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121 Aurel, the Gyrocopter

His powers recharge really quickly and if you use them in the correct order and the correct time, you can even kill 2 stronger heroes alone! And since he has 2 area attacks (Rocket barrage and Flak cannon) he can kill lots of creeps and earn money quickly! (The flak cannon can kill any number of units within 1000 area by the way)

122 Gondar, Bounty Hunter

Greatest hero and fast killing!

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123 Sasuke Uchiha, The Avenger
124 Ralf Batrina, The Nature's Powerful Knight Protector

Oh! He kills roshan level 1 just be wise! He can break the well without being damaged just used correct item! He kill all heroes in the class if he has SS "Cataclysm" :0

125 Gyrocopter

This is the best hero who has everything you need jeje and the powerful skiller supporter hitter!

126 Windrunner

why not

why not

why not

why not

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127 Geomancer
128 Sand King

Awesome, easy gameplay, strong...

This is my favorite hero

129 Abaddon, the Unkillable

Same like skeleton king and omknight but worst. He can heal, use shields and spell to heal while being attacked and killing his prey.

130 Wraith King

I think he can kill lots of heroes with wraithfire blast. Vampiric aura good support and deals lots of damage. Reincarnation is the best ulti good items like treads dominater etc makes him thhle killer machine

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131 Tuskarr

Gretest hero, the power of the 4 combo, a good stunner and amazing tanker

Tusk is a cool polar bear like hero that has abillities with ice

132 Poseidon, sea god
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