Upendra is one of the most contemporary directors and actors in the Indian film industry currently. His movies depict things in ways that people will be taken aback. He always has a message for the audience.

His movie making style cam be summed up on only one word - "Different"! He portrays a raw version of everything without polluting the subject with drama and emotion. One of the rare gems to look out for.

A brilliant actor director of the Kannada film industry - Upendra!

He his the man with different thoughts, ideas, style... Etc... Tremendous director in the world.

This person is have unbelievable talent... We can't compare any one with him and his talent...

He is unique and universal. He guides the society in such a way that how to bring excited future by utilizing the present technology efficiently. He gives meaning and justification to every single word he speaks and every scene which he shows in movie with reality. He is man with great sense of humor. He shows what our society needs? He presents social problems in different way with modern stylish mannerism which directly have impact on youngsters. I think, I am too young to speak about him. but I like his brain compare to his movies.

Different means Upendra, all his movies are with different topics / plot. He is multiple skills to add with story writing, screenplay, dialog writing, acting and song lyrics.

Being a top director he has never feared to show reality that's the reason he is called real star, super star and Dialogue king

He is super director all his detected moves are the best for society

One of the greatest director in the world. A trend setter.

One of best director I ever seen (sandalwood). With different ideas in each movies.. which even got minimum of 3 suspense till climax (this makes him a best director)... message to the folks... The story making is awesome... No 2 words in that... Director beyond imaginary... hats of to you... wishing you a much more success... wish to see people praising you world wide... SANDALWOOD IS JUST A BEGINNING TO YOU... Hoping for a huge success

"Miss a scene and you watch it again"

Upendra sir, he is amazing director and most talented person in india! He's directed movies are indian society, social and peoples like and love!

The screen play of upendra's movie is one of a kind & never seen or would be seen in the near future! Hats off to his creativity... With a budget as low as 50lakhs INR, that's a mere 82000USD (SEE MOVIE A or the movie upendra) he could put up such brilliant movies, imagine his movies being made up @ a cost of an average Hollywood movie!... I am a keen movie buff & criticizer.. I have watched all kinds of world movies, may be I am not aware off certain movies which could boast of such high esteemed unpredictable stories that upendra has made so far, but till date I certainly feel his way of narration is one of a kind & definitely the best I have seen!
Originality to the core! Take a bow REAL STAR!... People get to like his movies when attain maturity or teenage! Cause till then they blame him for making highly traumatized movies with little sense cause they are not able to grasp the ideas/feeling/emotions that he is trying to show up!

Real star of Sandalwood, also his thoughts are real. The person who didn't go behind great people or politicians, rather pulled their legs to make them aware of what the society/people wants from them.

The only Director, who always keeps politicians to worry about lives. Sheer talent, innovative thinker, broad minded.

Great human being and real hero. Expecting more and more movies from Upendra.

All the best, keep rocking!

It takes a lot to put out imagination for any director onto screen, and this man is step ahead of other directors as he ability to put on various things reality of life, true love, lust, anger etc with ultimate touch of intelligence, and MOST importantly he delivers without letting down as he has most crucial hindrance MONEY ( budget is very low compared to other industries ), few of the best example is movie named "Hollywood ", "OM ","super " so on...

He is one of the wonderful story writer in kannada

Excellent director. You need to watch the complete movie without even missing one single scene to understand perfectly. It is definitely applicable to the movies like A, Upendra, Swastik etc. , His talent is really provided with OM. Excellent director, expect more and more different movies. I personally did not like Super movie. He would have done a better justice to his latest movie Super. I hope he will come back with a bang in Upendra2. Do not mix the commercial elements in Upendra2, just go with your innocent attitude which you almost one and half decade back...

The purity of thought is rendered with social elements. you have to watch the film completely to get the impact and depth of the message and the good thing is that he always gives clarity of messages with commercial point as well which is a big task and question in Indian cinema. great thinker and philosopher

Creative and amazing director with hell lot of new ideas. His innovative reverse script created a history in Kannada Cinema Industry.
"OM" - A movie which depicts the love story in the underworld, directed by this guy is not yet released on television and still runs housefull in theaters even after more than a decade. His each and every movie is of new concept which makes him stand apart from others.

When it comes to direction and screenplay Upendra is always the best. The best quote which I like from upendra is "A movie is 50% done on the editing table" it's so true and you understand that if you watch all his directed movies. I hope Upendra 2 will bring a whole new concept to the industry which others will follow for decades.

Excellent director with lot of ideas. He is well known as Real Star. His stories are real unlike other movies. He always keep a message to the society in every movie he directs. Amazing director who makes films on real world scenarios. Hats off

He is great of greatest director in sandalwood and Indian film industry ever... He is unavailable talent in world...

One of the very rare talents of the Indian film fraternity. His concepts, ideas, narration are never the same and always way ahead of what others in the Indian film industry do. He is a very good example of what a person can become out of sheer intelligence and talent and nothing else... !

He is a wonderful talent director and unbelievable story writer, with a amazing screen ply...

I sometimes confuse to choose whether Upendra or Christopher Nolan is the best director. They both choose different stories and introduces new kind of narration. But I go for Upendra because his movies are not just a piece of art but more than that. They make you think and analysis. They give you new views, conception. And they also in favour of improving our civilzation to the better extent.

Incredible director that our country as seen. The movies he makes as his direction cannot be compared with others directors, confusing screenplay and having an very good message at last, and where making an ten different movies which has no link to one another can be made unless he is upendra...

Great director, actor, narrator, ideologist, singer, I mean all-in-one. He has dare and logical thinking. Some of his movies was not easy to understand and only smart people can understand. so please tend to watch it 2 or 3 times to understand the concept. He might make movies bit complicated, but there is definitely a good concept underneath.

His direction movies are such that the audience must compulsorily watch the movie repeatedly in order to understand the concept of the movie & his biggest asset is that even though we would be watching his movie for Nth time but still we fell as if though we are watching it for the 1st time. That's the caliber of this legendry director..

He is an South Indian / Sandal wood to be precise movie Director. I don't think their is any proper movie trailers of his movies to suggest you people to look at, He has directed 10 movies all of them are of Different genre and all of them deals with different aspects of life and Seriousness. And about the people from civilized world not knowing about this man is because he works only in Indian movies all of his movies are low budget purely depended on director, Cinematographer and Story which directly attaches to the audience and it will be utilizing the Sarcastic humor in current events. To be frank we have almost 2400 movies releases in Five of our regional languages but we still see Hollywood movies apart form seeing ours so he is great because he competes with rest of the world Directors. - Radhesh-A-R

One of the most multitalented person in the Indian film industry. Nobody can think like him.. Its always difficult to understand his screenplay at first time.. Always think different... His ideas are always new and very much advance and great messages to society.