Top Ten Greatest DotA Heroes

The Top Ten Greatest DotA Heroes

1 Jah'rakal, Troll Warlord

he has gr8 atack strength aftr crosin level 6 provided corect items are chosen...!

I think k troll is best hero in dota because of his manter bash and attack speed he he

Very strong skills and perfect item definitely and offense

I love this warlord because he has an excellent power, strength and agility. That's the reason why I chose him as my character in every game I played.

2 Traxex, the Drow Ranger

Very easy to use yet very strong SS. Does not require complex combination of skills, she just needs the right combination of items.

Easy to kill enemies. When coming to late game, that's when she shines. She will become unstoppable!

Best character... When enemy hero silenced and chilled and you have divine rapier... No chance for him

Best Character and the 1st character I have used easy builds. She can easily slow down enemies and shoots arrows really fast... Other than that, she is attractive... My build is, Treads, Satanic, Buriza, Butterfly, Lothars and Vanguard

3 Nevermore

Best Hero for he deals huge damage to his opponents but has no force on the early game because of his low hp at the start of the game. With Lothars, Desolator and Requim of Souls you can destroy any opponent, even the great Ursa!

The combo shadowraze is quietly amazing! Its can easily kill an enemy less than 15 seconds! And the Requiem Of The Souls can dealt 2700 damage maximum

Sf! Forever the best! I love this hero! And he is powers! He has already proven itself in many competitions

Shadow raze level 4 900 magical damage
Necromastery level 4 +72 physical damage
Ulti level 3 2700 damage
Presence of darklord level 4 -6 armor

4 Huskar, The Emo Kid

I think huskar is the great hero... Best build items... (mekansm, tarasque, armlet, and dominator... To... Achieve the great and powerful... Strength of huskar/... Yhbanks... Jejejejejejeje

For me HUSKAR is the best among the rest... My best item build( threads, satanic, armlet, aghanims and 2 heart of trasque... )

He has berserker's blood to help him change a loose for him to a win... Plus his life break, he can easily slow down enemies' speed and half of the enemy's life will be minus. He can easily get first blood at level 6 and easily get up to unstoppable at level 10 and above... Items for him are cheap and effective for him... With certain items, Roshan can be defeated easily at level 14 and above. Then dying for Huskar will be hard... That's why I choose Huskar for Dota battles.

I found Huskar godlike, easier than any other heroes. I gave him Power treads, aghrm scepter, eye of skadi, heart of trasque, linkage sphere, satanic. He had been eating up everyone even sometimes 1 vs 3. I took out holy knight, chaos knight and luna in a single battle.

For me he is the best ever.

5 Dark Terrorr, Facelless Void

The best killer dota. For attack his third skill for stun. And 5 sec chrono to kill INT hero.

This is the hero that got me caught up in dota, from the first time I played him amazing dude

Amazing character. Will be kill with chronosphere plus cranium basher..
i think everybody will feel so SICK..

Dark terror is one of the best hero in dota, because he can kill and make a first blood because of its item (mask of madness), he can make a combo, time walk then the corona. That's why I pick terror

6 Invoker

He can truly adapt to any situation

He Can Beat all the other heroes with his sunstrike, chaos meteor, ghost walk and whirlwind. His skills are out of the world!

Nobody can defeat him
Superb powers
Heavy damages
And please think about its skills

He's got it all; stuns, slows, nukes, damage, sustain, disables, crowd control, global presence. You seem to never run out of options while playing him, but his high skill cap prevents him from being a broken pubstomper. Overall, very fun to play.

7 Axe, Mogul Kahn

.. Axe is a awesome .. Hero.. He can be a good tanker... The right build to axe are the. (vanguard, battlefury, BM, phase boots.. And also my FAVORITE ITEM.. RADIANCE... ) haha he can be an.. UNSTOPPABLE.

The axe is favorite heroes from dota

Axe is my best hero. Just build him the right item (2 vanguard, phase boots, battlefury, Heart of Tarrasque and Helm of Dominator) and he's unstoppable.

AXE I admit that he's the best beginner hero in dota and the tank for first fight or you can even get first blood by using him

8 Pudge, Butcher

Pudge the Butcher is one of the most difficult heroes to play effectively, but also one of the most rewarding. His Meat Hook skill is extremely deadly, but also difficult to utilize. A well placed Meat Hook will snag an enemy hero and drag them to the Butcher, dealing a lot of damage along the way.

Love you pudge..

