Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, baptised as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, was a prolific and influential composer of the Classical era, born in Salzburg.


Masterpieces in all genres, instruments in about every combination reasonably sensible (some no longer exist); all in lightning fast time.

Sure Haydn invented the "sonata form" and string quartet and wrote 104 good symphonies; Beethoven's symphonies were so good his successors were intimidated. Someone else commented what if he had lived into his late 50's like Beethoven (or 70's like Haydn) he's would have undoubtedly blow everyone out. Personally, all of the composers wrote many wonderful compositions and some one hit wonders we all still treasure. If Mussorgsky hadn't become an alcoholic in the military in his teen and died of it young he could have given the great Tchaikovsky a run for his money. Thanks for those that made this list and opened it up to comment!

As I listened to different classical music from different composers, no one can beat Mozart's way of elevating my emotions. The notes and rhythm were highly more organized than others and his compositions have such peak that surely made me more enticed to the overall arrangement of his music. He's truly a prodigy, being a composer at an age of 4. I am a fan of other music genres (rock, pop and alternative) yet his music made me fell in love with the classical genre. He captivates me with his composition. His music are simply of sheer elegance and beauty.

Music cannot be attributable to knowledge or experience; but it is smt of pure ability, a talent inborn, a gift that cannot be acquired if it is not in your genes. Mozart is the concrete object of pure and unbeliavable ability of that kind, and thus is the best and greatest, maybe forever. His works tell this fact very clearly. One can distinguish the universal beauty of his music even if not so much indulged with the classical type of music.

There is not one form of classical music that Mozart did not make a significant contribution to. Plus, he had a unique understanding of every instrument in the orchestra. Not to mention the fact Mozart could play 3 instruments to concert standard... Piano, violin and cello. Name another composer that could do that.

It is difficult to separate this top ten, but what I would agree the list is spot on. For me, its Wolfgang, his ability to suck you into his realm and keep you wanting more. He is also the first composer I go to. Great to see Peter in at no5. At the end of the day, lets not get snobbish, they are all bloody geniuses in my humble opinion...regs Pete.

There is no composer -- not one -- whose musical judgment we value remotely as much as we do Mozart's. If he put it down on paper, you could take that to the bank. And what is more, his music has lifted more hearts and souls than any work, in any field, by anyone else in the history of our race.

Beethoven is quite amazing, really, but Mozart takes it to a whole new level. He's a prodigy, god's gift to classical music, shame he only lived to 35, if he had lived to, say, 50, there would be zero competition. One who enjoys classical music will love Mozart.

Mozart was no question the greatest composer of ALL time. When he was only 3 he was playing concertos perfectly on the piano. No person could ever, no matter how skilled, be more fantastic and talented than Mozart. No doubt.

I must say there will be composers who made technically harder pieces (Chopin, Beethoven) people that had more expressiveness (Bach or tchaikovsky, but nobody had the right balance in every single one of their pieces, and as much as I love Bach this goes to mozart.

Hmm... I disagree with Bach having more expressiveness than Mozart. The Requiem and the symphony No. 38 play in my mind now. - gyandri

The only reason he surpasses Beethoven is that he was able to compose for voices as exemplified in his operas. His symphonies were inferior to Beethoven but his piano concertos were heavenly. And if he had lived longer...

Mozart is my God. I love him so much, his operas, concerts, symphonies...everything that comes from him. It's unbelievable he died so young. What a gifted man. He is my number 1 ahead of Beethoven and Bach.

Absolute musical genius, even as a child. His music is emotional in both negative and positive ways. By far the greatest composer of all time.

I used to think Beethoven was the greatest. Then I became a huge opera fan. And Mozart wrote tons of fantastic operas. Beethoven only wrote one opera, and it's mediocre at best.

Mozart is no doubt the best composer... I am a very big fan, in fact the biggest fan of WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART. A true genius of music or of arts in the history of man or any other species.

Oh God. Extraordinarily prolific. Joyous. Oh what do you say, you know his music. And he died young. He didn't have en entire career to create all this poo poo.

Simply genius and the best! Requiem is the best art of music that was made by a human being!

I use to believe that Beethoven was the greatest, Until I listen to hundreds of compositions by Wolfgang. I can now say that he is the greatest, One of Beethoven's greatest symphonys was based off of Mozart's compositions.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the best composer. How can he be lower than Beethoven? Beethoven wasn't a professional composer at the age of six!

I think Mozart is the most famous, the greatest composer who had ever lived. Not Beethoven!

Mozart was born in 1756 he struggled with money most of his life he also made a lot of sonatas

I would listen to his work all day long, they all are masterpiece and still excellent even having more than 2 centuries of history...

His songs are so brilliant and if you think Beethoven is good Mozart taught Beethoven.

Simple and elegant, natural and soul-touching, a message beyond the mere notes of music.

Mozart is MUSIC. Nobody cannot beat him forever and ever.

Mozart's music is so delightful. For instance, the Overture to the Marriage of Figaro, which is so perfect that I can listen to it over and over again (which I have) and never, ever get tired of it. I think that Handel is the second greatest composer. His Messiah, the Watermusic Suite, the Music for the Royal Fireworks, the coronation anthems, such as Zadoc the Priest, are all gorgeous barque works. Beethoven was a great composer, of course, but I find some of his work too deep, too dramatic, although I love his Sixth Symphony (the Pastoral) and his Ninth also.