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41 Brahms Symphony No.1 in C Minor

The best Symphony ever written, even surpassing Beethoven's and Bruckner's masterpieces.

So underrated. Best fourth movement EVER.

42 Mozart's Symphony No.41

Ah, the "Jupiter," because it's fitting for the king of the gods. The culmination of Mozart's genius in instrumental music. A perfect blend of melody, counterpoint, harmony, rhythm, emotion, form, etc. This piece puts a smile on my face like very few can - ALL 4 movements. It may sound deceptively simple and shallow to the uninitiated, but trust me it doesn't reveal its secrets immediately. Anyone who dares to disagree upon repeated listening hasn't studied the score, seen it performed live, or just doesn't understand the trancendental. I'm appalled it's #39 (08/2015) on this list?! Get out of town! Where my Mozart fans at? Represent!

This symphony is exhilarating without being offensive to the ear. It combines all of Mozart's greatest qualities: clarity, elegance, grace, and lyrical melodies, in one epic piece. It never gives the listener a break, but continuously pushes forward with memorable themes and beautiful harmonies.

Should be in the top five. A beautiful work that was WAY ahead of its time.

Greatest symphony ever composed and never to be surpassed.

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43 Shostakovich's 7th Symphony ("Leningrad")

This is one of my top 5 symphonies ever. The way Shostakovich tells us of the pain and sorrow the city of Leningrad suffered during the German invasion (and siege of 1941) - and throughout the Stalin totalitarian regime - is absolutely stunning. An immense piece of art!

I listen to this symphony everyday!

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44 Bruckner's 7th Symphony

A very underrated symphony in my opinion bruckner at his best. Really takes you on an emotional journey

Powerful and melodic, somewhere between Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and so acessable.

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45 Mahler's 4th Symphony

Pure genius
Simply perfect
Exhilarating, yet peaceful
Fourth movement is amazingly written
Easy to tell what Mahler's intention was when he wrote this magnificent symphony
Possibly the greatest Mahler symphony

What a panorama of beauty and yearning!

Amazing symphony! A MUST listen!

46 Brahms Symphony No. 3

I love this symphony above all the others. All the movements are special, but the third movement is especially beautiful and melancholic while the fourth is intensely passionate. This symphony is often underrated probably due to its lack of excitement. But it contains a gentleness that should be appreciated. The more you listen to it, the more wonderful it sounds.

This is my favorite symphonies of all time. There is one recording of it with Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic that always takes my breath away with the horn opening. The third movement may be my favorite movement of all time though with its tragic feeling of reaching out to something but not being able to grasp it. I find the 4th movement incredibly exciting each time too.

Probably my most favourite symphony of all times...I can certainly understand that Carlos Santana borrowed from Brahms :(

47 Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony

This should be higher...

It's perfect. Which is both its curse...and, mainly, its blessing.

48 Rachmaninov's 1st Symphony

Very different from Rachmaninov's other big symphonic works but is my favorite.

49 Beethoven's 4th Syphony

Not too long, yet as good as the others

50 Mahler's 8th Symphony

Mahler's masterpiece. He wrote it in six weeks, and not a single piece of music have made shiver the way the finale of the this piece has.

51 Mozart's 25th Symphony

I find that any time you can catch Mozart in the minor mode, it's a treat. This little symphony is a delight, especially the first movement. Wouldn't make my top-10, but would certainly get an honorable mention.

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52 Brahms's 1st Symphony

It took me a long time to warm up to this symphony (and indeed to Brahms in general), but once I did, it was true love. The first movement, in particular, blows me away. The inner movements don't do as much for me, so it's not clear that this would make my top-10, but it would be close. It *certainly* deserves to be *way* higher than 50!

It was regarded as Beethoven's 10th. The opening is thundering. The last movement is triumphant. The symphony should be rated the first 10.

First and fourth movement are just epic! Plenty of ingenious musical ideas!

53 Bruckner's 9th Symphony

An extraordinary piece of music. Majestic, powerful, mysterious, beautiful, terrifying and timeless are all words that describe the symphony. Bruckner died before completing the final movement. However, Simon Rattle conducts a very good recording of the 9th, including an excellent interpretation of the unfinished final movement. A very religious man, Bruckner dedicated the 9th symphony to God.

A tragic and solemn masterpiece, from a personal point of view Bruckner approached his death, doubts and moments of yearning for eternal redemption by God.

The last and unfinished symphony of Anton Bruckner is in some way the most accomplished symphony of all time.

54 Mozart - Symphony No. 28 in C major, K.
55 Franck's Symphony in D Minor

Pity he only wrote one symphony...

56 Sibelius' 7th Symphony

Unfortunately the last of Sibelius' ingenious, sophisticated, mysterious, fabulous, thoughtful and fantastic symphonies.

57 Dvorák's 7th Symphony

Something is seriously wrong when this symphony is all the way down here at 55. It's one of my favorite symphonies. Very strong throughout, it's very nearly as good as the famous 9th. This should be in, or at least near, the top 10.

I, personally, consider this Dvorak's BEST symphony! Undoubtedly his 9th is more famous and also fantastic, but I just think this 7th is more, sincere, less refined and very powerful!

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58 Tchaikovsky's 1st Symphony
59 Haydn's Symphony 45, Farewell

Wonderful modern for its time symphony

60 Beethoven - 6th Symphony (Pastoral)

I think the first movement is the best thing ever written in music. Perfection. - Alex151

For me, it is the best Beethoven symphony

I love love love the second movement. It is divine. When I die, I will have this playing in the background.

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