Best Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Boss Battles

In your opinion, what is the BEST Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Boss Battle? Which one may have been the most fun? The hardest? Visually appealing? Anything. But which one do you think is hands-down the best boss of this game?
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1 Miss Decibel

The most challenging boss battle in the game. Literally EVERYTHING gave me trouble in this boss battle. The part where you had to jump over the platforms that would eventually break, the part where you had to get across using the music bar and having to dodge the deadly notes, EVERYTHING. You would not believe how many times I died in this, and I barely even reached the final part of the boss. GREAT boss battle, I consider this one to be the final boss, since Le Paradox was terrible.

2 The Grizz

This.. Guy. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED this boss battle, but the part where he drops the fort on him was REALLY annoying. Especially the ice crystals he would drop on you that magically hit you even though you weren't on the target. The parts where he goes "here comes the Grizz" and charges at you is really difficult as well, since you had to be quick to jump over/dodge him. He also has the hardest "ring attack" in the game in my opinion, when you have to jump over like 3 rings of ice that would freeze you if you didn't jump at the right time. Seriously, 3rd boss of the game was so challenging. Good job with this one.

3 El Jefe

This boss battle though. One of the biggest surprises from this game, the others being the final boss battle and (SPOILER) Penelope's betrayal. Seriously, for the first boss battle, this one was pretty difficult. Dodging the fireballs, his badass lightning swords, and the fact that he was a military general is just epic. Probably my favorite boss battle. Funny, I could NOT beat this boss until I found out you can sprint... I felt stupid.

4 Sheriff Toothpick

I loved Toothpick. I could relate to him when I was young, since I would watch western movies all the time as well and I had the thought of wanting to be a cowboy. Avoiding everything this guy had to throw at you was pretty difficult; the tnt, the turret shots, and even the whirlwinds. At first I had no idea how to dodge the big one. Overall one of the better villains of this game.

5 The Gigantic Black Knight

First thing I thought: Knightception. But seriously, this boss battle was probably the easiest, probably easier then the final boss. It didn't give me any trouble, except when she was spamming missiles near the end.

6 The Moat Monster

In case you don't know, this is the robotic 3-headed dragon which is technically a mini boss from the Medieval levels built by Penelope. This boss wasn't too hard, but definitely deserved to be a legit boss, even though it was a mini boss. What made this boss difficult was that you had to shoot at the missiles the Moat Monster would launch at you.

7 Penelope's Mech Suit Battle

The battle between Bentley and Penelope in mech suits was awesome. It was easy though, I didn't get hit at all until the last few moments when Penelope was in die-hard mode. The betrayal was so out of place and unexpected, though I hope they continue with her story in the possible 5th game of the series.

8 The Hacking Eye

This boss is from one of Bentley's hacking simulations. In order to defeat it, you have to avoid the laser it shoots at you and then shoot at the center of the eye. This boss was never hard to me, though it got pretty repetitive and annoying.

9 Cyrille Le Paradox

Probably the worst final boss battle EVER. I expected it to be much harder but it was actually really easy. All you need is good timing when pressing the buttons. The seems like a boss that would be near the middle or even in the beginning of the game. It's sad to say that his "crew" had harder and more epic boss battles. I guess it makes sense since he had to hire other people to do most of his dirty work and when he had nothing left he was basically useless unlike the other Sly Cooper final boss battles. While they were at the brink of defeat, they always had a strong trick up their sleeves to make the final boss really difficult yet great and memorable.

This one may have been the easiest boss battle in the game, and the fact that it's the final boss makes it very disappointing, but I have to say that the jokes Sly makes in the battle are ' hilarious.
-"Wait, did you say POSTERIOR? "

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