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Favorite levels from the mobile game Geometry Dash by robtop. Don't go for difficulty to vote, go by design.

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1 Theory of Everything

I have finished every level and I love this one and deadlocked the most but this one sounds more creepy and creative and I love it

Theoey of everything has PRO music

1eman adven 2 this

Good level I got 100% - jbella9000

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2 Deadlocked

This demon is hella easy; also, I got 75% on it.

I like it when you get halfway to the red part. BUT SERIOUSLY. THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER

I have completed every level and this one is my favorite because it's challenging and fun

Beat this level recently, good music too with great gameplay

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3 Electrodynamix

Fun gameplay. Great song. Beat it in 254 attempts. Also, listen to the second half of the song after the level is over. So good.

Still looks good 4 updates later

Awesome, by far my favourite!

It's a pretty hard level but it is also fast pace and the beat is amazing!

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4 Electroman Adventures

The song is really catchy, and the level is good

So good! I finally beat it and got the first coin and the last coin. Very fun, and the music is awesome!

Sounds like an awesome videogame

Best level

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5 Blast Processing

I can't stop playing it. And I've already beaten it

Cool song, love the end sequence and the wave sequences

It's the only level late in the game that I've beaten and THE SONG IS AMAZING

Its good music and is kinda hard

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6 Fingerdash

Very nice design, but there are so many cheat ways.

I already have 70% on it and this is the only late-game level, where I got so far

Easy but, nice

This new level came out only a couple days ago, and it's the best level ever made on Geometry Dash. The music is just so uplifting and the level is really in to play!

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7 Geometrical Dominator

My personal favorite (though Blash Processing, Fingerdash, and Clutterfunk are up there as well). The music is killer, and the level is really fun to play, and has cool visuals.


This level mades me happy

Best level ever. It's full of rainbows, and the music is flipping awesome.

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8 Clubstep

Clubstep hits the perfect mark for me. The song fits so well and itself is very catchy. The level is so satisfying and fun to complete.

This level and beat is awesome!

Hardest demon to get far, one of the only demons without SPEED CHANGERS - Doggus

This is one of the best songs in the game, and the level is amazing. Absolutely love it

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9 Base After Base

I love this level so much

Boom. Completed it in one shot with all three secret coins. Honestly,ya call that a hard? It should be a normal!

The music is nice and slow and very peaceful best music cause I like peace it deserves #1!

It's better for beginners like me, myself, and I.

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10 xStep

Best music of the game but also theory of everything 2 has great music but this is catchier don't forget about theory of skrillex

Just fun. Beat this level before time machine and cycles 3 coin.

A perfect challenge for normal players. ( I have beat this level )

Seriously? This should be Number 1.

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11 Back On Track

Has one of the best songs in the game

The Music is awesome

No it doesn't, but still a good song

Best song and not repetitive like stereo madness

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12 Clutterfunk

It introduces mini, which being mini is so fun, especially when your playing the demon level:breakthrough

It is cool that they cut off the beginning and some of the end. My favorite part is the end.

This level kicked my ass so many times that it's not even funny

This is harder than cycles. It has a good song, and the level is cool. First blades

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13 Can't Let Go

I am completely obsessed with this level. My ten year old cousin plays Geometry Dash Lite daily. When I'm over at my aunt's house I always ask what she's playing and she says 'Geometry Dash". I thought the songs were stupid and annoying and I thought it was some math game that tricks you into having fun. I heard her playing this song and I sat by her and watched her play it from beginning to end. I downloaded the app that night and I stayed up all night trying to beat it. When I did, I screamed so loudly that I woke everyone in my house up and I checked my alarm clock and it read "two A.M." I was amazed. Now I have limits to this game, but I am really surprised that Back on Track could top this. Back on Track is the second level and the song SUCKS! Can't Let Go is much better and it deserves #1.

I love that song

Can't Let Go is the best level there is. I've played the full version a million times on my friend's iPad, and I only have the demo version.. I've heard all the songs there is but I love Can't Let Go. I think that in my opinion, it's the funnest level to play. I love how the music goes from piano to some like, disco club music. Can't Let Go is THE BEST!

I like the music more than the level, but the level is really well choreographed to the music. The jumping pattern is addictive too.

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14 Theory of Everything 2


67% GAH If I beat this it will be my 5th demon.

