Barathrum, Spirit Breaker


I like barathrum
With Mask of madness, power threads and crystals you will be able to make a kill in 4 seconds. Barathrum is an awesome hero and with proper items he is unstoppable.

2Coz he runs fast sometimes it cool.

A good runner, good bash, good charge, good haste, good strike, good for the team, good to make a kill, good strength and good Madness!

Barathrum is my hero he can kill double kill or triple kill or even ultra kill because of he's mask of madness because he is my best hero ever exist in the warcraft game

I think barathrum is the best hero because you charge and madness you will bash and if you run you will get ultimate you will die

Permastun, movement speed and attack speed and STR. Awesome ulti with Aghs, whats not awseome about him!

He can kill any other hero if he has mask of madness.

I chose to add barathrum because those first skill he can turn charge of darkness when you're close to death

I choose barathrum because when you became level six you can kill of the enemy and he has a great bash that the enemy can't move and his first skillcwas so amazing even when you are on your base you catch the enemy by your first skill

What charge he can reach the place of kill very soon and level up faster than any other hero

HE is the best I knew with his cool skills and the right item builds.. no one can run from him

I did like he ability, it is very perfect to 1 by 1, when he wear madness, no one can stop him...

Great speed... Best combo charge+mask of madness+ulti... Unstoppable

Yeah barathrum is one of my best hero

Best hero I have ever seen his level 6 is just amazing

Barathrum is mine because of his perfect combo 4 me

Because he can kill any hero and he is unstoppable

With Aghanim's scepter he will become unstoppable because of his last skill with short cool down and great damage and with appropriate items for him he will never lose:-P

It is the best hero and number 1 can defeat him

I think barathrum because with her skill

Because barathrum have a greater bash

Barathrum is the very best dota hero

Barathrum is all time great Hero!

He always get his prey very easy.

Really good, especially the amount of stuns

Tank carry who can help in an instance with team fights globally. Increasing damage and HP is the key. Then after that increase attack speed and speed and you're set.