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201 The Teardrop Explodes

Julian Cope is Great!

202 The Stranglers

What on earth are they doing down at this ranking behind scores of utter rubbish?

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203 The Beat

English beat... 180? what's wrong with you people

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204 The Vapors

Turning Japanese. Top tune ever

205 The Undertones

Julie ocean - fabulous. My perfect cousin. Here comes the summer. Teanage kicks

206 XTC

A Fantastic and prolific band, if some of you only know "Nigel" then you know very little about XTC... Their Skylarking album produced by Todd Rundgren is one of the finest albums ever made, along with Drums and Wires and English Settlement... Brilliant songwriting! The song Dear God is one of my all time favourites... Courageous and brilliant!

"There is no language in our lungs" to describe how talented this band was in the 80's.

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207 Tenpole Tudor

Swords of a thousand men

208 Toyah
209 Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur Jr.

Then I feel nothing - 207...

210 Bad Brains
211 Killing Joke
212 XYZ

One of the most underrated 80 band, great guitar player, fantastic singer...

213 Public Ememy

The best Hip Hop group of all time and great tunes

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214 T'Pau

Carol decker is a very good singer

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215 Divinyls

Total classics... even used in AUSTIN POWERS

216 Cocteau Twins
217 Fields of the Nephilim
218 Roxy Music Roxy Music

Flesh and Blood was a great record and Avalon is one of the finest albums ever released. Bryan Ferry's albums Boys and Girls and Better Noire (during the Eighties) are two of the best albums ever! His '77 solo record In Your Mind is incredible as well!

May have started in the 70s but where still great in the 80s, always able to create their own style. And came into the 80s showing the kids they inspired just how things should be done, Flesh and Blood and Avalon underrated masterpieces

219 Crowded House

My favourite band EVER. And I'm only a teenager but I think most people would say CH deserves better than 242. There is consistent brilliance in the songwriting talents of Neil that simply cannot be faulted. Each album is both brilliant and amazing from Crowded House in 1986 to Intriguer in 2010. I also want to know where Cold Chisel and Split Enz are on here because those are the three I think should be higher along with The Smiths.

Not around long but no less awesome for it!

220 The Stone Roses

I'm glad the stone roses are on this list, even if they are down at 225. Their debut album released in 1989 is one of the best debit albums of my time in my opinion, and all the songs on it (besides Elizabeth my dear its not even a minute long) have the potential to be hits, and 'I Am the Resurrection' alone is a monster of a track. Add 'I Wanna Be Adored', 'Made of Stone', 'Waterfall' and 'She Bangs the Drums' and we have a great album. oh yeah, I'm from America too.

They should be a lot higher. I think that their debut is one of the best albums of all time! Great musicians, especially the bassist (Mani) and drummer (Reni).

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