unlock 66 characters out of 74 not counting DLC (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

It took far too long for me to unlock Lucina (or her dad, who I'd been eager to try since he was announced). In the meantime, I hadn't warmed to any characters I was stuck with. In fact, that's why it took so long to get her. I had to beat her with characters I couldn't use well. And that darn "challenger rematch" feature didn't help at all.

You literally had to do the same thing in Brawl, so why is this a problem now? Unlike Brawl, you get a chance for a rematch with the character you lost to instead of randomly having to trigger unlocking another character.

You can unlock them with a special mode in Games And More, where you can battle any character you want to unlock. It can take you only a few hours to get them all, but it's still ridiculous. Why not have the original 12 as starters?

3 Can't pause the game (Resident Evil 6)
4 Getting sent to detention (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning)
5 “It's no use” (Sonic the Hedgehog, 2006)

Reminds me of the Game Grumps episode.

6 Being online-only (Fallout 76)

I agree, especially on PlayStation. Being on a low budget like me, I can't afford $60 a month for an online subscription.

I don't know what I hate more: the games that are fully online, or the companies that own them not adding offline content!

Whatever happened to having a complete game?

7 The game crashes as soon as you go shopping after you've unlocked the second kitchen (What's Cooking with Jamie Oliver)

Ah yes, a serious crash that they didn't fix prior to releasing the game. You can choose to go shopping at any time, but attempting to do so after unlocking the second kitchen will crash the game. I even had two copies of the game, and both did the same thing.

8 Getting arrested (Yandere Simulator)
9 Crappy jumpscares (Five Nights at Freddy's)

I agree. I don't know why people say they're so scary. I mean, if they catch you off guard, they're a bit scary, but most of the time they aren't at all.

10 Having to play with Playtime (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning)
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11 Forgetting to collect more than one of the game’s hidden ribbons for the safer Sephiroth fight (Final Fantasy VII)
12 Only being able to have one serving of each custom recipe you make (What's Cooking with Jamie Oliver)
13 So boring (Minecraft)

Hmm. You can still make it challenging for yourself, but most people don't realize that.

There's stuff to do at first, but once you have your house and other things, it just gets boring.

14 Getting pepper sprayed (Yandere Simulator)
15 No checkpoints (Jak 2)
16 Microtransactions (Star Wars Battlefront II)

Remember in late 2017 when this was a huge controversy?

17 Impossible to beat without save states (Battletoads)
18 Having to wait three days to get to Level 21 (Candy Crush Saga)
19 Was rushed (Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly)
20 So repetitive (Grand Theft Auto Online)

Hence why I hate online gaming.

21 Nigh impossible to beat expert CPU in certain minigames (Mario Party DS)
22 Nigh-impossible time trials (Crash N-Sane Trilogy)
23 Only 4 boards (Super Mario Party)

Seriously, that's just lazy. Mario Party: Star Rush had 15 boards, so why divide the number by three and then subtract one? The worst thing is that the boards aren't that special or fun compared to games like Mario Party 7 or Mario Party 10.

The top 100 only had one.

24 No campaign (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4)
25 The Riki Assist Trophy appearing (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

It causes random, and I do mean random, effects that can throw a battle completely out of whack. Worse, you can't kill it even in Ultimate with an Assist Killer Spirit.

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