Top 10 Worst Video Games of 2020

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1 The Last of Us Part II

You can't knock the fact that the story to this game is just bad. I saw a review of the game by Cosmonaut Variety Hour, and while I agree with many things he says in his reviews, I just couldn't sit right with what he explained for his review of this game. He writes TLoU2 as a story that's not about revenge, as everyone assumes, but a story about forgiveness, which I think is BS. This game IS about revenge, because the theme has been pushed for literally the ENTIRE game, and for Ellie to simply change her mind in an instant just defeats every bit of purpose the game presents. There was zero development towards Ellie forgiving Abby for what she did. For the entire game Ellie was so focused on one mission, just find Abby and kill her at all costs. She mercilessly cleaves her way through multiple people to get to Abby, then all of a sudden she gets a magical reality check at the defining moment. Yeah, get that "forgiveness" crap out of my face. This is a basic ass, poorly written revenge story. Compared to the masterful story of the previous game, this sequel was just dumb as hell.

2 Among Us

This game is very good, but it's so overrated!

3 Final Fantasy VII Remake
4 The Culling: Origins Relaunch
5 Crucible (2020)
6 Cyberpunk 2077

It's funny, everyone bashes on Fallout 76 and Sonic 06 for being broken, yet they praise this game like it's no tomorrow and bought this game in the TENS OF MILLIONS!

Not to mention the amount of used copies I saw for being such a broken game.

Another shilled triple-A title, but this one was so buggy it was practically unplayable on Xbox One and PS4.

This game is basically the sequel to Sonic 06' and Fallout 76'.

7 NBA 2K21

I surprisingly liked 2K20 (Besides the casino thing), but this one looks a little dumbed down, and not in a good way.

Garbage just like every other yearly reused sports game same game every year

8 Fast & Furious Crossroads

Man what happened to Slightly Mad Studios? I think they did a great job making Project Cars 2, but I'm wondering if they're being forced to make games like this. Project Cars 3 was trash and now this crap? This was a studio I had so much faith in to be a reliable development team for racing games but all of that talent is thrown away for mere cashgrabs now! I can see Slightly Mad going down very soon if they keep this up.

I don't even know how this is considered a game. I'd much prefer playing Duke Nukem Forever or Ride to Hell: Retribution than this cash grab with nothing good in it.

9 Madden NFL 21

I'm honestly not mad at EA anymore for continuing to release this crap. I'm more irritated at the stupid fans who buy from them every year! Hell, if I was an executive at EA, I would too be rehashing the same garbage as long as sheep continue to suck it up! Forget the rabid Fortnite and Nintendo fandoms, the sports game fandom is the most toxic and annoying one in the gaming industry!

How and why people still buy these games is beyond me.

It's just the same thing EA keeps on doing, it's just a reskin of Madden NFL 20.

10 Marvel's Avengers

This game simply had to follow one of two routes to be good: either make it like Ultimate Alliance or Marvel's Spider-Man. Simple enough, but what do they go for? A looter game! One of the sketchiest game genres out there right now! This style simply does not meld well with the beat-em-up style of the game. The combat is not even truly great. There's no complexity in it, it's just "mash this button" and "dodge that move". There's no parrying or complex timed dodging mechanics involved. Just jump around to avoid bullets and attacks and hopefully you survive. I literally beat all of Hulk's missions by simply doing nothing but air smashing. And don't get me started on the glitches! Oh God, they were awful. This game had a patch that fixed a THOUSAND bugs in the game, and it was STILL glitchy afterwards! I had so much hope in this game. I mean, it's from the same guys who made two Tomb Raider reboots, which weren't perfect games but they were at least enjoyable and not full of bugs! How Crystal Dynamics failed to make a simple beat-em-up captivating, I have no idea.

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11 Warcraft III: Reforged
12 FIFA 21

EA even had the nerve to release FIFA 21 on Switch, but as a reskin of FIFA 20.

13 WWE 2K Battlegrounds

While it isn't as bad as WWE 2K 20, it's still a bad game.

14 Dreams (2020)
15 Valorant

Also valorant is also spyware for the Chinese government to spy on you also streamers were paid into saying this game was amazing. This game died quickly and is only played by paid streamers and kids who have nothing better to do

16 Metro: Redux (Switch)
17 Super Mario 3D All-Stars

The only reason I would buy this is for Sunshine, since the original Gamecube disc costs more than everything in this compilation bundle combined.

Otherwise, this is how you milk Mario too far.

This is unacceptable, 2 ISO files and a ROM file with next to no upgrades for $60, buying each individually would cost $45 on Wii U.

18 Predator: Hunting Grounds
19 Friday Night Funkin'
20 Rocket Arena
21 Cooking Mama: Cookstar

So broken it was pulled from stores.

22 Gigantosaurus the Game

What's next? A movie about this franchise.

23 Godfall
24 The Elder Scrolls: Blades
25 Genshin Impact
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