Top 10 Best Wii U Games

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1 Super Mario 3D World

This game got so much good feedback from many game reviewers, it got 8's, 9's and 10's! There is so much good stuff about it and it's just very enjoyable. It's very creative and there's a lot of originality about it, yet there are bits you remembered from other games. Like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, it's absolutely fantastic yet for some reason it doesn't sell as well as other games.
As for New Super Mario Bros U, that should be 5 or something, it's pretty much the same as New Super Mario Bros Wii and 2, New Super Mario Bros DS was the only original one.

Well, Princess Peach looked slightly tough in this game. Also, she needs to be stripped in this game. Even if Princess Peach did wash her private parts (and even her thigh gaps), they will always be smelly and thus stink like dead fish and poop! Same goes with Princess Daisy and Rosalina.

They finally made just another Mario platformer full of wonder, creativity, and awesomeness! There are finally original levels, bosses, and power-ups! Also so much content to explore, especially if you want to 100% the game (I almost did). There is a good difficultly level, some very challenging levels but not impossible to play. Love I!

2 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

There is no doubting that this is by far the best game on the Wii U right now. This game includes the best character roster, an endless supply of game modes, beautiful stages, and 8-player smash. The gameplay in this game has been totally perfected, as they have put together everything we love about battling and removed everything we hated about it. There is literally no way they could've made this game better than it is. If you have a Wii U, this is the one game you must have above all others. One of the greatest multiplayer experiences ever and one of the best games ever!

This is the best game for Wii U. It brings up to 8 friends to play together in one room. Isn't that better than playing strangers online? With 8 possible players, no one is left out. Outstanding gameplay that has been improved over the course of 15, with a huge roster of nothing but the biggest video game icons... and Wii Fit Trainer... How can you go wrong? This game is simply amazing.

3 Mario Kart 8

It's a shame that the Wii U sold so bad considering how many fantastic game there are for it. That being said, I was lucky enough to live with a Nintendo fanatic for the time the system was still in it's life span. Mario Kart 8 was fantastic and a true embodiment of taking the best aspects of all the games in it's series throughout the year to make this. While smash bros is always fun and games like Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, The legend of Zelda remasters and the super mario titles were all great, I think this is by far the best.

This is a top notch game. My dad loves it my mom loves it my brother likes it, and I LOVE IT. This game should be number 1. I don't really know why Super mario 3D World topped it because there's nothing bad at all about this game. I think it's the best WII U game and the BEST video game EVER in the world the only thing that I could due without is everybodys favourite Cheese Land I just think nintendo went crazy with the dairy. 100 percent out of 5

4 New Super Mario Bros. U

What more can I say about Mario? He's an icon in video games and even today, his games still withstand the test of time. That's pretty much all I gotta say. Long live the plumber.

My favorite 2D Mario game and 2nd favorite main Mario game. Has nice additions to the worlds, has the Super Acorn power up, has a great Bowser fight, and beautiful imagery

I would keep playing this game, but it's scratched. My little brother's fault. But the game is SUPER fun!

5 Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land is the only Wii you game I've got at the moment. The variety is astounding; being able to go from running around shooting at enemies in Metroid Blast to slicing through enemies with my sword in TLoZ: Battle Quest, to defeating a ghost in Luigi's Ghost Mansion, while being able to play many of the attractions solo or with up to 4 friends is amazing.

Best multiplayer game ever created! I love sneaking around and grabbing everyone as a ghost! And the pikmin one really surprised me, it's class! All of the other games rule too. It is the only Wii you game I own at the mo but its still epic!

The most original game yet on the Wii U. Really shows what the Wii you is capable of, and it's a ton of fun. I don't actually have a Wii U, but I've played this at my friend's house and it's the one game that I really feel I want.

6 Super Mario Maker

It's a good game, being able to make my own Mario levels and all. But almost all maps on 100 Mario Challenge are not well made, and I need costumes for my map, so its just gotten boring. Give it more votes if you want, but I've just gotten bored of Super Mario Maker.

Very fun game gives you the ability to create and play other peoples Mario levels based off of four different Mario engines, including Mario 1, Mario 3, Mario world, and Mario u!