Best hero early kill its meat hook is awesome
Incredible damage

Meat hook, rot and fresh meat together make and unbeatable combo
Pudge is one of the few heroes that is strong both in the start and the end
With proper use of his hook, every other hero would look bad

Pudge... Can never say too much or too little about him. High health is his best part, so rot can barely affect him. Get him a force staff or blink because he is apparently quite slow. He is really good to use, and easy first blood.

9 Ulsfaar, Ursa Warrior

Using his earthshock along with overpower really makes us 'godlike'. Enrage also gets him on top of all the heroes of dot A. Provide him with the abyssal blade, a Shiva's guard and the lother's edje and rest leave to him.
His awesome speed can also make a difference
Choose him once and you will never think of another hero.

Behold the vlad's offering in his claws, anything is undone...
Level 4 of Furry Swipes he's ready to reclaim what Roshan stole.

He has deadly zxills and kan kill rusian in lvl1 with out test

The real bear warrior capable of beating stone giant even in level 1
The hero capable of beating all 5 opponents with a right choice of package..

Search for kills of this hero in net.. You'll be amazed a lot

10 Banehallow, Lycantrophe

He should be the best because his attack speed and strength is so remarkable when he turns into a wolf... So cool... So awesome

For me banehallow, lycanthrope is best for me, because even you did not give inventory to him, he still powerful... From bon


Whit metamorphosis you can catch a hero on his base and run away in a seconds

The Contenders

11 Barathrum, Spirit Breaker

With Mask of madness, power threads and crystalys you will be able to make a kill in 4 seconds. Barathrum is an awesome hero and with proper items he is unstopabble.

Fast runner and good for the team and wear a madness

Coz he runs fast sometimes it cool.

I like barathrum
With Mask of madness, power threads and crystals you will be able to make a kill in 4 seconds. Barathrum is an awesome hero and with proper items he is unstoppable.

2Coz he runs fast sometimes it cool.

12 Kardel Sharpeye, Dwarven Sniper

Just try it with an item build of sange and yasha, butterfly, buriza-do-kyanon, monkey king bar, haert of tarasque and power threads.

Kardel is the best in long range appearance. I know that he is weak, but he can also finish the job. That's why I chose him than drow ranger and I want you all to use kardel because he as great skills (especially by his last skill) and I now he is slow at speed

Fragile yet very strong and precise as the name suggests. He's easy to play as but hard to master. Only a true DoTA player can use him at his fullest potential.
My advice is to HIT fast and HIT hard. Be Polite. Be Efficient. Be Professional. Never Kill Steal. Assassinate/

For me, Kardel Sharpeye is the best ranged hero in dota. He can kill anyone in late game if he have a perfect combination of item. So beware from Dwarven Sniper! He can kill 5 enemy hero in just a few second. RAMPAGE!

13 Terrorblade, Soul Keeper

Terrorblade the soul keeper is the most powerful hero because of his high attack speed and hit point regeneration rate. He can take on 2-3 heroes due to his clones and metamorphosis ability. His ultimate can be used to exchange hit points with stronger heroes so, it will be a good combination with his movement speed and attack speed.

Even how strong his enemy is, he would just use his sunder and exchange your life for him and then some combination then 1st blood. Terrorblade is the BEST.


The new Terrorblade is better than the older one. He becomes a killing machine as soon as he gets his manta.Try an item build of wraith then treads, then helm of dominator, then yasha to manta, then a butterfly, then a heart and eventually a skadi. And you could rampage easily.

14 Lina Inverse, The Slayer Lina Inverse is the main protagonist and the only character that appears in all incarnations of the comic fantasy themed light novel, manga and anime series Slayers, where she is a young yet very powerful sorceress travelling the world.

Lina is like the best hero if used properly, more importantly she has to be at the middle lane you need to be good at harassing but don't waste too much mana. When you get at level 6 opponents from other lanes are like only level 4 so find the weakest enemy hero eg. Akasha (queen of pain) I'll just use all of Lina's spells and the enemy dies, l if not you have fiery soul. She's the strongest in early game and a good hero in late game. ***strategy early game level 6 gank always to kill always in late game if you used her smoothly you will reach level 25 while your enemies are just at level 11-16 and you will beat anyone even traxex in late game just hide first then use all spells (stun first) and the other spells and she's dead traxex strong but very low hp***

Fiery woman that can burn all enemies and strikes the enemy with ss

Lina Inverse is so amazing... Actually, she's my favorite character in DOTA...

