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181 Daniel Craig - Skyfall
182 Jared Leto - Dallas Buyers Club
183 Brad Pitt - 12 Monkeys
184 Lee Van Cleef - It Conquered The World

It was a horrible movie, sure, but Van Cleef was just giving it his all. I wonder if he mistook the movie for a serious domestic drama instead of a cheesy monster movie, but nevertheless, he was amazing in it.

I think it may be one of my favourite bad movies. - SourNote2014

185 Will Ferrell - Elf
186 Michael Keaton - Batman
187 Denzel Washington - Flight
188 Minoru Chiaki - The Hidden Fortress

Kamatari Fujiwara was good, too, but Chiaki stood out more, his expressive baby face constantly morphing into hilariously ugly gurns.
Tahei is completely unlike Chiaki's other roles, which have had an elegance and warmth to them. He is a crude, slovenly, swarthy peasant, and a petty, blubbering coward, exactly the sort that Kikuchiyo (God rest his soul) had ranted about in 'Seven Samurai'. Chiaki's performance here is in the same vein as one of Mifune's: Confident, spirited and unrelenting. - SourNote2014

189 Go Ah-sung - The Host

As Park Hyun-seo, Go brilliantly plays a character who, though trapped and helpless, is clever and brave. And she does it with a lot of confidence and poignancy. - SourNote2014

190 Takashi Shimura - Rashomon
191 Ellen Page - Juno
192 Robert De Niro - Once Upon A Time In America
193 Tom Hulce - Amadeus
194 Michael Keaton - Beetlejuice
195 Nicolas Cage - Adaptation
196 Robin Williams - Good Will Hunting
197 Tom Hanks - Cast Away
198 Amy Adams - Arrival
199 Leonardo DiCaprio - The Revenant
200 Ruth Negga - Loving
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