This has to be number one. It's the best game yet! Creating your own levels and playing other people's, what else could you ask for? This game never ends! (Unless youve reached the maximum spaces for levels and played everyones levels and noones making more, but that would take more than a century! ) this game is the best!

7 Splatoon

Wow, 15? This game is Nintendo in one game! And its as fun as Nintendo Land! The style of it is so cute like Kirby, Pikachu, and Pikmen combined, the lobby is interactive like so many other games, and it has the best online multiplayer I've ever seen! Plus, the story mode is so fun. This is up there in my favorite games!

This game is so fun! It did get a lot of attention but that this is not on the real list is insane. The top ten list is good but why is Call of Duty and scribblenauits in the top ten? Those are good but clones. SPLATOON had great controls, amazing online and gameplay. There are negatives but I still love SPLATOON.

I'm not sure why this is number 19 so far. It is SO ADDICTING. I love it a lot. The characters are cute, there is an online gaming experience, a good story, and an awesome tutorial. This should be at least in the top 10. This is a really good game. I play it all the time.

8 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

I never played the Wind Waker on the GameCube, so when I got the chance to play it for free in HD (Mario Kart 8 Deal), I quickly jumped onto the opportunity. And DAMN, is this fun!

When I played the demo in walmart I was like, woh! This. is. awesome! Even though it was made the same reason they made cave story 3d, it is my seconf favorite Zelda game. first being Zelda wii U. I can't wait for it to come out!

An amazing, underrated gem. I can not begin to fathom why people would choose New super Mario bros. you over this!

9 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It hasn't even come out, but I know it will be at least as good as Skyward Sword, if not better.

Best Zelda game ever!
And probably one of The best games ever made.
Nintendo nailed it!

Have any of you seen E 3! It's the best Zelda behind wind waker hd.

10 Pikmin 3

This game is wonderful, it takes all the elements you know and love about the other installments and adds a ton more content as well as heavily improved graphics.

This game allows you to separate pikmin into teams and have them separately work while you do something else.

Haven't quite mastered it yet, but it's a great improvement to help save on time.

New controls take a little getting used to but work well, I might have to go get a nunchuk and Wii remote, because it's kind of frustrating how difficult it is to draw on the Wii U pad screen and double tap on the screen to throw pikmin, maybe there is a way around this, but it is cumbersome, other than that, very great so far.

Well, I Remember this game in the Old Times... I think is like the old times And Better.

I have pikmin 2 for the wii. Now that you can play the third one on the wii u, you can play with the gamepad. Awesome!

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11 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Tropical Freeze needs more votes. This is a title that succeeds the art of platforming. It engages the players in its difficulty and not once did I falter in frustration. I just kept going! The story in its simplicity is told even more beautifully and it makes playing the game that much more engaging; almost interactive! I'm always gonna lean more on the Donkey Kong side of the Nintendo family feud.

The Donkey Kong Country Series has been a staple in Nintendo's roster right with Zelda and Mario. From the original SNES Trilogy that hit perfection with Diddy Kong's Quest to the outstanding reboot DKC Returns. Donkey Country Tropical Freeze did what DKC2 did for DKC1. It transformed amazing into perfection. Beautiful Music, Graphics, Platforming, Engagement, Enviroments, Progression, and Boss Battles.
10/10. One of the greatest 2D Platformers of all time.

This is one of the best platformers of all time. Wonderful graphics and music plus some actual challenge make this better than any recent 2D Mario game.

12 Scribblenauts Unlimited

I'm a little confused as to how Pikmin 3 is on the list when it hasn't even been released yet(at #4, no less) but oh well. As for Scribblenauts Unlimited, it takes the original formula we loved from the first games and adds SO so much that it is a must have for any owner of the newest console.

I so glad Scribblenauts has stayed up here in the top 10 after all these years. I do believe it is one of the best games on the system. It is great with a create an object tool, and the fun puzzle solving using a huge dictionary of words.

This game is hilarious! I made everyone I see Nuclear and I make zombies and stuff!
I know, I'm supposed to help people (which I occasionally do) but some people I hate have to be gone.

13 Rayman Legends

Please help put this higher up! I've only ever played the demo at game stores and it's already one of my favourite ever games! The main reason why I want a Wii you so badly!

