Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music, he remains one of the most famous and influential of all composers. His best-known compositions include 9 symphonies, 5 piano concertos, 1 violin concerto, more.


With out doubt Beethoven is the greatest composer that ever lived. Mozart composed for the weekend but Beethoven composed for eternity. He is the Michael Angelo of music. Beethoven demonstrates in his composition a deeply human touch. Strong but also vulnerable and romantic to the point of godlyness. His spiritual strenght was without match. Mozart was was close but his character was built on wealth and help form his family. Beethoven was not so fortunate his family lived off him. Once again demonstrating his great ability to live and suffer for his art. Beethoven is a one off. There will never be another Beethoven for the greatness of the man was closely allied to God. :-)

Best composer Beethoven has it where it counts. Throughout a series of cumbersome times, the music still weaved in some parts to perfection. Beethoven has Emperor which is for a king or majesty, Appassionata which is nicer than the thought, then there is in opinion an all time favorite named Tempest, and aside to that there is Sonata in G Major. Beethoven is in first most the time due to the brilliance of the to the point and short of pieces such as those. While Mozart sounds a bit arrogant and holier than though...Beethoven is influenced by that Napoleonic time span and is charming yet with more aggressive tones and pulses to the music. Despite the other praises, the most popular seem to turn as Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and there even do venture to those symphonies as well instead. Also does sheer amount with tens or dozens of sonatas as well. Either way...Beethoven is a great classical composer representation which then exceeds even that time span. Truly fine works of art. - iliescu

Mozart will forever be my favorite classical composer, but there's only one reason I chose Beethoven over him. Beethoven created the Ninth Symphony, which is, in my opinion, the greatest piece of music ever written. Beethoven's Ninth is everything a classical music piece should be: Grand, powerful, and full of emotion. Not even Mozart could create such a work of art that is the Ninth Symphony, and to think that Beethoven wrote this symphony while completely deaf is downright incredible. Like I said, I love Mozart, but Beethoven's Ninth is on par with almost every single work that Mozart has created.

Many greats - Mozart the purest genius - Bach - perhaps the most influential - but Beethoven - truly the greatest of all. But not by a mile, though - the top three are so close in greatness.

Beethoven withholds a war nature as in the time Napoleon favor exists as well. So some of the music is powerful and sort of hitting a good range of notes to employ the piano to the self. The pieces are also wrought while charming are as well delightful and in control to mash them together. It is a treat to the sound with Beethoven presenting those smashes. It is strange the sadder pieces are more known or popular such as the 'Moonlight Sonata' and 'Fur Elise'. - iliescu

While all on this list are brillant composers, Beethoven was (to my knowledge) the only one who produced music despite the fact that he became deaf over time. In my opinion, the quality of his compositions became better inversely proportional to this increasing deafness. Imagine a surgeon losing his sense of touch or a painter his eyesight, and what the outcome of their work would be, let alone their ability to set new standards in their field.

I agree that this man is a true genius of this craft imagine even by the time he can't hear a thing he can still do such a wonderful complicated piece of music. I really loved all of his work I do idolizes him more than anyone else when it comes to classical pieces. This man is one of the greatest composer ever lived. I do loved classic music, I am a huge a fan of musical geniuses as well as mozart and others.

I think Beethoven was a great composer he may have been the king of piano, he uses emotions and feelings to make great pieces. I like the moonlight sonata and fur Elise and I also like the Turkish march because all of them are really peaceful and calming except a part of fur Elise

Beethoven has meant more to me than any other composer. There is simply no comparison in terms of the power that he has to move me. I say this even recognizing the greatness and influence of Bach, and despite my growing, rather late appreciation of Mozart.

I know it's not a very original opinion, but I can't help it... Beethoven simply wrote the most powerful, original, moving music ever.

The 9th symphony is the best musical work ever composed in the history of mankind...

The territory explored by Beethoven is the wildest and most intensely fascinating of any composer. In inhabiting these zones we begin to understand so more and more about what it is to be human. I would go further in saying that his work surpasses the greatest of all other artforms. I was looking at the Parthenon friezes in the British Museum while the first movement of the Moonlight sonata was being piped in. I realised that is unbelievably delicate 'object' of musical sound reached more deeply inside than any visual art - and I speak as a visual artist. In his work we see the most visionary and greatest of both poetry and architecture.

I like Ludwig Van Beethoven because even if he have a illness in his ear, he was a deaf person, it does not an obstacle to stop his specialization on music. His deafness is not a hindrance for him. He continued composed extravagant music.

It's not close. Beethoven is the only composer to revolutionize music twice in his lifetime: Heroic period and his late transcendental period (last 5 piano sonatas, the last string quartets, Missa Solemnis, 9th Symphony). Not just revolutionize music but change the meaning of what it represents! To create something intended to change humanity. Talk about ambitious! I called my play "Beethoven: Heaven's Voice, " because it's as if he's conversing, sometimes arguing, with God himself!

The greatest composer of all time without a doubt. Mozart had more range in opera but nobody has produced nine greater symphonies each a masterpiece or 32 sublime piano sonatas among myriad other great and enduring pieces.

I have been listening his symphonies since I was five. I think the first movement of his 6th is the greatest thing I've ever heard, with no doubt. It's so important in my life. I can consider that music just like a second father... - Alex151

Not only is his music the best he looks the best like a real rock star of his time way ahead of his life time. I love this man when he died there was a violent storm that says it all about the man and his music it's lives forever. Thank you for reading.

For the demons that pursued him in his life, and for all the talent squeezed from him, in his youth, he was like that of a piece of coal turned into diamond. His piano sonatas " haunt" my mind through out my days. What a great composer.

Listening to the the 3rd movement of Symphony #5. I get so emotional over it always. Just listen to the dialogue between the cellos and violins and flute and the kettle drums...whispering at times before the crescendo and grand finale. No composers incite more adrenaline and excitement in me than Beethoven. I trust my instincts. He is the greatest.

I love Beethoven so much. He's one of them of the few classical composers I actually like. His melodies are just beautiful and full of emotion. I am so glad he is on the top of this list.

I agee 100%, Beethoven was composing under compulsion for his friend, Almighty God! There is no equal to Beethoven in music!

The titan of composers. Changed music to an extent we still live in its influence on modern music. Had he not gone deaf or died at a mere 57 we can only wonder what else he could have accomplished.

I very much agree it's very astonishing that he can compose music when he is deaf and it's incredible it's the same astonishing emotion level as I much agree on Mozart but yes this man is a well,wonderful, astonishing damn composer he deserves to be number one on this list to his greatest honor of all of classical music history - Kevinsidis

Imagine his determination, still making music even though he was deaf!

I absolutely respect him and his passion for music.

He was indeed one of the greatest composers of all time.

Listening to his music helped me through many tough times. He is the greatest artist of all time.