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1 Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario's storyline is one to remember, taking a darker turn on the series and making the plot more and more interesting as the story goes on. The first two worlds aren't very exciting, where you learn the mechanics and new battle format, but after entering the third world, the storyline gets more enticing and is easily more enjoyable. The only downside to the game is ditching the old battle system, making the game more like a regular Mario game. The music exceeded beyond my expectations, the villains will always have a special place in my heart, and the ending just makes you feel warm-hearted. If you haven't picked up this game, I highly suggest you do and give this game a shot; because it's really worth your time.

Well, I live Super Paper Mario because of two reasons. Unlike the taking turns them from the last 2 games (and following games), which only require you to use your strongest attacks, this game requires skill and strategy in order to defeat the bosses. Also, Dimentio. The evil clown cousin of Bill Cipher is entirely a different reason. To me, he is one of the best villains, besides Professor Pericles, Sauron, and Bill Cipher. Also, this game took the traveling them to a whole different level, even going through dimensions. The only bad thing though is that the characters are seriously over powered. Mario survived a universe exploding with only getting unconscious, and Dimentio one-shotted Mario without his full power. Really, the weakest character will probably give Asriel Dreemurr a run for his money, and Dimentio will kick his hurt so bad the battle would last as long as a person would in a Jurassic Park Velociraptor fight.

Super Paper Mario has the best plot of any mario game. The villains are especially amazing. I like how they used Count Bleck instead of Bowser. The twist ending with Dimentio is really great, too. Not to mention the other quirky villains! Mimi's true form is really freaky, and O'Chunks has just the right mixture of goofy underling and serious, honorable warrior. He's like a less educated Meta Knight. Mr. L is really unique, especially his identity, and I love his giant brobot. He's also the only villain who can heal himself. The soundtrack is amazing, and I love how there are so many mixes of Count Bleck's theme song. I still listen to "The Evil Count Bleck" "Count Bleck's Plan" "Champion of Destruction" and "Inside Castle Bleck." It's also one of the few games to make the threats real. In most games, you beat the bad guy before any severe damage is done. In Super Paper Mario, we get to see an entire world get destroyed right before our eyes in chapter 6, and then we go back in and ...more

In my opinion, Super Paper Mario was, and still is, my favorite Mario game of all time. It nearly tied with TTYD for that title, but personally, I prefer this one. However, both of them are extremely good.
Unlike later Paper Mario games, as many people say, the 3 earliest ones were very well-made. They spend less time thinking about just the boss fights, and more about plot. TTYD showed us a darker side to Mario, with the Shadow Queen wanting to destroy the whole world, and SPM showed us how deep and emotional a Mario game could be.
This game touched me for it's amazing plot, with it's highly emotional moments, and it's tragedy, both of which are extremely rare in the new Paper Mario games.
I just wish Nintendo will keep making games like TTYD and SPM, that made us players see a whole new side to Mario

2 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Paper Mario TTYD is the best paper Mario game in my opinion because it added onto the first game as a squeal should. But the reason why I like it way more than the original is because of the story. In this game you don't fight bower at the end, you fight a shadow queen who imprisoned peach inside of her self to give her more power. I hate when every game is beat Bowser at the end so I really liked this change they made. Another reason is the Partners. The partners in this game are so much better. Sure you have the Goomba, Koopa, Bomb-om, And Ghost. But this time you get a Yoshi from a egg you hatched yourself. And a thieving mouse who you meet though out the game. All of this and more is why I believe Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is the best Paper Mario game.

My first Paper Mario game. I love the 1st as much, but this one I just like a lot more. It had many more "Paper" elements then the 1st, and honestly, I liked Paper Mario before Sticker Star was made. Sticker Star basically just stretches the concept of battling to the point where you would have to fight the right way, or you'd be destroyed. Super Paper Mario while I like a lot more than Sticker Star, it feels like it strays from tradition, and I'd hate it if it weren't for the complex story that the 4th game lacked, or the simplicity and color that the original and sequel introduced. All in all, my ranking is: 4th: Sticker Star, 3rd: Super Paper Mario, 2nd: Paper Mario, 1st: Paper Mario TTYD.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was the first Paper Mario game I played and it will always be my favorite game in the Paper Mario series as well as all the Mario RPGs. It has great gameplay, partners, chapters, and bosses. I will admit it does have a large amount of backtracking in some areas as well as some pointless sidequests. Paper Mario N64 will come second as it has some of the same elements which improved in TTYD. Third comes Super Paper Mario which has a rather crappy gameplay but has a great story and one of the most memorable non-Bowser villains of all time. And last and definitely least is Paper Mario: Sticker Star, that game is a piece of crap as nearly all the things that made a Paper Mario game were left out.