Absolutely love the song and the level. I reached 39% then started working on making levels. My friend beat this because he didn't stop working in it, it is so cool

You'll just need medium degree of skill and timing to finish this level

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15 Hexagon Force

Duh...the obvious answer.

This level has a great beat and I love the design of it. The dual mode is really fun and adds nice challenge.

I am awful at duel. Don't know why I include it in my levels then...

Fun, I beat it with 1 star

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16 Cataclysm

I revoke saying that bloodbath is the hardest level in the game. It is the hardest DEMON level in the game. There are some levels that, for some reason, are rated insane, but are much harder than bloodbath. Watch the video "20 impossible levels geometry dash" and you will see exactly how hard they are. If you go so far as to rate try them yourself, make sure to rate them demon, because that is what they should be

This is the hardest level ever!

, this is so hard. I have only 15% lol

Actually bloodbath by riot is the hardest in the game. Michigun made a part of it, as well as ggboy who made this level, and many other good players at the game. Windy landscape, and titanium core, and theory of firepower are all equal in my opinion. Bloodbath surpasses all, where if u are a player like me, 3% is lucky

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17 Cycles

It is a clearly too many triple jumps, which makes it a challenge, which challenges are fun, especially demons

I used to rage over it until I beat it finally with 3 stars mainly because of the 3 spikes

Love the song and all of the upside down sequences and the roller

It is not too hard

18 Polargeist

The song is awesome!

This is one of my favorite songs.

How is this number 7

This is one of my favorites

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19 Dry Out

I love the song and the level. It is awesome, upside down is my favorite part. Please don't cuss, it makes me uncomfortable

Why the hell is Dry Out all the way down here? The music is DAMN AWESOME!

100% 3 stars and it's really fun and has great music


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20 Bloodbath

Yo yo yo boi

Best level ever!

How in the world did Riot beat this! He's G Dash God. I only have 7%...


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21 Jumper

The sound is great!

100% 3 stars, I used to get a bit pissed at this until I beat it

You always want to jump even though you can't!

Best soundtrack

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22 Unity

My favorite level!

This is legendary


23 Stereo Madness

The song is just so nostalgic for a few years ago...

It's easy but pretty fun, I used to get angry trying to get the third star until I finally got it

Not bad but if I had to choose my favorite songs in the game, this would be towards the bottom with jumper. Hard at first, but once u beat it is is decently boring

The Music is Awesome

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24 Time Machine

It's awesome! love the music and the end part was my favourite geometry dash lite level

I only beat it once, but it took me 6 weeks! 6 WEEKS! The upside down bit at he end is so HARD!

The music is good but I beat ToE BEFORE I beat this... Too hard for its level

It's a bit hard but I finally got 100% 3 stars

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25 Nine Circles

Its One Of The Most Remembered And Popular And Hardest Levels Ever.

The level that changed geometry dash forever

Yup, I love the start of the song

Very good music and had level

26 Theory of Firepower

sucks coks

27 Kappa Boss Fight

Good god the memes are real

That's a joke made by jeyzor. Good level.
He made a sequel that is called "PogChamp Boss Fight". - 7357

28 Death Moon

Best Level Ever, though the music is now gone :(

Dude the song is back and I DOWNLOADED IT

29 Ice Carbon Diablo X

RIP from demons list

30 Abyss
31 Press Start!
32 Revolution

Amazing Level Pretty Hard And Very Good!

33 Breakthrough!

I love the wave part I've beaten it and now I feel like a badass

So fockin awesome

34 Water Temple
35 Through the Galaxy

Epic name!

36 Retro by Jeyzor

Awesome stuff 8-bit level ever! Everything is green, and the blocks actually go out of focus, due to some awesome creativity

Very cool. Wish I knew how to do that to my levels

37 Stereo Space by x8Px

Just awesome. Watch top 10 levels geometry redux. This is on the list

Love all of the space decorations

38 The Seven Seas
39 Soul Refraction
40 Adventure
41 Fairydust

It's so hard but it changes your life when u complete it!

42 La Campanella
43 Diamond
44 Flappy King 2
45 Rebellion

The best fan-made collab of funny games levels

46 Forest Temple

Awesome song, awesome level, michigun is awesome

47 Desert Temple

Awesome song, etc

48 Fire Temple
49 Shadow Temple
50 Lava Temple
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