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61 Hector Berlioz Hector Berlioz Hector Berlioz was a French Romantic composer, best known for his compositions Symphonie fantastique and Grande messe des morts (Requiem).

Have we all forgotten the first great romantic composer, and his awe-inspiring "Symphonie Fantastique"? This man truly deserves to be in at least the top ten! -

Considering that he received no training on the piano and almost became a physician, Berlioz is something of a miracle. His "Symphonie Fantastique" and "Harold in Italy" changed the landscape of Romantic music and proved to be early Romantic pieces of monumental importance.

#61? What?!

A great composer, unpopular unfortunately, that has very powerful and beautiful works such as the Te Deum, the Requiem, the opera ''Les Troyens'', the symphonie ''Funèbre et Triomphale'' and others. People that think that Berlioz's music is only about the Symphonie Fantastique and the Harold in Italy don't really know him.

In my favorite list he would surely be amongst the top ten. - gyandri

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62 Béla Bartók

You should listen his String Quartet No. 5 and 6, if you are finding haunting masterpiece

Too much underrated composer! ! !

49th position for one of the really great creators in human history makes this whole list ludicrous apart from the top few. Maybe the problems is that he has too few 1st votes. Before some moron says 'it's a matter of opinion' this is like saying that Joshua Reynolds is more important than say Titian or Goya.

He was the greater composer than Dvorâk

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63 Anton Bruckner

No composer reached to the bare human condition as profoundly as Anton Bruckner. It feels like coming home and being alienated at the same time. He showed that religiuous feelings are about openness to reality, letting transcendence speak for itself. No composer achieved this like he did. As someone put it: primordial matter evoked in sound.

64 Gioachino Rossini

He and Tchaikovsky are the two most entertaining. They are my top two. That's what music is all about. They were both ahead of their time in relating to an evolving audience. Rossini's William Tell is one of the few compositions which has universal appeal. Most of his overtures were in reality "mini-symphonies" as a bonus before the opera even begins. He was the first great modern entertainer.

How did Rossini end up being 48th? He set the stage for Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi. He carried Italian on his back for over a decade. He is highly original, extremely entertaining and moving. He deserves to be much higher.

Such great ear pleasure

I love Rossini. He was a genius in opera. Il Barbiere, La Cenerentola, Il Turco in Italia, Aureliano in Palmira...I love all his operas, Strabat mater, ballet fanastique...He is among my favourites after the big 3 (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach).

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65 Benjamin Britten

Fascinating man, prodigiously gifted, whose works have stood the test of time. His music is challenging but richly rewarding upon repeated listening. A Giant among 20th Century composers!

For his range - operas, concerto's, songs and orchestral music - I would put him in the bottom of the top ten - just over Stravinsky, actually

66 Howard Shore
67 Erik Satie

The composer with the most peculiar attitude on music. Pioneered impressionism, minimalism, yet was always for something unusual, special, particular...

68 Claudio Monteverdi
69 Giacomo Puccini

20th century composer and acceptable

Some of the hest operas ever written ( la bohem, madama butterfly, turandot) came from his pen - severalsomeones

70 Edward Elgar

Why is he so far down this list? Elgar's Cello Concerto is one of my favourite pieces, and I know of no Briton who does not feel patriotic when Land of Hope and Glory is belted out alongside his Pomp and Circumstance march. England's Finest!

How can such a brilliant man be so far down this list

One of the greatest composers of the 20th Century and certainly one of England's finest - Enigma Varations anyone? I find that people rarely fail to recognise the music itself - Land of Hope and Glory (as the most common example) has to be one of the most famous pieces of classical music out there. But I reckon few know the name of the composer. This could explain Elgar's low posting. If you're reading this and you didn't know who wrote Land of Hope and Glory - well now you do! ;-)

71 Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

The grandfather of classical music, master of polyphony and leading composer of the Renaissance period. - gyandri

The greatfather of classical music, master of poliphony and iconic composer of the Renaissance period. - gyandri

72 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

The Flight of the Bumblebee is so masterfully crafted, so ingeniously put together that this song alone qualifies Rimsky-Korsakov to be on the list.

Flight of the bumblebee enough said amazing composer

He should be on the 2nd page

73 Uzeyir Hajibeyov

One of the greatest from Azerbaijan!

Great composer of all times!

74 Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis
75 Pierre Boulez
76 Johann Christian Bach
77 Georges Bizet Georges Bizet Georges Bizet, registered at birth as Alexandre César Léopold Bizet, was a French composer of the romantic era.

The composer of the most famous opera; Opera Carmen. He's also the composer of L'Arlesienne. - NadermunRa

78 Scott Joplin
79 Edward Maya
80 Arcangelo Corelli

You all folks need to hear this composer, and you will feel real chords...

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