Top Ten Greatest DotA Heroes

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1 Jah'rakal, Troll Warlord

Very strong skills and perfect item definitely and offense

I think k troll is best hero in dota because of his manter bash and attack speed he he

Agreed troll is really a warlord when I played against ursa, void, axe, lich, tiny every hero came to his feet all he requires is helm of dominator, monkey king bar, vanguard, desolator and he will take everyone out of the picture!

Ursa warrior should also be on the list. With Vladamirs Offering, Butterfly, Black King Bar and Vanguard it is very difficult to stop him. He is also the easiest hero to play with and can kill Roshan easily at level 6 or 7 if Vladamirs offering and 2 poor man shield is made!

2 Traxex, the Drow Ranger

Trax is the first hero I've come to master. I've used lots of different item combinations (some outside of the guides) and know what to use for each situation. She is super easy to play with and really OP in the right hands.

Her chill wind + frost arrows + 3 & 4 abilities are devastating combos. And when I have desolator, shadow blade, and daedalus I am BEYOND GODLIKE.

Be careful early game, she dies fairly quickly especially against other ranged heroes like Windranger and Sniper. Once you get to level 6 it's easy to gank. Communicate with your teammates. Let oNE initiate and attack a little bit, and when the hero is retreating, gank from behind or the side with a Chill Wind, launch those frost arrows and they are deaad. Especially good in 2v2 if you Chill Wind both enemy heroes, you kill one and your teammate the other or you can damage both so your teammate can kill them (this is what I do when I have low health; plus, the frost arrows slow movement effect can slow ...more

My best character yet. Perfect item build is phase, assault cuirass/Aquila, manta, abyssal, buriza, then butterfly last. With all items you get 10up armor and 400 damage plus extra 100 damage when level 25 and can stun also because of abyssal. I experienced killing 2 insane without friends. Very cool and there is also double damage because of buriza so it's like 1000 damage with slow. So it's like 4 shots and you're dead. Also very easy to use. Vote for Traxex.

Very easy to use yet very strong SS. Does not require complex combination of skills, she just needs the right combination of items.

Traxex is an Agility-type hero. Agility-type heroes gets increased armor, attack, and attack speed. Her last skill gives her high agility, which makes her damage and armor very promising! Her third skill increases it more. And giving her butterfly will make her the most powerful attacker.

3 Nevermore

I like this hero because with his raze, I could kill many heroes and its necromastery an extra for my damage, his third skill is good for lowing their armor and the last of all requiem, if you have a lothars just press it and go next to your enemy hero and kaboosh, the life of your enemy is surely be less and that's the time you need to use your raze.

Best Hero for he deals huge damage to his opponents but has no force on the early game because of his low hp at the start of the game. With Lothars, Desolator and Requim of Souls you can destroy any opponent, even the great Ursa!

The combo shadowraze is quietly amazing! Its can easily kill an enemy less than 15 seconds! And the Requiem Of The Souls can dealt 2700 damage maximum

Awesome, he can take down any hero within seconds in the late game. His damage is incredible and if you get the right items, his attack speed and damage are the best.

4 Huskar, The Emo Kid

He has berserker's blood to help him change a loose for him to a win... Plus his life break, he can easily slow down enemies' speed and half of the enemy's life will be minus. He can easily get first blood at level 6 and easily get up to unstoppable at level 10 and above... Items for him are cheap and effective for him... With certain items, Roshan can be defeated easily at level 14 and above. Then dying for Huskar will be hard... That's why I choose Huskar for Dota battles.

One of the Best Carry Heroes in my Opinion. His Life Break can Deals 50% of His Opponent's Maximum Health. Even though it Sacrifice it's own Health, He can use Inner Vitality to Heal Himself in the Battlefield. His build item (Threads, Satanic, Armlet, Dominator, Tarrasque, & Halberd) will make him be a Really powerful Heroes. Use it Wisely, & You won't Regret It.

Huskar is insane. Huskar is the int crusher and he can crush many enemy at once. His ulti, that's crazy. He can reduce every hero health to half. But, I think huskar at the past version is better than the latest version one because huskar at the past has much stronger berseker blood effect than now although he get immunity in today version
His skill reduce his life but that just make him much stronger especially again int

Huskar is easily the most OP hero in Dota if used efficiently. He is all about making sacrifices of himself, which would relatively effect his deaths in a game. Yet, he is a team player and can solo mid. Being the best carry and an easy hero, he can win matches for his team. HUSKAR for the win

5 Dark Terrorr, Facelless Void

Dude even his biggest counters baneina iny and sometimes pa may die inchrono all instead tiny that can't win void in hits for pa you just need monkey king bar if you have get farmed at started you kill lina easily your dm is really high and for bane just if you capture him in chrono and have both full items you kill him you just need a fast hand that's all...but of course and those heroes counter void I just say that he hasn't got and so big counters the best are tiny and bane if enemies pick void try not to let him farm so pick bane for supp and he will deny then you need tiny for carry in the same lame with void as void easily goes every supp at start and then just hope that anyone wont feed him that's all.