Lina Inverse the Slayer, indeed the most powerful hero in slaying one enemy hero! Lina can kill all types of hero seen in the game map. If you're good in using this hero, then you will know how powerful she is.

15 Slark, the Murloc Nightcrawler

His ulti is in my opinion the best skill in the whole game, giving insane passive regen and movement speed, and actively giving invisibility and amazing damage. Pounce is a skill that can single handedly give you dozens of kills, even early game. As if that wasn't enough Essence Shift is an amazing passive which allows you to kill, with the right items and skill combo, in a matter of seconds.

Slark can die you hero at a smoke...

Pounce, dark pact and dark smoke can kill all heroes

Slark is great if you don't like team fights but prefer ganking, farming, pushing. When the MMR rises, the team fights become hard. Slark gives a way to win without being super good. It is like in an RPG, do you like stealth or brute force. I am more into stealth. So I prefer to use my head and plan, instead of being good in team fights. I don't play with friends and team fights often have problems of synchronization. Slark cannot tank, he can only flees, and hide. There are many possible builds. Stealing agility is a great strategy and the stupid opponents don't even realize it. Tanking for the team is possible. Now the ultimate applies to the team with scepter in the patch 700.

16 Dragon Knight

Dragon knight can be anything. Using his skills he can be anything; from a stunner to killer, and even a pusher.

DK is the best HERO 4 me. Because he has a super SS! COOL! :D

With the ARMOR and REGEN.. Find a way to run.. There the Dragon's rage come.. "

Dragon Knight can be powerful, with Dragon's Blood to let him last long against heroes and towers, has Elder Dragon Form which creates him so powerful, mostly against towers, and using Dragon Tail to stun the enemy hero when it tries to run is good, but when in Elder Dragon Form and against a hero, is just GODLIKE!

17 Nessaj, The Chaos Knight

I think nessaj should be in number 1 he is like the best hero in dota. I think no one vote for nessaj because only a pro can play this hero

Best hero. After level 16 is unstoppable

Nessaj is awesome.

Chaos Knight has the complete skill set. Disabling + Damage Chaos Bolt. The what Blink Strike with some serious damage and ganking. 275 % Critical for serious damage (his base damage is pretty big). PHANTASM. JUST PURE AWESOMENESS. All illusions do what you do. Except for Chaos Bolt. Full damage for half the damage you get. The dude is just a HARD GANKER. Not a hard carry though. But he can kill MOST hard carry. Well, Earthshaker can be annoying though, really annoying. haha

18 N'aix, the Lifestealer

The lifestealer is the great! Don't you believe him. Get him. You will like him

He must be on top! If he is 6 pack! He can beat 5 heroes!

I think he should be top 1 because it has a great strength and damage to opponents

Lifestealer & visage combo for the win. Also Lifestealer & Chen. Also Lifestealer & Beastmaster. He can pair with almost anyone and still be super effective

19 Viper the Netherdrake

A very strong hero! With it's poison, nobody can move... Plus it's SS when the enemy is about to run...

Viper is my Best pick since I started playing DOTA, try to make him a tank type and believe Viper can kill anyone

Poison deals greater damage

A very versatile hero. can kill, assist, push. great for tearing other heroS while on the run. THERE IS NO ESCAPE FOR MEAN OLD VIPER...

20 Moonrider, Luna Moonfang

One butterfly, one manta style and one satanic. With these three items no hero will be able to defeat luna. No hero even if troll have 6 devine he can't win seriously go test it out.

This is a good character... This my first character in dota

IF the enemy has very tiny life Luna will used Lucent beams at the running enemy

Nobody character can defeat her

21 Outworld Devourer

Literally the highest damage output in the game. Can dish out like 600+ pure damage per hit if he isn't already dead

Whos outworld devourer? Obsidian destroyer?

Great late game damage with his Q, awesome ultimate for wrecking Str and Agi heroes, and almost unlimited mana for spamming capabilities!

Whith he's ulti he can kill all non int even if its antimage or whatever

22 Sven, the Rogue Knight

Strongest melee heroes, his God Strength beat everything and when the enemy runs... Say hello to Storm Bolt HAHAHA :D I love Sven

Gs then dagger then stun then hit... Hehehe rampage.

Sven got the God's Strength...
No one can beat him with God's Strength even troll...
He just go get basher and mkb for troll...

He is Tank, Hitter, Stunner, Runner (warcry) and what?