Innovative use of the Gamepad, clever level design, amazing animations, great music, what else can I say about this one?

If you haven't played Rayman Legends, you're missing out!

14 Yoshi's Wooly World

Even though it's quite easy on the whole, the music, graphical style and level designs are absolutely beautiful. It also has a great balance between action and some interesting puzzle elements scattered here and there.

It's a great game

Super fun game

15 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

I do like Mario Kart 8, but I love this game more because of its speed. The plane flying took some time to get used to, though, but it's a really good game and very underrated.

How could you hate crossovers & the teamwork of Super Monkey Ball characters with other crossover characters?!

Never seen this game before...think I might give it a try.

16 Sonic Lost World

This game felt very awkward and took some time for me to get used to, but overall, it's a good game, all except for the snowball part. Things slow down big time there.

Taken a bit of time to get used to, with different level design, but really is a good game.

I love this game. Screw all of the sonic fans who hate it because they are sonic fans. It's a great game, it is NOT a rip off of Galaxy, and it's really fun and uses the Wii U perfectly!

17 New Super Luigi U

Short time limit. I don't like this game as much as Super Mario Bros, but it is pretty fun, and challenging!

Better than Mario U (not that Mario U was that bad)! It was a cool idea and would not be good if it was the exact same thing as its Mario counterpart with slightly different levels, but it was innovative with the playstyle and gave short bursts of entertainment. It's not a masterpiece like the Mario RPG games for example (will love all those games till I die) but it is definitely fun and worth it!

Great game I don't have it thought should be in the top ten with the other Mario games

18 Hyrule Warriors

How is this not way higher up on this list?
This is hands down the best Dynasty Warriors game next to the Gundam Dynasty Warriors, who doesn't love killing waves and waves of enemies?
This game is far more entertaining than any stupid rehashed Call of Duty game, there is an actual history line and story to this game where as Call of Duty is the same game as the previous six Call of Duty games just with slight differences.
This should easily be up there above all Call of Duty games on this list.

It's the loveable characters of the Zelda universe in the best 'em up universe of the Dynasty Warriors. Not only is it the best crossover series to date, it is also one of the best games on the system.

This game is awesome! How is it down here!

19 Lego City: Undercover

The best. When you finish the game you get to drive anywhere. This is Just like Grand Theft Auto

You get to go undercover

I hate this game

20 Bayonetta 2

I was hoping for this to be in the top ten, but a lot of people still think this game is a bootleg simply because it's Wii U exclusive! Just wait until the Switch gets Bayonetta 3 exclusively! With even MORE Nintendo costumes!

Awesome game, the only problem is that not a lot of people have played it.

How's this game only 30th? This game deserves at least 5th place!

21 Game & Wario

This game looks so epic! But how can Skylanders Giants be on here? From what I know, that's for the wii, not wiiu

Wish I had this game

22 Xenoblade Chronicles X

Okay, this game is actually really good. It's the first Xenoblade game I've played, and I was pretty impressed. Good storyline, good graphics, and some really cool designs (especially for the Gamepad).

Xenoblade Chronicles X deserves to be on every Nintendo console/platform & uncensored

23 ZombiU

I love this game. Turn off all of the lights and sit in the dark for hours. You will poo yourself on more than one occasion.

What no way no one has ever heard of this so you need to say something else.
Mario better than black opps?

I like this game with the creepy atmosphere but it's a little bit hard to aim when you have a gun

24 Mario Party 10

So underrated! It's not the best of the series, I know, with the lack of a story mode, only five boards and another lack of side stuff, but for what it is, it's not a bad game. The car, is only hated because it's not like the classics (even though it's actually quite fun on its own). It has some amazing boss fights and interesting minigames. The bowser party mode..., is a unbalanced, true, but it's still fun at times. And everyone hates amiibo party but lemme' tell that's exactly the state Mario Party was in before 9 because they had run out of more ideas (what did 8 have that made it unique from 7 for example?)

Hopefully Daisy & Rosalina are in this game. And why is Princess Peach in this game? At least Mario is in it, but I don't get it. Princess Peach will not do well in Mario Party 10. She's just going to quit & hate to win & become the superstar. Mario Party stand since Mario Party 6!

25 Pokken Tournament
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