Top 10 Greatest Snack Foods

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61 Chocolate Covered Pretzels V 2 Comments
62 Cerealix
63 Kinder Surprise

Best surprise toys ever! Toy surfers that come with a beach hut and surfboard, a groovy tabletop spinner, a toy robot with awesome stickers to put on it, a toy giraffe with a stretchable neck and stretchable legs, a furry but solid lion figurine with nice beady eyes and a plastic kangaroo that wobbles when you tickle its tummy are just some of the awesome surprise toys that you can get in these eggs.

64 Mochi

How has this not been added yet?

65 Snow Cones

love these

66 Cotton Candy
67 Garam Samosa

Indians favourite snack with tea or coffee.

68 Banana Twinkies
69 Hello Panda
70 Twix


71 Garlic Pretzels
72 Cheese

What I said is I love cheese

73 Dried Apple Chips

Truly one of the best snacks and you can eat so many without feeling guilty because they are healthy.

74 Hot Cheetos V 1 Comment
75 Milk And Cookies

This Tastes pretty good with oreo cookie or chips ahoy

76 Kingston Biscuits

Most addictive biscuits in the entire multiverse!

77 Trail Mix

I love trail mix. Everything about it is good: dried fruit (my favorite), nuts, and sometimes chocolate. I like snacks that have a lot of little pieces so it takes a long time to eat them.

78 Sunflower Seeds

Ah... Such a salty delight. They are so good, and they can help people quit habits. I got my dad to quit smoking with these sunflower seeds! Seriously, try them and they are really really good!

V 1 Comment
79 Peanuts
80 Meji Products V 1 Comment
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