Top 10 Custom Mario Power-Ups That Should Be Introduced

Got an ideas for new Mario power-ups? Here are some. This list will exclude items that are exclusive to Mario RPGs, party games & other spin-offs.
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1 Thunder Flower

Care for a thunder storm? Bad guys beware! Thunder Mario is about to stun you with his thunder power.

I think stunning enemies would be a great idea.

Mario could stun enemies with lighting balls.

2 Iron Suit
3 Phoenix Suit

A Phoenix is a mythological bird. I looked it up on & I had an idea of what Mario can do with it. A Phoenix Suit can help Mario fly & shoot fire balls. It's like having a Tanooki Suit & a Fire Flower at the same time.

Cape & Fire Flower Combined is awesome.

Mario will be able to fly + throw fireballs.Also if Mario dies he will keep the power up(It works 1 time per power up.

4 Paper Mushroom

Paper mushroom could also have a floatier jump and maybe glide?

It turns Mario into Paper Mario.

He will turn into paper mario.Abilities are gliding and hammer swing.

5 Metal Mushroom

This one works like the Metal Cap from Super Mario 64.

U are made o metal

6 Bomber Suit

You could plant a bomb and you can kick it as well.

7 Classic Mushroom

According to the Fantendo wiki, the Classic Mushroom turns Mario into his classic self allowing him to "let? Blocks appear everywhere he jumps." I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound useful, unless you had to reach a high platform. My suggestion is that Classic Mario should play just like his NES counterpart. That should sound better. Of course, I am thinking that the Classic Mushroom should give Mario the ability to do both. It's hard for me to choose, so go ahead & decide which power you think the Classic Mushroom should give to Mario.

You can spawn ? blocks

Most people think of super mario bros but I am going to donkey kong(mario's first appearance)and you can hammer swing.

8 Space Jump
9 Wind Flower

Wind Mario can blow away enemies.

U blow enemies

10 Fice Flower

I made this one up. The Fice Flower allows Mario to shoot both fire balls & ice balls. Pretty cool, huh? There's something you should know. Mario can't shoot a fire ball & an ice ball at the same time. He can shoot them one at a time. He shoots once, out comes a fire ball. He shoots again, out comes an ice ball. He shoots a third time, out comes a fire ball. And the pattern continues.

Maybe it shoots Freezeflame that kills by freezing enemies, and then explode it. It would also kill dry bones and those lava guys that bounce out of the lava

The Contenders
11 Spike Mushroom

You have spikes on u

12 Blooper Suit

If Mario gets one of these, he will turn into Blooper Mario. He can swim better & shoot ink balls.

Underwater has a lot of power ups already, giving him ink might work, but what does it do?

13 Burn Mushroom

Sets Mario on fire for a limited time. Acts exactly like the star, but sets things on fire in the process, damaging it even more.

Like a star, but burns everything in your path. Maybe it should be called the Burn Star

14 Gender Crown
15 Lava Mushroom

Lava is like sand and lava guys won't hurt you.

You take no fire damage

16 Luigi Suit

You have a Luigi as a partner next to you at all times until you get hit

17 Galaxy Mushroom

When Mario has this power up, he is able to create a small Black Hole that sucks up enimies and slowly kills them.

18 Crazy Mushroom

Makes Mario or luigi a little crazy! They can kill bad guys (even Bowser! ) by throwing cats at them…like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.

19 Computer
20 Lizard Mushroom

Better underwater movement, belly slide, better traction, can climb up walls, and throw fireballs.

Swimming speed,wall clinging and throwing posion balls are just some ideas.

21 Water Mushroom

Water mushrooms turn mario into water mario allowing him to shoot water balls that can put out fire

22 Sign Flower
23 Yoshi-Mushroom

Mario gets a Yoshi mushroom, turns into a Yoshi, and then Yoshi can ride yoshi.

Should be added

24 Ooze Cap

It works like Inkling in splatoon.

When mario crouches, he becomes an ooze puddle, similar to the squids in splattoon. he can also through short-range ooze balls, but not while in ooze form. enemies caught in the puddle when in gloop mode or hit by ooze balls will dissolve into gloop. he must dissolve enemies to keep his ooze levels up, or the powerup becomes useless.

25 Bowser Mushroom

Mario can turn into bowser mario and allowing him to breath fire and when he goes into bowser's she'll like the blue shell!

Throw fireballs and hammers, hide in a shell that will kill enimies that land on it, and shell slide.

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