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1 Highway 61 Revisited

Great, classic songs. Ballad of a Thin Man and Desolation Row stand out. The lyrics are brilliant on this one.

And Like a Rolling Stone! Duh ^^


Not a single bad song off the album. BOB & BOTT have some lessers songs but every song on this album has great singing and great lryics. plus, it has too of the best songs of all time, like a rolling stone and desulation row. - RecklessGreed

2 Blood on the Tracks

This is absolutely stunning. I will never grow tired of this genius. It's not just the quality of the album, it's also so damn epic because his critics were starting to label him washed up and a has-been after a slow start to the 70s, then he comes out and produces this. Also, part of the anger and bitterness in this album, which is so perfect in its sadness, comes from the breakdown in his marriage at the time. His Blood was truley on the tracks.

For me, also, the album that started my Dylan phase. That first side of the album with Tangled, Simple Twist, and Idiot Wind was brilliant.

The album that started my love of Dylan's music. So many amazing lyrics. Any of his early albums or infidels get votes from me in a top ten

Ah Too good

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3 Blonde on Blonde

Visions of Johanna, I Want You, Just Like A Woman, Rainy Day Women #12&35. His two best songs are Like a Rolling Stone and Desolation Row, but his best complete album, is Blonde on Blonde

I think Dylan is one of the most excellent people involved in music ever, and Blonde on Blonde is his masterpiece. No other album he's can touch this one, and it remains one of my personal favorite albums of all time to this day.

This album is very solid - Sabbath


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4 The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Perfect from start to finish

Dylan at his best

5 Bringing it All Back Home

This is Dylan at his best. nobody can touch this album and it is disgusting that it is this low. This album alone had Mr. Tambourine Man, Maggie's Farm, Subterranean Homesick Blues, It's all Over Now Baby Blue, and it's alright ma I'm only dyin. Best album!

The finest example of 'straight from the heart' song writing and the last of his before he turned to the booze. Every track on this album is good.

"Highway 61" is my favourite but this is only slightly behind, so I thought I would give this the vote to help it a bit.

Love the album Dylan at his best!

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6 Time Out of Mind
7 Desire

With "Isis", "One More Cup of Coffee", "Mozambique", "Black Diamond Bay", it is like the revealing of the pain and emptiness in the heart of a world weary, well traveled existentialist. After 3 years in the Peace Corps in Africa, to return to America in 1977 with my mother's death, this Album hit home.

Here comes the story of hurricane

My favorite full album. Lots of thought went into it

I think is the best

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8 The Times They Are A-Changin'

Totally underrated. This is a masterpiece!

9 John Wesley Harding

There must just be a lack of votes on this list. No way some of these albums should be as low as they are and Infidels, Modern Times, and The Bootleg Vol. 4 are a bit too high. Good albums but not Dylan's best.

In my view his best album (and I have every one). I can return to it again and again, and it still has such mystery, such beauty, such subtlety.

I love the sound, the first 5 songs are awesome

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11 Oh Mercy

The Last Dylan's absolutely MASTERPIECE (Time out of mind is very good, but don't have the same greats songs).

12 Nashville Skyline

His crooner voice is actually a VERY good one in my opinion. - higgsboson2142

13 Street Legal

The most underrated of Dylan's albums. A work of dazzling emotional complexity.

Always loved this one. I don't understand why it isn't more highly regarded.

14 The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966, the "Royal Albert Hall" Concert

Worth it for the magnificent lead up to Like A Rolling Stone. Telling all the stuck-in-the-mud folkies where to get off. "Play it ' LOUD" he instructs the band.

15 Biograph
16 Love and Theft
17 Modern Times

The best production I've ever heard on a record. Feels like I'm right there in the bar listening to Dylan and his band play in the corner. I can almost hear the low voices talking around me and glasses clanking, and smell the smokey haze of cigarettes. The subtle playing provides the perfect foundation for some of my favorite songs of Dylan's.

Far, far better than the ultra bland Time Out Of Mind if you only consider the "comeback" records. These tunes have staying power even if they are borrowed and the band is great, if understated. I think his evolving voice fits perfectly with this material.

18 Planet Waves

Every. Single. Song. On. This. Album. Is. Great. - Hoobu_Streetman

19 Slow Train Coming
20 Tempest
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1. Blood on the Tracks
2. Highway 61 Revisited
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1. Blood on the Tracks
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3. Blonde on Blonde

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