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201 Jack Dawson - Leonardo DiCaprio

Fell in love with DiCaprio or v can say, jack when I saw him dying for his love.. True hero

No one treats their girl better than Jack Dawson does

Jacks death was the saddest thing I ever saw in a movie

Jack's tale is truely a story for the ages.Born in Chippewa falls,Wisconsin His Parents died when he was 15 so he went to travel the world with his friend Fabrizo De Rossi where they eventually ended up in southampton and through a poker match won tickets onto the biggest ship in the world with a lucky hand. They then BARELY got on to the "unsinkable ship" with less than five minutes till it departed.He then saved his eventual lover Rose Dewitt - Bukater who introduced him to first class where his good looks and prowess mad him fit in perfectly all the while a being peasant.After his tragic and selfless death due to hypothermia (There was clearly room on that door and you know it rose) he lived on only as a memory in Roses head for 85 years.

202 Oskar Schindler - Liam Neeson
203 Leonidas - Gerard Butler
204 Stifler - Seann William Scott

Unbelievably funny and brilliant character!

205 Brian Fantana - Paul Rudd
206 Brick Tamland - Steve Carell
207 Champ Kind - David Koechner
208 Wes Mantooth - Vince Vaughn
209 Happy Gilmore - Adam Sandler
210 Billy Madison - Adam Sandler

What the hell is this thing doing on here?! I don't care what any of you people say have this character terminated from this list!

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211 Kirk Lazarus - Robert Downey Jr.
212 James Bond - Roger Moore
213 Bella Swan - Kristen Stewart

What is SHE doing here?! - kendraaatje

Haha good joke now put jar jar here

214 Achilles - Brad Pitt V 1 Comment
215 Jay Gatsby - Leonardo DiCaprio
216 Clint Barton/Hawkeye - Jeremy Renner Clint Barton/Hawkeye - Jeremy Renner

The eyes and ears of Marvel's The Avengers, a S.H.I.E.L.D agent with pinpoint accuracy with bows.

217 Sgt. Nicholas Angel - Simon Pegg
218 PC Danny Butterman - Nick Frost
219 Ali G - Sacha Baron Cohen
220 Mike Lowrey - Will Smith
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