For me he is the best hero overall!, great carry, initiator, disabler and somewhat durable and of course he is also good at escaping on enemies because you can also use his time walk for defensive purposes and nobody can stand him especially in the late game when he acquired all the correct items that he needs to maximize his potential.GODLIKE!

For me, dark terror is the best hero in dota with great set of skills especially his signature chronosphere which will surely be a killer to those opposing heroes combined with good set of items appropriate like mask of madness, cranium basher etc.

Dark terror is one of the best hero in dota, because he can kill and make a first blood because of its item (mask of madness), he can make a combo, time walk then the corona. That's why I pick terror

6 Invoker

With this legendary hero I can do whatever I want!
I can push 3 towers in about 1 mins and about 20 seconds
And I can kill rs in 20 sec, by using forge spirit!
I can use rampage by using only 3 skills, chaos meteor, tornado, defining blast,
I can escape in any situation by using ghost walk,
Well if you don't know how to use invoker, do not vote! Know my best hero first, before voting, get it? Well for me, he is the strongest hero of all,
Well its all defend on the user, maybe.

Combines many different heroes with his huge arsenal of skills which make him adaptable to every situation. Although he is hard to master, his powerlevel (if played well) is extremely high. Can also fit more or less any role although he should get enough farm and exp. Lot of fun to play and a champ that never gets boring. Best thing about him in my opinion is that he can be played in nearly any lineup/ matchup due to his uniqueness and the enemy can be confused by metabreak :D
To put it in a nutshell: THIS GUY IS AWESOME @.@

He's got it all; stuns, slows, nukes, damage, sustain, disables, crowd control, global presence. You seem to never run out of options while playing him, but his high skill cap prevents him from being a broken pubstomper. Overall, very fun to play.

He may be weak during early game, but in late game with eul's, sunstrike and chaos meteor combo he can literally smash an enemy within seconds. He can also drain mana on STR heroes and kill them with EMP+ deafening blast+ chaos meteor. He can smash any hero, in short.

7 Axe, Mogul Kahn

Axe has extremely high attack an he is very tanky, he's like the ultimate hero. Especially when it comes to his ult, he can kick ass. If u wanna take him down, u need to fight him 1v1, otherwise, he'll kill anyone that gets near him!

Axe is my best hero. Just build him the right item (2 vanguard, phase boots, battlefury, Heart of Tarrasque and Helm of Dominator) and he's unstoppable.

Axe is the best! Axe can kill an enemy instantly if enemy's health below 600 (culling blade)...

My signature hero... Once you have the right item you can even kill your counter

8 Pudge, Butcher

Pudge the Butcher is one of the most difficult heroes to play effectively, but also one of the most rewarding. His Meat Hook skill is extremely deadly, but also difficult to utilize. A well placed Meat Hook will snag an enemy hero and drag them to the Butcher, dealing a lot of damage along the way.

Love you pudge..

Meat hook, rot and fresh meat together make and unbeatable combo
Pudge is one of the few heroes that is strong both in the start and the end
With proper use of his hook, every other hero would look bad

Pudge... Can never say too much or too little about him. High health is his best part, so rot can barely affect him. Get him a force staff or blink because he is apparently quite slow. He is really good to use, and easy first blood.

This big guy is a kidnapper. His meat hook his crazy and he can immobilize his enemy with his bite. His rot is crazy and his flesh heap can make him becoming a crazy tanker but this big guy must always kill

9 Ulsfaar, Ursa Warrior

Although ursa is a baby hero ursa I think is the best hero in dota because if ursa has a vladimir's offering roshan is easy and ursa has good speed and provide him sith sange and yasha and his 2nd skill which is overpower killing is easy and heart he could be the tank in pushing u could win easy if your teammates are good and u know how to make ursa strong in dota...that is my reason why I think ursa is a great hero in dota 2

Using his earthshock along with overpower really makes us 'godlike'. Enrage also gets him on top of all the heroes of dot A. Provide him with the abyssal blade, a Shiva's guard and the lother's edje and rest leave to him.
His awesome speed can also make a difference
Choose him once and you will never think of another hero.

