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301 Unholy Warcry - Luca Turilli
302 Destiny - Syu
303 Angel of Salvation - Syu
304 Good Times Bad Times - Jimmy Page

Love his solo on this song. Why is it all the way down here?

Jimmy's a guitar god

305 The Night Watch - Robert Fripp
306 Over the Wall - Alex Skolnick
307 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Dave Mustaine / Marty Friedman

EPIC. the best. way better than 'Tallica or any other "supposedly metal song"

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308 Blood Brothers - Dave Murray

One of my most favorite guitar solos has to be on this list.
This song is awesome right from the second it starts

309 Black Rose - Gary Moore, Scott Gorham
310 Goodbye to Love - Tony Peluso

In some circles, called one of the best guitar solos of all time.

311 My Old School - Jeff "Skunk" Baxter

Best ever! Funky and hot!

312 Grey Ghost - Billy Crane
313 Since You're Gone - Joe Bonamassa

Excellent should be at least #2

314 You Really Got Me - Dave Davies
315 Show Biz Kids - Rick Derringer
316 Over and Over - Carlos Santana
317 Tony Iommi - Iron Man V 1 Comment
318 Coming Home - Synyster Gates

Plain Genius, Just Out of the World Best Solo ever!

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319 Alone - Michael Paget
320 Bitter Taste - Barry Stock
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