God's Strength baby. Wave of Terror + Great Cleave and his stunning Storm Bolt. Hahah. :DD

23 Razor, Lightning Revenant

It is very good hero, I used it many times, by giving right items he can be very good and his special skills are just awesome!

I use this hero lots of time, great pushing hero with its plasma and with the right items he will surely a team asset mid - late game... Items used: BoT, Linken, Buriza, Butterfly / Yasha & shivas

I love this hero, though weak at the start but given the right items, like butterfly, boots, skadi/mjolnir, battlefury, radiance, heart of tarrasque, this hero is awesome, plasma in this items can blast all surrounding creeps in blink of an eye, with eye of storm, static link, unstable skills, your enemy would run for sure.

He is the strongest hero that I ever seen!

24 Bloodseeker, Strygwyr

He is great, and his rupture kill the enemy and using its bloodrage to itself.. He kill anyone. And he is hard to kill.

It's true some heroes have some skills to dominate others in a team fight but there's no other hero that's better at cleaning up after a fight than bloodseeker.

Bloodseeker is amazing at picking off anyone by them self. Almost impossible to get away from.

Great skills. So quick with boots of speed. Can random up to 500 speed. Use him to get away quick

25 Lanayar, The Templar Assassin

Best carry because of her refraction and she can dominate the whole game by her traps.

Clearly the best. Her Refraction ability gives her massive damage for a few attacks and can block the most powerful spells and physical attacks. Her Meld ability can turn Lanaya invisible as long as she doesn't move and when she breaks her invisibility by attacking, the attack will be much more powerful than her normal attacks. Her Psionic Blades passive ability can easily kill creep waves and can be used to harass your opponent in the middle lane. Her ultimate ability, Psionic Trap, can be used to give vision to Lanaya or greatly slow her enemies. Recommended build is: Power Treads, Desolator, Daedalus, Butterfly, Black King Bar, and Monkey King Bar with that she can be beyond GODLIKE!

Becouse she is the most dangerous hero in dota heroes

Can't believe Lanaya is nowhere near the top ten...

26 Zeus, Lord of Olympia

With the right set up of items (with an emphasis on mana and mana regeneration) almost no hero can match his DPS. A chain lightening move that does decent damage is good, but he can use it every 1.75 seconds! That adds up. He also had a fairly decent spike damage move that he can use every 6 seconds. His static field is okay, but until it's level 4 it's nothing to write home about. But his ultimate... If set up correctly can kill multiple heroes in one move! One of the best anti-hero spells in the game.

Awesome spamming capability with heavy damage... On top of it A universal ulti! What more do you want

Zeus is great, I like his skill thundergod's wrath, were he was able to target every hero wherever it is. And so I vote for him.

I love this zeus because his powers are strong and I love him to because his last skill is awesome don't you tHINK? TRY HIM!

27 Phantom Assassin

One Critical equals ONE KILL provided the right items! The only thing that can kill this hero is stunners.

great assassin.. never lets a hero run away

Haha get divine rapier she is sure to be able to one hit kill BOOM

No one can defeat him him in 1on1 and good items

28 Akasha, Queen of Pain

Poor armor, poor agility and hey, she is an intelligent. Has great skills, effective chaser and escaper, his scream tend to bring nightmare to any enemy who dare to stand before her..

Akasha is the best mid hero in my opinion, have big escape, a ultimate that in early get half of your life and she slow you with her first skill

This hero must be in 1st place

Yes he/she is right this hero must be in 1st place because she is power full and beautiful

29 ASOM, the great of god

He has anger issues when he uses he's last skill you all gonna die'

30 Demon Witch, Lion

Lion is tough. I usually get poor mans shield and tangos starting items. ( combos well with impale and mana drain. ) core is arcane boots, pipe, magic wand, force staff, dagger. If game lasts I go guinsoo. If I get a good lane partner sometimes I rush dagon and the damage at level five is around 1030 and that can kill almost all heroes around level five. Once lion gets ahead he is hard to stop.

Lion is strong his SS can be great finisher if used right and has two disables he even has a mana drain with the imp+Mana+vodoo+SS and right item build If used right he can be one of the best heroes So I say go Lion!

Combine the voodoo (mana drain while voodoo), finger of death and impale then attack it.Items you should buy must be bloodstone, shiva's guard, battle fury, monkey king bar, refresher orb and radiance.

He has a great skill damage that reaches 850, plus the item you'll build.