Ursa is the real form of destruction. His skill is crazy with his ulti and overpower+Fury swipe and also earthshock, its immposible to destroy him. And at new version, he can be combined with other lifestealing item like madness because at the past version, he can only use madness. He is the perfect crusher and his hp is so strong like almost like str

In level 3 he can already takedown roshan by using earthshock and fury swipes and over power. He is a true killer in 1 on 5 games. If there's any dota heroes I'd choose, I would already choose ursa. But sometimes he's ban because he is just too awesome

10 Banehallow, Lycantrophe

AMAZING HERO! But if given the wrong items you will regret
But if you give him the correct items
You will never regret nor choose another hero

He should be the best because his attack speed and strength is so remarkable when he turns into a wolf... So cool... So awesome

Better watch out, here comes the wolf from the Jungle. Flanking people is ridiculous with his wolf pack and transformation.

I like it! It was my favorite hero! Come on, try to use it! It can kill other hero so easy when transfer into the ultimate wolf!

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11 Barathrum, Spirit Breaker

I like barathrum
With Mask of madness, power threads and crystals you will be able to make a kill in 4 seconds. Barathrum is an awesome hero and with proper items he is unstoppable.

2Coz he runs fast sometimes it cool.

Barathrum is my best hero becase he have charge bush and ss, when he have a mask of madness, vanguard, aganims, power threads, blood stone, heart of taras and quiras.

No one can defete him when he have those items and a greatest tanker and bringing the game to an end... that's why I choose him the best hiro he should be top 1

With Mask of madness, power threads and crystalys you will be able to make a kill in 4 seconds. Barathrum is an awesome hero and with proper items he is unstopabble.

Tank carry who can help in an instance with team fights globally. Increasing damage and HP is the key. Then after that increase attack speed and speed and you're set.

12 Kardel Sharpeye, Dwarven Sniper

Fragile yet very strong and precise as the name suggests. He's easy to play as but hard to master. Only a true DoTA player can use him at his fullest potential.
My advice is to HIT fast and HIT hard. Be Polite. Be Efficient. Be Professional. Never Kill Steal. Assassinate/

Kardel is the best in long range appearance. I know that he is weak, but he can also finish the job. That's why I chose him than drow ranger and I want you all to use kardel because he as great skills (especially by his last skill) and I now he is slow at speed

He's the best hero I have ever seen. His levels are really awesome. His level 1 deals much damage in imba and his can go very with the high damage. His level 3 can make him shoot faster. Later, he can even shoot the tower alone without the tower seeing him. You better change your mind to love him.

Kardel sharpeye is my favourite player because if built with desolater, skadi, butterfly, lothars, assault curaiss, phase boots he becomes unbeatable and the best thing about him is that his ulti never mises he kills the marked player even if the player is invisible... He is more useful in a team game rather than solo... And he is a cool harasser

13 Terrorblade, Soul Keeper

Terrorblade the soul keeper is the most powerful hero because of his high attack speed and hit point regeneration rate. He can take on 2-3 heroes due to his clones and metamorphosis ability. His ultimate can be used to exchange hit points with stronger heroes so, it will be a good combination with his movement speed and attack speed.

Everything about this hero is done perfectly. I always loved Illidan from WC3 with his metamorph. It really acts like a demon on earth and it's a nice feeling to see 5 enemy characters running away while from 4 Terror Blade (original+skill image+2 images from item) are hunting them down.

The new Terrorblade is better than the older one. He becomes a killing machine as soon as he gets his manta.Try an item build of wraith then treads, then helm of dominator, then yasha to manta, then a butterfly, then a heart and eventually a skadi. And you could rampage easily.

Even how strong his enemy is, he would just use his sunder and exchange your life for him and then some combination then 1st blood. Terrorblade is the BEST.

14 Lina Inverse, The Slayer Lina Inverse is the main protagonist and the only character that appears in all incarnations of the comic fantasy themed light novel, manga and anime series Slayers, where she is a young yet very powerful sorceress travelling the world.

Lina Inverse the Slayer, indeed the most powerful hero in slaying one enemy hero! Lina can kill all types of hero seen in the game map. If you're good in using this hero, then you will know how powerful she is.

Lina is stunning near the enemy heroes and laguna blade is using to kill and upgrading by aghanim scepter...

Lina Inverse is so amazing... Actually, she's my favorite character in DOTA...

