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1 Modular Chests (1.6.2)

Destroys your game completely. It WILL block you from the start menu!

Sword 10+ damage

2 MineColony (1.2.5)

Claims to let you have your own slaves, but instead, it does NOTHING. They won't even spawn. Even if they DID ever spawn, you'll never get something out of builders!

Minions would totally replace this mod. I mean, who plays on version 1.2.5 nowadays? Since the latest version currently is 1.11.2 in 2017 June 5 and 1.12 is about to be up so nobody will do that unless they are bored as hell.

Makes no sense?

3 Steve's Carts (2.0.0)

Let's make everything overly expensive, then make you wait 3 hours just to find out your cart doesn't work. Oh, and loltrollz turn back setting only works half the time, have fun chasing down a cart or watching it chew through your base.

4 Freerunners (1.2.5)

Felt like a useless rip-off of Smart Moving (1.6.2). It doesn't even let you climb anything.

You are right dude.

Ya it really sucks

5 Black Diamond Mod (1.6.2)

I don't know what it is but it sounds like a terrible mod.

Plain stupid, we don't need overpowered swords.

6 Zeppelin (1.2.5)
7 Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition (1.6.2)
8 Ore Spawn (1.7.10)

This mod sucks so bad. The "bosses" notice how I quote are terrible. Bosses are supposed to add some type of challenge to the game. But the mobs in here are terrible. Just swing your sword with the right armor over and over and you will beat them. Bosses from mods like Twilight Forest have bosses that actually require different types of fighting styles to kill. Those are great bosses. But Ore Spawn is just so unbalanced only a idiot would want to play with.

I don't like the mod that much anymore. It's because all the mobs are fought head on and strategies don't work at all, the dungeons are just giant cubes, the weapons are not unique and are just too overpowered, and isn't that interestingly. Twilight forest was a better mod, with amazing bosses that are creative, beautiful dungeons and biomes, and interesting tools and weapons.

Guy below qoutes 'try getting your mod to 13mil downloads and then talk' the Wurst hacked client has this many and it's a hacked client FFS. Quality of mod doesn't always reflect in downloads, it seems very over the top and the only real good thing about it is getting them to fight. Also playing it alongside other mods can be annoying because mods like the twilight mod have bosses that can get 1 shot by orespawn weaponry.

The hydra from twilight forest would get owned by the queen plus the hydra can be killed by vanilla stuff naga is stupid special fighting stiles can be used in orespawn too twilight forest not so convincing now orespawn actullly has powerful bosses like the king, queen, jeffery, nightmare and many other mobs.

9 Smart Moving (1.2.5)

Umm, do you even read the installation notes? You need playerAPI. And if it's not working even with that, you're doing something wrong.

I love it but whenever I want to use it, it crashes my computer.

Smart moving is okay but some people might have their game crashed

This is great..

10 TrainCraft (1.6.2)

Some mods have functionalities - just in 1/8 of the items. I got one train to work, and the rest I could NOT activate at all.

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11 Selfie Mod (1.7.2)

A selfie mod... I cringe just thinking about it, How many Starbucks do you keep from closing a day?

What? Why? There's a magical amulet that only the wisest of humans may possess. Its called F5. Use it.

I have a sore throat, and I'm snickering from how stupid this mod sounds.

Tell me this is a joke. If it isn't, I really question who made this mod.

12 Applied Energestics (1.6.2)
13 The Last Sword You'll Ever Need (3.1)

This mod's power is pretty epic, but let's face it. The mod itself takes all the fun out of the game. The mod doesn't come with any mobs, and you'll need mods like Orespawn and even Godzilla to challenge you. Even then, after the first few ranks, which in Orespawn especially are very easy to get through, those offer no challenge, and with the damage caps on Mobzilla and the King, you might as well not upgrade at all. The Godzilla mobs can take a few hits from the higher levels, but once you reach Rank 11, you can literally deal 8 quintillion damage on a hit with your unbreakable sword. The armor is even worse, offering Resistance 5, enough strength to kill any Custom NPC with your fist (for reference, the Custom NPCs can have 32767 health, 98% resistance to damage, and a Resistance 4 potion splashed on them), and flight for the price of just 25 nether stars, which are ridiculously easy to get with the sword.

14 Mob Talker Mod (1.8)

God this mod was awful

15 Mythical Creatures (1.6.4)

Some of the bosses can take The King almost halfway down. Ludicrousness x 9876543210!

There is no overstating how bad this mod is.
The mobs are easy to kill with the weapons the mlp theme is awful. The bosses lag your game and are so large I can't fit them in my render distance. This mod is a rip off of orespawn. And mobs like spikezilla and windingo spawn everywhere

Hate this mod

16 GregTech Addon (1.5.2)

Totally agree. There is no reason for this mod to exist.

17 Emerald Armor Mod (1.7.10)

No, it doesn't have any special features, anything innovative, and youve probably enver heard of it because of how bad it is. Its LITERALLY just bugged emerald tools and and armor texture copyed from other mods. It is SO unorigional that I can't even begin to tell you, at least the Obsidian Tools mod adds custom models for the tools while the emerald armor mod doesn't even work

Must be terrible

18 SEUS Ultra (1.7.5)

This mod was fun, but unfortunately I couldn't get it to work on my computer.

19 Minecraft Comes Alive (

This mod is pretty good for purposes other than the marrying/having kids part. It changes the ugly squidward villagers into actual humans which improves atmosphere for those who want a bit more realism in their world.

This mod is basically a simulator for when you are older and mature enough to not get this mod. It simulates getting marries and having kids in Minecragt, yet the characters are so stubborn, it's almost impossible. And if you happen to actually marry one of these bastards and try to have a baby with them, the child is also stubborn. Literally it is the dumbest mod ever. Plus the only way you can actually "get married" is by giving the npcs emeralds... So original.

Okay this is a good mod too... why are half these even here... Is this just like a rage because I don't like/can't understand the appeal of/can't get to work list

This should be on a list of BEST Minecraft mods. It feels kind of like if Sims and Minecraft were put in a blender.

20 Mutant Creatures (1.7.10)

Completely boring monsters that are just given overpowered damage values. Even the drops are stupid and boring.

21 Tropic Craft (1.3.2)

This mod is great? What the hell

22 Roads Mod (1.7.10)

What is the point at least add Cars, it also crashes like hell."Do not get! "

23 Christmas Accessories (1.6.2)
24 Call of Duty Guns Mod (1.6)

This Is an Epic Mod but it never updates I mean we are in 1.9 stage and it is still 1.6

25 Babymobs Mod (1.11.2)
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