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21 Texas In July

Very Great. Much like. Newest album is definitely a much better produced work than their first album

22 My Heart to Fear

These guys have amazing and technical breakdowns

They are very good with there instruments

23 From the Eyes of Servants
24 Fallstar

Yeah underrated. Backdraft Album is one of my top 10. The band has an awesome style and passion for God

This is the best band ever... Should be in top 10

25 Becoming the Archetype

Becoming the Archytype is ( in my opinion) the best Christian metalcore band, all time in fact. Their music is much more complex than some of the top ranked on this list. I think that they are much more progressive in style and bring an Avant-garde metal sound that comes close to rivaling such bands as Messhuggah and Gojira. Artistically they are far and away better than any band on this list. No offense to August Burns Red or As I Lay Dying because I love the sound of most all Metalcore bands (especially the bands that have positive song concepts). That being said, BTA should be much higher on this list. If you are listing real metalcore bands that totally shred from first song to last.

In my humble opinion this band should be in the top 10, their music has so much taste and variety. There's something for everyone in there

26 A Plea for Purging

Amazing in every possible way. I'm dead serious, these guys SHOULD be considered both legends and pioneer's. From beginning to end these guys brought straight and steady fire. I can't begin to explain how inventive and metal these dudes are. Devout Christians, these guys defied traditional metal for church goers that was literally caused comfortable Christians to think about what they believed. Stunning breakdowns, thought provoking lyrics and musicality at it finest and most stripped down, these guys deserve a better spot on this list. - Iamscience

27 Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

This is the type of metal people with mullets and American flags listen to.

28 Of Mice & Men Of Mice & Men

Definitely not a Christian band. The singer has, on occasion, talked of knowing Jesus, but these is nothing to show for that in their lyrics. Great band, but not Christ followers, be warned... - Iamscience

Lyricist definitely Christian. Listen to the lyrics he wrote and screamed for Stick Stickly in his old band Attack! Attack!

I'm not sure that they're Christian but some of the lyrics would strongly suggest the lyracist is. Great band!

29 Mouth of the South

Listen to simply grace! These guys had it right.

30 I, the Breather

My favorite band, their music is so enjoyable.

The best Metalcore Band I know.

31 In the Midst of Lions
32 The Seeking
33 Righteous Vendetta

Their newer stuff isn't so much metalcore but their first album was. Look up the album lawless on iTunes. Hope you're impressed

34 Blood of the Martyrs
35 Onward to Olympas

Amazing people as well as musicians that carry a great message.

36 The Color Morale

Not an openly Christian band. In interviews claims to not be a Christian band

37 The Great Commission
38 Creations
39 Overcome
40 xLooking Forwardx
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