She has the best ultimate before pugna and lion! With aghanims, she can beat enemies without fear! Build Aghanims and dagon! She can be a 2hit killer! TRY!

15 Slark, the Murloc Nightcrawler

Slark is great if you don't like team fights but prefer ganking, farming, pushing. When the MMR rises, the team fights become hard. Slark gives a way to win without being super good. It is like in an RPG, do you like stealth or brute force. I am more into stealth. So I prefer to use my head and plan, instead of being good in team fights. I don't play with friends and team fights often have problems of synchronization. Slark cannot tank, he can only flees, and hide. There are many possible builds. Stealing agility is a great strategy and the stupid opponents don't even realize it. Tanking for the team is possible. Now the ultimate applies to the team with scepter in the patch 700.

Slark has the best skills
Dark Pact is function much like linken but with difference, Basically a great pain on the enemy. Enemy disable wont is nothing if used by a pro. Can disable the SS of some heroes like viper, dombringer, etc.
Pounce gives an scape mechanism function like a force and a great immobilizing skill
Essence shift is the best, Gives him more agility thus giving more damage, more armor and attack speed while making enemy weaker. Just get some basher and he can kill anyone.
SS is the best, regen is best, already like a tarasque even in level one, get a sobi mask and a clarity potion and its like a bloodstone. Movement speed is best, get a boots of travel and you have a haste like speed, good for chasing and scaping. Allows a headstart hits.
With this skills he can survive ganks alone from all five heroes. Even you disable him if he cast dark pact beforehand then I'm pretty sure he can scape, he will just pounce away and then guess what, come back 10 secs ...more

His ulti is in my opinion the best skill in the whole game, giving insane passive regen and movement speed, and actively giving invisibility and amazing damage. Pounce is a skill that can single handedly give you dozens of kills, even early game. As if that wasn't enough Essence Shift is an amazing passive which allows you to kill, with the right items and skill combo, in a matter of seconds.

Slark is almost invinsible with his smoke. His smoke also give him passive health regen. His essence, that's badass. He can make every unwary int hero cry and he can kill many enemy with his crazy and awesome skill.

16 Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight can be powerful, with Dragon's Blood to let him last long against heroes and towers, has Elder Dragon Form which creates him so powerful, mostly against towers, and using Dragon Tail to stun the enemy hero when it tries to run is good, but when in Elder Dragon Form and against a hero, is just GODLIKE!

Great carry, can stay in lane for ever, turn into a giant dragon and EAT YOUR FACE! Great for burst damage, the hero for me. Can fill any role, really versatile Hero.

Dragon knight can be anything. Using his skills he can be anything; from a stunner to killer, and even a pusher.

Best armor, best stun, lots of dps, can tank like mad, and deal sick damage, and dragon form breaks towers in seconds even at level 6

17 Nessaj, The Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight has the complete skill set. Disabling + Damage Chaos Bolt. The what Blink Strike with some serious damage and ganking. 275 % Critical for serious damage (his base damage is pretty big). PHANTASM. JUST PURE AWESOMENESS. All illusions do what you do. Except for Chaos Bolt. Full damage for half the damage you get. The dude is just a HARD GANKER. Not a hard carry though. But he can kill MOST hard carry. Well, Earthshaker can be annoying though, really annoying. haha

He has the highest starting movespeed. He is very strong with his images, with the critical strike. He must be at 1 or 2 or 3 place. Because he can kill jahracal easily with images in ONE CHAOS BOLT. And I don't think he is 38 place

I think nessaj should be in number 1 he is like the best hero in dota. I think no one vote for nessaj because only a pro can play this hero

Ck will eat any hero u put in front of him super hard and with the right supp. you can even get rampage in 20 to 30 mins or less except es is around well if u make it a tank type even well will look like a regular tower. best if ck join force with wisp or VS

18 N'aix, the Lifestealer

Lifestealer & visage combo for the win. Also Lifestealer & Chen. Also Lifestealer & Beastmaster. He can pair with almost anyone and still be super effective

Naix is the best try him I'm sure you will like him too. When I am just a beginner in dots I didn't use van like traxex but even my play mates are van user they cannot just kill me easily

I think he should be top 1 because it has a great strength and damage to opponents

The lifestealer is the great! Don't you believe him. Get him. You will like him

19 Viper the Netherdrake

Viper is a strong hero. Netherdrake has poison to slow by first skill, then 2nd skill adds damage. Its 3rd skill is really awesome when someone harrass you, it will take damage and the SS makes the opponnent slow and deals damage per second. Viper is easy and strong to use. I can do 5-6 minutes vanguard or lothars. Viper is a powerful hitter.

