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61 Pandaren Brewmaster

Dodges almost all attacks and has critical, slow and ultimate

It is the best hero I had ever use! He can defeat all the hero easily!

Pandaren brewmaster is very strong and big damage

Don't get you dry!

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62 Alleria the Windrunner

Awesome attack abilities against enemies... But has very poor defense ability... She has to go along with another hero

She has the beauty
She is fast in throwing something
So vote wisely

She is the best player because she's simply the best

Best nuke,crazyyy ult that can tear anything down,and she so beautiful.Best hero in Dota 2

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63 Boush, The Tinker

My first ever hero. Quite confusing at first but his laser is awesome. Good skill combination, just need a little burst from Dagon to own the game.

-at the start dis hero will be weak. But once you have got the correct items you will be undefeatble. Just use laser, missile, BoT, and then rearm. He can bring an enemy life into half by just using laser and missile. Tinker can be the perfect assist too

Its very cool and he ulti was so great. It can reduce the cooldown time

64 Purist Thunderwrath, The Omniknight

While using this character, I rarely get killed by the other heroes mentioned above. No doubt the best support hero this game can offer. - aeromaxx777

Loved this hero, anyone think this hero merely a support tanker. The trust is, it is easy to kill enemy using his healing skill. Enough damage to harash enemy, you'll need cranium basher as your item.

65 Nerif, Oracle

Best hero, max out 3rd 360 damage 3 sec cool + 1st kill = GG. just buy deso + orchid malevolence and second skill = 3hit kill

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66 Thrall, the Far Seer

Use his thunder strike first then his kinetic field and the last but not the least his static storm (use glimpse if your enemy still lives and escapes)

67 Sniper

Perfect for mid game

68 Obsidian Destroyer
69 Bradwarden, the Centaur Warchief

Centaur is the easiest killing hero. He is the best hero that I use between other heroes. If you want to kill you can choose centaur and rock and roll killing.

Centaur is cool than I think. With using him we can take rampage!

He is very easy to use. No need of much mana.

Strenght is his power and damage is his ability.. You will just see kill and kill if opponent is not run out... Ha ha

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70 Slithice, the Naga Siren

well.. for me this is the best hero,... mirror image makes other players confuse which is the real one... crit sleep net... only 1 item can counter naga... that is blade mail...

Laugh out loud? Whoever doesn't vote for naga clearly doesn't know how broken she is haha. Try beating he lategame split push

For me the best item for naga siren is the diffusal blade, so that the hero will have no mana

For me naga siren

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71 Crixalis, The Sand King

When he get his ss in level 6 and high level 1st skill then 3rd skill, he is unstoppable and can beat many hero alone in a lane with his combo:1st skill+SS...sure anyone that intacts will slowed and crushed with that irritating damage and condition...

Crixalis was the powerful hero in dota.. Beacause of that impale then SS.. No one can escape.. Neither 5 hero can die in that.. Moves!

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72 Krobelus, Death Prophet

Because she has a very strong skill (exorcism)

Silence. That's all I need to say.

73 Jakiro, Twin Head Dragon

Let me teach you about the combo for jakiro 1st you should use dual breath the enemy will slowed then icepath after icepath quickly use the macropyre because its easy to escape on a macropyre so use icepath first before macropyre after you use for last skill use shiva's guard the enemy will get freeze then use dual breath again if you have dagon use it too

In my opinion this is 12th best hero because without it would be easier for the opposing team to win.

Jakiro is greatt, really. I enjoy that moment when he throws the big flame and everyone runs :) sorry for poor english

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74 Faceless Void

This heroes with his chrnosphere no one can escape
Use to get first blood

I kill 37 insane AI and I died 3 it so powerful hero it have madness
and manta first skill and click madness

Faceless void was so powerful.cause of the third skill cronosphere and first skill.u can use first kill if hero escaping away from you and if you get the enemy the third skill is activating whatever it wants.and by using cronosphere u can use mask of madness for better atk speed.

75 Atropos, the Bane Elemental

Bane is best I always play with him and with brain sap I combine dagon ( item for 2720 gold ). In one game I always have more then 15 kills.

Bane is one my favorate character because his nightmare skill is the sleeping damage and brain sap for life and damge

Best disabler in DOTA! Heavy tank? You can't kill me with my enfeeble!, are you a nucker? Well I got my life drain! You will run against me? I got my last skill! A T R O P O S owns everyone.

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76 Furion, The Prophet

For me furion is the best hero because I his 1st and last skill he is very awesome for KS,

I think furion is one of the best hero in dota because of his ability to trap enemies inorder for him to easily kill enemies and (his ultimate skill) ability to kill heroes in any location when the hero is in short life.

I watch in the YouTube whre he killed roshan and his just level 7

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77 Spectre, the Mercurial

Amazing skills for Chasing. And a good SS in Clashes! EAT MY ILLUSIONS!

The best late gamer

Only few know about her full potential.

I love spectre because she bad at early game so chases at late game so tanker.carry and can escaped at any time

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78 Tidehunter, Leviathan

Yeah his right lets vote tidehunter is so cool try him

Tidehunter is powerful if you know how to use please vote him

Come 1 vs 1 with me. I bet y'all will cry. Best hero ever. Good at team games. Sceptre upgrade will make him immortal.

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79 Arc Warden
80 Phantom Lancer

After 10th level this hero will never died

Fun hero can get beyond godlike easily with items pliz vote amazing hero

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