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Life is Strange is a stunning game, here is a list of the best characters.
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1 Max Caulfield

Why do people hate her and Chloe, and love Nathan and Victoria? Sure they're kind of sympathetic but they are in the end just bullies. They may have redeemed themselves by the end but they still did terrible things to people at school. Victoria may not have intended for Kate to kill herself but she still did it, screw Victoria. Nathan's motives are a bit more understandable since he was pressured by his father and Jefferson, but he seemed to enjoy being the bad kid at times, calling Nathan a bad kid is definitely an understatement. Max can be cringy at times and can be a dork in an endearing way, but her relationship with Chloe really makes the game. How the player decides to play the character also affects how she is portrayed, she could be a sassy bitch or a compassionate pacifist, the scene where she tells Victoria off in front of Jefferson is very interesting, she basically says the same thing to her but phrases it differently in the two choices given. The player can basically choose if she should hold a grudge against Victoria who bullied her throughout the game or act maturely and attempt to actually talk to her. Plus she has time rewinding powers! That is arguably the best superpower a teenager may have, how cool is that?

2 Chloe Price

You get emotionally attached and you can really empathise with her character based on unjust events in her life. It has more of an emotional impact as you progress through the story, and her character really evolves rather than staying the same without layers to the character. You can go on a journey with her and see how she changes and grows as a person. Not to mention that she is hella cool!

One of the objectives of this game is to develop a friendship with Chloe, save her countless times, and then finally decide if you want to sacrifice her for the entire town. This game wouldn't be the same without her. I honestly sacrificed Arcadia Bay in my first playthrough.

3 Kate Marsh

Kate is overall a good, sweet, and friendly girl. Sadly, she tries to commit suicide in Episode 2. I was sad for not having saved her in my first playthrough. She is definitively underrated as a character in this list.

Might sound like a pervert but I find her quite attractive especially when I see her smile. Feel Sad of her life she's going through. Reminded me of my school days

Kate's Depression was extremely sad, but I saved her from jumping the school building.

4 Rachel Amber

Her and Chloe's chemistry is amazing and natural, whereas with Max it felt forced. Rachel is definitely tied for my favourite with Chloe.

I ever I, could find a girl like her I would behave totally like Chloe with her. She is an angel, she is beautiful, wonderful, smart, I totally in love with her

Rachel and Chloe has such an authentic chemistry throughout the game. Their relationship is like no other.

5 Warren Graham
6 Nathan Prescott

Although I hated him in the beginning for being a typical bully, when you play all of the chapters and lis before the storm you feel sympathetic for him and you feel like he's just been wronged most of his life and I think that's why he became a bully. His dad pressured him into showing no feelings and to keep the Prescott name clean.

Nathan is an abused child. His father, Sean Prescott, only wants to continue the practices of the Prescott name. He is actually in psychiatric treatment and taking medications. In reality, the antagonist is his father. He deserves to have better treatment.

7 Mark Jefferson
8 David Madsen

David is a caring father despite his paranoid and strict personality, as proved by a birthday card to Chloe. I honestly don't think he was abusive with Chloe when she smoked marijuana in her room. It is just difficult for him to return to family life after being a soldier. He was the only person going that was going to find the truth about Rachel.

*SPOILER ALERT!* the game really wants you to hate this guy only to feel bad in the end after he literally saves your life, and the way he reacts to the death of his stepdaughter, man... one of my favorite characters for sure and *SPOILER ALERT!* he appears on lis 2! hella cool

9 Frank Bowers

Honestly, quite frankly, my favorite character of the series. Frank Bowers is a kind person in Before the Storm. He just became an enemy after Chloe owed him money to get out of Arcadia Bay. He even protected Chloe and Rachel multiple times in the prequel. I WAS EATING THOSE BEANS!

I haven't finished watching before the storm yet but in the original game he sure piqued my interest and became a likable, sweet character. no doubt why people like him a lot :) may be one of my favorites

If you don't like him just go play Before the Storm, dude.

10 Victoria Chase
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11 Hawt Dawg Man
12 Lynn Marsh
13 Sean
14 Sarah Lee Hackerman
15 Cassidy
16 Pompidou
17 William
18 Mr. Jefferson
19 Daniel
20 Joyce Price

Joyce Price is a good mother. Being an underrated character of the game, she is the mother of Chloe Price, the most badass character of the game. Joyce has made the right decision to marry David Madsen. She is a loving and hardworking mother who wishes the best for Chloe.

21 Dana Ward
22 Esteban
23 Justin
24 Juliet
25 Steph Gingrich
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