Top Ten Ways to Tell You are Playing Against a Scammer in Words with Friends

Words with Friends has long been a fun mobile game, where you are competing against an opponent (or a computer in Solo Challenges) competing to make words and try to score the most points, like Scrabble. However, the game does have its fair share of flaws. One of the biggest is the amount of scammers in the game. Want to know how you're taking one on? Here's a list of ways to tell if you are dealing with one.
The Top Ten
1 They ask for your Gmail, Whatsapp, etc. in the game's chat

One of the biggest telltale signs that you are playing a scammer- they ask for some social media platform in the middle of a game in the chat. This is only one of the few steps needed for them to try and get you to give them money...

2 Their profile photo is an alluring woman or handsome man
3 They have a very low level

Everyone starts at Level 1. I get it. But scammers also have low levels.

4 They've only joined fairly recently
5 They play very low scoring words

Some will only play 3 letter words, some will only add a single letter to a word you made. This is not only extremely annoying, but also a telltale sign that they are a scammer.

6 They always use a greeting to start the chat, regardless of if you've typed anything beforehand.
7 They try to get to know you (occupation, where you live, etc.)

Yes, people do this to be friendly and to get to know their competition. Scammers will do it just before they ask you for our socials so, in theory, they can try and earn your trust.

8 They try to flirt with you
9 They won't stop talking about crypto

If they say that their job involves cryptocurrency, then they will quite literally copy and paste previous messages if it means they can get you to invest. I was playing one who wouldn't shut up about some kind of crypto, and "she" kept going on and on about it, no matter how times I asked her to stop talking about it.

10 They get mad at you If you block and unblock them
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