Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Video Games and Gaming

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1 Bad Controls

Sonic 06 would have been an utterly amazing Sonic game if the controls were good.

Everyone likes good controls.

2 Unskippable Cutscenes

Again, Splatoon! EVERY time, you get two people telling you which stages you have for that ONE day. I only like cutscenes that tell a story. For example Sonic.

If you played Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon you know what I mean by useless and unneeded cutscenes!

I like cutscenes in general, but 2 or 3 times of seeing them is enough. After that I like to skip, unless I CAN'T

3 Lag

Lag is cool. But cool means cold. And cold means evil. So lag is evil.

Congrats on getting your list featured EvilEyedWarHawk / Wolfenstein Follower!

Lag is annoying, but it's a bit normal for me when I'm playing Minecraft JE on my MacBook Air 2020 (Intel).

4 Long Loading Screens

I know right like what the he'll hurry up. I didn't buy the game just to watch a loading screen.

LEGO City Undercover has a really long loading screen. But it's still a good game

Lego city undercover. Great game though...

5 Microtransactions

Well, there's an upside. If there are in-app purchases forced into your face in a game, it usually means the game was free.

The problem with modern games, even Mario.

Yet Rockstar gets away with it.

6 Numbered Series
7 No End Reward
8 Bugs

I sometimes like bugs. They can be really interesting.

9 Over-Saturation Due to Too Many Sequels
10 Crashes

My game crashed once in Overwatch when I beat my high score of kills. I had 50 in that round, and my saved high score was 45. The game wasn't even over either!

I was playing rdr2 once, and I was about to kill someone and the game crashed.

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11 Music You Can't Silence

Yeah. Some music options like turn it off are not available and sometimes you can get addicted to the music and want it, plus it is sometimes very annoying!

I wanted to mute the music on sonic 2 hill top zone but I couldn't I had to mute the TV instead

12 Video Game Rip-Offs

Yes. Ugh. These "good game developers" are just scamming ya!

13 Overhyped Games

Minecraft and Fortnite, need I say more.

Any modern Call of Duty game.

Fortnite is dumb

14 Interactive Cutscenes
15 Overpriced DLC

I've already paid for the game itself! Now if I want to play more I have to buy more?

Unless it's fortnite

16 Long Respawn Time

I hate this! I had this one game where it took like 30 secs to respawn and the map was so tiny you could cross it in 10

17 Frame Rate Drops
18 Can’t Skip the Credits

I was finishing assassin creed rogue and when I got to the credits it took 20 minutes for the credits to finish and I didn't even get anything from sitting their and watching the credits.

They should have put an option for us to skip the credits.
Dear Video Gaming Companies,
Not everyone wants to sit down and watch the credits for so long!

That's why I almost always speed up credits on emulators.

19 Game Freezing
20 A.I. Brains
21 Bad Graphics with Good Gameplay

I know you people are probably going to make the generic "Nintendo has bad graphics" comment...

but honestly, have you SEEN how insanely stylish both they AND many of their affiliates make their games art-wise?

Most Call of Duty Wii games have this.

Like super Mario 64

22 Having Nothing to Do After Finishing the Game

Uh... that's because you finished 100% of the game

23 Good Graphics with Bad Gameplay

Remember when Call of Duty was good?

This is why I love Nintendo!

24 Ads
25 Bad Soundtracks

I've never had to deal with this, since I mostly play nintendo games.

Hong Kong 97 my friends, it still haunts me to this day!

You NEVER run into this problem with sega games!

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