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61 Nike Ardilla - Indonesia

Achieved best Asian singer in 1991, has sold 30 millions copies album...

62 Kamijo - Japan
63 Kuroneko - Japan
64 Jaya Ramsey - Philippines

Dubbed as the queen of soul in the Philippine the ultimate soul diva.. She can hit notes like to other style in singing.. She had won the grand prize in asia's song festival in hong kong and had recorded an album in US and climb it to the top40 chart in Billboard.. Her version of high energy was recognized by wikipedia as the highest note ever... She truly is the best in asia

65 Christian Bautista - Philippines
66 Ali Zafar - Pakistan

Best ever. Rockstar.

67 Kim Soo Yun - South Korea
68 Kyla - Philippines
69 Aicelle Santos - Philippines
70 Maricris Garcia - Philippines
71 Erik Santos - Philippines
72 Sudirman Arshad - Malaysia

This guy was one of the world's best and he has people awe in wonder when he won the Royal Albert Concert in London. His best English song 'A Thousand Million Smiles' was his winning tool.

73 Iin Nur Indah Sahib - Indonesia

Iin is a goodsinger from indonesian the part of "ilusia Girl"with her gold voice, she can be famous and be international singer from indonesia

74 Sherina Munaf - Indonesia
75 Gita Gutawa - Indonesia
76 Bunga Citra Lestari - Indonesia
77 Krisdayanti - Indonesia
78 Vidi Aldiano - Indonesia
79 Mehdi Hassan - Pakistan

He is the best singer in the world even batter than indian

80 Yo Yo Honey Singh - India
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