Greatest Street Skateboarders of All Time


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21 Ryan Decenzo

He's the dave mirra of skateboarding I think he should be 2th after luan olivera kick it man

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22 Bam Margera
23 Chaz Ortiz

What are you smokin chaz should be at number 2 maybe he doesn't ride for good companies but he's an amazing skater

Chaz Ortiz, the best pro skater ever, perfect land!

He is a beast and he should be in the top ten.

The best skater

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24 Brandon Biebel

Biebel is the Shi##. Boyz got verts to

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25 Sean Malto

Malto makes everything seem so effortless when it's extremely hard he should be in the top 10

Malto is so sick and he is the most consistent skater

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26 Tony Alva

Helped pioneer street skating.

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27 Jamie Thomas

One of the best street skaters of all time. these kids haven't proved anything yet!

He's the risky skater ever also he's tricks are the cleanest

Judging by the eye test he's my pick

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28 Dustin Dollin V 1 Comment
29 Nautus Kaupas

This guy was my inspiration as a spotty teenage skater back in the late 80's and early nineties. He was cool, had style and definitely pushed the envelope... Although looking back at some of the old footage, it does seem these kids have taken it all to another level. But creds to the Kaupas!

He was my teacher in the 80's

All these young boys forget they roots. Natas invented every trick in the book

In my opinion Natas should be #1 he invinted street skating.

30 Chad Muska

Chad has been around and no one can actually beet him when it comes to street skateing

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31 Mark Gonzales

Mark and Natas skated street together and were the first skaters ever to do tricks down handrails and flips down stairs and much, much more. Placing them in the 30's is downright disrespectful. Study and you shall learn!

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32 Cory Duffel
33 Jay Adams

Jay adams all the way dude, street surfing is the way forward

34 Mike Vallely

Smooth at everything

35 PJ Ladd

Ladd at 38 shows that it's nothing but posers on this site. He could destroy Nyjah Huston in a game of SKATE (and he has) any day. You're stupid if you think Huston is better.

Wonderful horrible life get educated

Pj ladd should be in the top ten in fron of prod and prod behind him with mullen daewon for first and second

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36 Antwuan Dixon

My friend showed me him n he is rly steeze with every thing and his pop shuv-its (emphasis on the POP) get so much air

37 Nyjah Huston

Nyjah is just awesome he has great style and technique I think he's better then Ryan sheckler. I don' know why he's not up there.

Why the hell is nyjah not up in top 10? he is really great at street

38 Michael Davis

he is rly sick like watch him on youtube like he is not even signed yet like dude is sick sum1 needs to sign him now like omg he is better than sum of the people on here. Rly creative, big wow factor, not tht amazing with his steeze but amazing vert tricks tho.

39 Jimmy Carlin
40 Josh Kalis

Needs to be in the top 5! Crazy good with style, I thought we we're talking street skaters peeps..

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