Top Ten Biggest Problems With Mario Party: The Top 100

Many people in the Mario Party fandom ask themselves..., what is the worst game in the series? Popular answers tend to be E, Advance, 9, Island Tour, 10, or even the original. However, none of these is the correct answer, really. The last Mario Party game you should get is Mario Party: The Top 100, the one which only exists for money and lacks any substance. Here are the reasons why.
The Top Ten
1 Lack of content

Alright guys, let's see what this game has to offer. We've got a basic Free Play mode, the most boring party mode ever, a Challenge Road-type mode, and two mediocre minigame modes titled Championship Battles and Decathlon, both ripped from previous games. Honestly, the only good mode is Minigame Island, the Challenge Road-type mode, because it's the closest thing to a story mode this game has got.

Even then, when you complete it, there's no reason to go back. Even the first Mario Party game, 10, and Super had more than this!

2 The minigames were inconsistently divided

So, The Top 100 minigames from the past ten mainline games? How can you mess up so much that you don't choose ten minigames from each game? Some games, like Mario Party 5, get absurdly high choices for minigames (despite it having my least favorite collection of minigames), while others like 8 or 10 get 3 or 4 minigames when they had some of the most fun ones?

3 There's only one game board

Remember Balloon Bash from Mario Party: Star Rush? The worst mode from the game? Well, "Minigame Match" is that but there's only one incredibly poor board with no substance and is too small and shaped like an eight. Not to mention, minigames happen way too often.

4 It's a cash-grab

This item is pretty self-explanatory, given how expensive it is despite the little content.

5 It was rushed for holiday season

It ties with the number one spot. It was released just two months before its announcement, which is a sign of a lackluster game, similar to Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. Actually, this game is better than Tennis Ultra Smash, but that's not saying much.

6 It's too expensive
7 Brought back infamous minigames

Examples include Tug'o'War, Heat Stroke, Pier Pressure, Slot Car Derby, and most of the button mashers in Mario Party 5. Just... what was the point of this? Why not bring back actually loved minigames? Well, at least there's Peak Precision and Booksquirm, but eh...

8 Lacks replay value

Why would you ever go back to a game that contains minigames that already exist in much better Mario Party games when there's nothing else? Nintendo really messed up here.

9 Poor roster

Oh look, we're back to only eight characters to choose from, as in the Mario Party 3/4/DS days. It pretty much only contains the most basic and essential characters you'd need, like Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, and the princesses. However, instead of, say, I don't know, DK or Toad, the eighth character is ROSALINA? Since when was she more relevant than Toad or Donkey Kong, or Miis? I really have a problem with her appearing over several classic characters.

This is probably my biggest grudge with this alright game. There are loads of characters I would choose for the roster. For me, I'd say fourteen or even sixteen would be better with the inclusions of Toad, Toadette, Birdo, DK, Birdo, Miis, Sprixie Princesses, or even the Koopalings. Honestly, eight isn't enough for me.

10 It steals assets from Mario Party: Star Rush

When you're so lazy you don't even bother creating new artwork for your game, so you take the assets from the previous game released just a year earlier. The items, boards, artwork, models, gimmicks... everything is from the past game.

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