This game is pretty good, although I feel that it's missing the creativity as future Paper Mario games did; most of it's themes and characters are based off the original Paper Mario (similar partners, you have to gather stars etc.). It's, so far, the darkest Paper Mario game made overall, though Super Paper Mario has more individual dark moments. The villains really seem sadistic, most of them willing to devour your audience for the heck of it. Still though, it does require some level of strategic planning, as you need to unleash your strongest attacks, all the while saving your flower points. It's a very good game; though obviously not the best.

3 Paper Mario

The series has progressively gotten worse. I am going to review the entire series showing the progress.

The original, good partners, great chapters and it just feels like a classic, ah the memories...
The thousand year door, no level caps and the ability to continue after you finish the last boss is nice, but the chapters don't have that unique feel to them, chapters 1 and 3 have that feel though.
Super, lost most of the best thing about the series, worth a couple playthroughs but nothing great,
Sticker star, haven't played enough yet, but the idea that you NEED stickers to fight is kind of crappy, and the puzzles are ridiculously difficult, but it appears to be better than the third.

Hopefully they will make one for Wii you which is like the first two, if so than I will be very happy. But the first is easily the best in the series. And it is one of my favorite series.

That's right! The Original Paper Mario should have been ranked 1st. Super Paper Mario completely abandoned the turn-based battle system, and tried to replace it with a Super Mario Bros. style battle system which really doesn't work well with Paper Mario because obviously, Paper Mario was designed to be a really awesome RPG series but, Super Paper Mario basically ruined it. Some people may say that the turn-based battle system is " old " but to be honest, the turn-based battle system in the first two Paper Mario games is the most exciting feature that makes those first two Paper Mario games worth playing. The first two Paper Mario games will always be the best Paper Mario games, especially the original one.

Original Paper Mario is the best by a long shot, TTYD is unbelievably overrated. TTYD had way to much backtracking, pointless side quests, boring music tracks aside from boss themes, and took to long to explain things. Super Paper Mario was unique, but I prefer the traditional RPG styling more. N64 Paper Mario had the best chapters, bosses, music, pacing, and gameplay, end of discussion.

Not only the best paper Mario game, but also the greatest game ever, period! All the partners are likeable, the 2001 graphics still look great today, the story is great, and can be challenging as you go on! I never felt so much satisfaction when I first beat the final boss. Paper Mario will always be a 2001 nostalgia classic and my favorite game.

4 Paper Mario: Color Splash

Sticker Star was a game that disappointed most people-including me. I was hoping for a game with a good narrative and fun characters when I went into sticker star. Frankly, we did not get that but color splash picks up for everything sticker star didn't do, or did wrong. The hate for the game mostly stems for the abomination called sticker star. This game has a lot of unique characters that makes this game as good as-at least- the original paper Mario.

Despite the hate this game got before release I actually really enjoy the game after playing through most of it. My only complaints would be the lack of a battle system and the lack of partners. Huey is great and probably one of my favorite characters in paper mario history, but I wish he would actually help us in battle. If nintendo would bring back the rpg experience system this game would probably be above the original.

Sticker Star sent me into this game with low expectations. But I was completely taken aback by how GOOD it actually was! Though it's now my favourite, I thought it was a worthy title. Full of so much witty humour, amazing chapters, and much much more, it is essentially Sticker Star but GOOD. I'm voting for it because it deserves to be above Sticker Star.

Every game can have their problems. 64 has bad graphics and is showing its age. SPM's actual gameplay was somewhat bland. SS has meh gameplay, even though I did like some of it. Even TTYD had horrid backtracking. This game is probably my favorite of the bunch. The only problems I have with this game are impossible Kamek and Shy Bandits, and the Roshambo temples. Other than that, it's my new favorite Paper Mario game.

5 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I would say, the game is very interesting. I like it, though it lacks with most of the stuff that the first and second Paper Mario had. I like this game because it has lot of humor, creativity and very nice graphics. And the stickers remind of the young times, where you put the all over the place!

This game has a boring story and boring battle system. You can run away from battles or just not do them all together. All you'd get are useless coins. However, this game has good graphics, so 10/10.

This game doesn't deserve any of the hate that it got; I own the game and I still can't see why so many people hate it so much. Most of the people who dislike the game likely haven't even played it.

I try not to think about this game. I used to like it until I played the Thousand Year Door. WHY IS EVERYTHING PAPER? The combat is awful. No partners, no unique characters, and Stickers. The only good thing about this game is the soundtrack.

6 Paper Mario: The Origami King

It is a new game. I have played it. I really like the game. Bowser is folded up and looks like one of wet floor signs you might see at a school.

Should be higher than sticker star. This game like super paper mario has a pretty good story and pretty good characters.

People complain about this game not being Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door. It's awesome though.

This game is so disappointing. It's an alright game.

7 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

This horrible game ended the Mario And Luigi series. Sad this will end such a amazing series.

This is a mario & luigi game, not a paper mario game! But it's pretty good

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