31 Legion Commander, Tresdin

This hero is very good. Can force enemies to attack you with Duel ability, with each Duel won she gets increased damage. Overwhelming Odds can deal great damage to 5 heroes in an area. Press the Attack kicks out any disables!

Damage increase every duel won

R is very painful on the end

Oh this hero should be in top 10 he is invincible

32 Rikimaru, the Stealth Assassin

He can truly be the greatest if he has a great pilot and have a accurate item that can dodge, reduce damage and a very accurate prediction! :D

He can beat everyone when he is invisible.

I love stealth and
His ultimate also his third backstab increases by hi agi and that's great and his smoke is a killer machine

Can come out and disappear through the thin air.
He is a complete stunner!

33 Tiny, the Stone Giant

Avalanche and Craggy Exterior are making him a great stunner and when he go to full Grow, with some agility and attack speed items, there is no hero that can beat him one on one battle.

I don't know why I vote him and also I don't know why I can't beat him @@

I know that tiny is the biggest hero in the dota and the killer
If you use the combo tiny avalance and toss the enemy will die
Not less than in 5 second or 3 so that tiny is my favorite hero...

Because he is not a BAN hero but a strong character in strength type... And he can tanked more heroes in one battle...!

34 Storm Spirit

Cool and fun hero. With orchid no one can escape from this guy

This the strongest hero

One of my favorite. Hero

Very quick, they have no chance for escaping

35 Yurnero, Juggernaut

The first time I played juggernaut.. He was my hero, his abilities are awesome! He is an early gamer., with right skills he owns the game

Can't believe he is at no 60!...! You troll warlord come one on one... we l see who is number 1.. he is a certain top hero.. with don't Evn need your ulti.. poetry in motion!

He's totally the greatest hero, with proper items, he can kill any hero 1 on 1 without using his ultimate skill.

Juggernaut is the most powerful hero in dota and coolest character.

36 Ursa Warrior, Fuzzy Wuzzy

The great hero URSA.. Boy in dotA

Ursa is my pet ursa is great hero

Maybe ursa must be top1 cause if ursa have vladimirs offering and threads he/she can engage roshan if he have that build.

JNGABATO used Ursa and it is super effective :)::

37 Rhasta, Shadow Shaman

One of the best hero in dotA, good in 1v1, very helpful in team battles and in the hand of a skilled player can surely bring to victory

Rhasta is a hero trapper. He can kill any heroe and he is good in 1 vs 1.. NO NEED ANY BACK-UP... CAN KILL As MUCH AS % HEROEs.. HE CAN BE BEYOND GODLIKE...

Rhasta is the best hero trapper with in his ultimate he can directly PWNED an enemy without any back-up..

My best Push hero...

38 Lich, King of Liz Sonique

He is the best killer in DotA.
He can kill 5 in one Chain Frost and Frost Nova.
He SURELY can defeat Troll Warlord in the top 1.
The Lich King of Liz Sonique is Blue_Knight_06

He is My First Favorite Hero in Dota cause Of His Clothes Then later on with his Powers cause its ICE AND Ice is A Powerful Power!

Lich Is The BeSt BecaUse ThE ChAin CAN hiT MaNy HEro that's wHy He Is the best
And Many Killer Skill..,

Lich is my favorite hero and he has nice clothes, at first I thought he was a girl but he isn't, I HATE NAGA SIREN, or, SlITCHE

39 Balanar, The Night Hostest

I am enjoying to used this character, in early you can go farm and the night will come you must to do hunting. Try it to use

Balanar is my first hero played when I I'm a newbie in dota, balanar is the best... I loved balanar cause he is the night stalker... Nobody fears balanar during at night

What!, balanar is the most powerful hero in DotA he could defeat anyone if you know how to use it

Balanar He is great hero.

40 Mortred the Phantom Assassin

Can be the god if you can farm and use her right

Maan this hero has a critical! Can kill 5 heroes in 3 secs if well farmed no matter who they are

It's a good hero because when you use it wiselyy you go to rampage

She is the god of critical with buriza

41 Ayam, The Kentut

With this ultimate skill, everybody will kill instantly, and you will got rampage

Ayam can kentut, kentut in Indonesia can fainted someone, the greatest ayam skill is spread fainting gas/fart,
First skill is: Bash, can make a foe jump to the dead
Second skill isetok-petok, can eat all the heroes
Third skilletok - petok towers, can eat all enemy towers
Ultimate skill:Kentut, can fainting all heroes and can kill Roshan Aegis and
End the game

Deadly, Ultimate skill the most powerful destroy all enemy hero mana.. And damage 500000000 to all enemy inside sight.