Viper is such a bloody beast! You can just spam your gist ability after it's level 3 and take on anyone 1v1! I've only died when 3 or more peeps ganged up on me when I used viper! Definitely my favourite hero!

This is the strongest,greatest and powerful hero I've ever played this is a strong hero it has very poisonous powers that you can't move and if it hits you your health will be only a little this must be number one.

"Viper can kill anyone, it doesn't matter if it's a baby pick, he can strike back if you hit him, you can't move, my enemies cannot win if I use this hero. Viper is the best hero IMAO

20 Moonrider, Luna Moonfang

One butterfly, one manta style and one satanic. With these three items no hero will be able to defeat luna. No hero even if troll have 6 devine he can't win seriously go test it out.

Butterfly, Blood Stone, Satanic and Abyssal Blade: Killer combo for Luna who can take on multiple heroes at a time. Her Ultimate is super strong and with Aghanim's scepter can do a damage of 1800 on 2 different heroes each.

IF the enemy has very tiny life Luna will used Lucent beams at the running enemy

When she have built the mask of madness and maximize her glaives,nobody can drag her down...and she has other wonderful skill

21 Outworld Devourer

Literally the highest damage output in the game. Can dish out like 600+ pure damage per hit if he isn't already dead

Great late game damage with his Q, awesome ultimate for wrecking Str and Agi heroes, and almost unlimited mana for spamming capabilities!

Whos outworld devourer? Obsidian destroyer?

Whith he's ulti he can kill all non int even if its antimage or whatever

22 Sven, the Rogue Knight

Because when the enemy is near it cannot run away esily because of warcry and when the enemy is running away you use the Storm bolt... He is the best hero for me jejejejejejejejeje...

I think this is better than troll because when it get stun by sven activate all skill then its don

I think Sven is the greatest hero in DOTA because he have god's strength to kill many enemies

I love sven, here is his combo.. First you click GS and WARCRY then madness and stun your enemy... Wahaha that's combo

23 Razor, Lightning Revenant

I love this hero, though weak at the start but given the right items, like butterfly, boots, skadi/mjolnir, battlefury, radiance, heart of tarrasque, this hero is awesome, plasma in this items can blast all surrounding creeps in blink of an eye, with eye of storm, static link, unstable skills, your enemy would run for sure.

It is very good hero, I used it many times, by giving right items he can be very good and his special skills are just awesome!

My most favorite hero. just need a couple of strong builds and your set! Use Manta, Lothar, Mjolnir and anything you can add. OFC you need some phase boots or other boots and wraith band. DOTA 1

I use this hero lots of time, great pushing hero with its plasma and with the right items he will surely a team asset mid - late game... Items used: BoT, Linken, Buriza, Butterfly / Yasha & shivas

24 Bloodseeker, Strygwyr

It's true some heroes have some skills to dominate others in a team fight but there's no other hero that's better at cleaning up after a fight than bloodseeker.

He is great, and his rupture kill the enemy and using its bloodrage to itself.. He kill anyone. And he is hard to kill.

Bloodseeker is amazing at picking off anyone by them self. Almost impossible to get away from.

Great Hero Bloodseeker can be very dangerous especially when he is paired with invoker

25 Lanayar, The Templar Assassin

Clearly the best. Her Refraction ability gives her massive damage for a few attacks and can block the most powerful spells and physical attacks. Her Meld ability can turn Lanaya invisible as long as she doesn't move and when she breaks her invisibility by attacking, the attack will be much more powerful than her normal attacks. Her Psionic Blades passive ability can easily kill creep waves and can be used to harass your opponent in the middle lane. Her ultimate ability, Psionic Trap, can be used to give vision to Lanaya or greatly slow her enemies. Recommended build is: Power Treads, Desolator, Daedalus, Butterfly, Black King Bar, and Monkey King Bar with that she can be beyond GODLIKE!

Lanaya is A perfect Assassin and a Late Game Devil
Has the Potential to kill any hero and with right item (Treads, Vanguard, Desolator, Buriza/Dagger, MKB or Butterfly) can take Rampage!
Reflection is the best skill with no damage (magical physical) taken
For 6 instances
Meld and strike gives the for a 200 pure damage
Psi blade are great DPS
And traps can help slow the foe and finish it off
Thus LANAYA is the number 1 hero in dota

Best carry because of her refraction and she can dominate the whole game by her traps.

Becouse she is the most dangerous hero in dota heroes

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