Its very great hero... The ultimate is kentut, he spread a deadly gas from butt who will kill any hero you can see in mini map in a instant, rampage dude!

42 Shenzeldare Silkwood, the Vengeful Spirit

I have win every match I love ths hero so much the most powerful hero have a swap and stun

I like this HEro every match I win... nice hero Shenzeldare

Great combo skills! Can fight any hero 1 on 1

Best supporter hero! Sure to kill enemy! Of course!

43 Anti Mage

Best dota hero in the world if you use him correctly number 1 can stand in front awesome agility with blink of just 5 seconds cd mana burn mana void and passive hood which is amazing even somebody tries to counter BKB mage is too imba! Mage rocks

With right combination of items and life steal. He unstoppable one on one with any other hero.

Has to be in front of every mage in this game just because he is anti mage

And the most stylist hero of dota.

44 Slardar, the Slithereen Guard

Yeah! I love to use slardar because of his remarkable strength... With the aid of mask of madness and SS then skill 1, no enemies can escape from the wrath of this creature... Hehe!

Slardar is the greatest hero of all. He is the best because he's perfect no hero is match for his abilities. He is a perfect killer

Slardar has all the killing abilities and advantages in escaping

Slardar the ultimate hero with his almost perfect skill set and a combo of ulti followed by lothar and bash makes it too easy and if the opponent is still on its two feet sprint that ass!

45 Syllabear, the Lone Druid

If you are talking about best or greatest hero overall there is no answer for me to you but if you are talking about ultimate late game hero there is no one who can deny that Syllabear is the best ultimate late game hero (all hero have full ultimate item) but the reason why Syllabear is not best or greatest hero overall is the difficulty of reaching the ultimate point is very hard in exchange of unbeatable ultimate late game hero anyway you want us to vote for greatest hero so I will assume you are talking about greatest hero overall (good in both early and late) so I will not vote for Syllabear because Syllabear and spirit bear are not very effective in team fight early almost useless so they are not even one of greatest hero in this game and also this is why Syllabear and spirit bear are not very popular choice and not even one of top ten hero of the game

No rahger has so much advantage over health

My Fave Hero^^ the bear's tangled is really deadly plus the high HP (Bear and Sylla) The Battle Cry bonus damage... Really good hero Late Mid or early Game... All you need is treads vanguard and basher both Sylla and his Pet...

46 Rylai Crestfall, the Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is a powerful disabler and support spellcaster. Each of her offensive spells impairs the target in some way, making her a valuable addition to any lineup. Crystal Nova allows her to blast multiple enemies with chilling damage, and Frostbite completely stops a single target enemy from moving for several seconds. Freezing Field causes immense damage and slows everything in a large area around Rylai, but her natural fragility makes it a difficult spell to use to its full effect. Despite the usefulness of all of her spells to her allies, perhaps her greatest asset to her team is Brilliance Aura. This aura gives all allies across the map a significant boost to their mana regeneration, giving them plenty of energy to use their own spells no matter where they are. Although she tends to take on a supportive role, the Crystal Maiden is still one of the most valuable heroes for any team.

Nuker that doesn't need bloodstone and has a second disable and can wipe out teams with her ultimate you will know when your versing me if you get murder by a crystal maiden

Shes so very powerful no one can't beat her...

She has a powerful skill

47 Skeleton King, King Leoric

Because when you equip him with too divine rapiers he is unbeatable even to roshan and 2 hyperstone and he is overwhelming and undefeatable

Simply put armlet, heart, threads, soul ring, refresher orb and an aegis. this all equals to IMMORTALITY

My favorite hero. When he reaches to level 16 the other team will surely lose the game.

He is the unbeatable player in dota untill he reach level6

48 Venommancer

The best with his poison... Nobody can save...!

Use venom's ultimate skill then 3rd skill... then DIE!

Venomancer is more than a snake because even your enemy is fast you still have your 3rd skill to kill your enemy

His poison is just too overcheated

49 Meepo, Geomancer

I like meepo because if you can reach level 6 and get 2 meeting you can just keep earning gold with experience. I can be anywhere anytime. Good for luring someone disabling them the kill. You can be strong but you r not 5

I like it because of its poof and it my best hero

Best hero ever

If fully upgraded (which he can do very quikly), he can do a passive 320 damage from one attack

50 Troll , Smash
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