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Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Megadeth was formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine was fired from Metallica. They have released 15 studio albums to date, and have gone through many lineup changes, with Dave more.


I like Metallica and all but some of the fans are really pissing me off. First of all Metallicas last album was lulu not death magnetic. You can't judge a band by the last album it released, if you did megadeth would still be far better. Metallica has 4 good albums (first 4) 2 mediocre albums (death magnetic and black) and 4 bad albums (load reload st anger lulu). Megadeth has (in my opinion) 8 good albums (killing is my business peace sells RIP countdown the system has failed united abominations endgame 13) 4 mediocre (so far so good youthanasia cryptic writings the world needs a hero) and 2 bad (risk supercollider). And while both bands sold out at one point megadeth went back to their roots and proved they're a still a force to be reckoned with Metallica made one decent but generic album then sunk even lower than before. I'm glad there's at least one list one this site, nevermind on the internet that don't mindlessly bow down to Metallica. Metallica doesn't even deserve to be on ...more - LMARINE

Dave Mustaine is the father of the entire thrash metal genre. Without him teaching James Hetfield how to play thrash, Metallica wouldn't have had a leg to stand on. Dave was the brains behind it all. Despite all the knowledge Metallica obtained because of him, they kick started their careers with some of their best material being Dave's songs. Nearly half of their 1st record is Dave's! The influence is also felt on Ride the Lightning!

From the start Megadeth was faster, harder, heavier, angrier, and more brutal than Metallica. While the 80s were a toe to toe toss up, from Rust in Peace and onwards Megadeth made up any deficits and while Metallica imploded on their mainstream records and the simply horrific St. Anger, Megadeth woke up and returned to their roots. Since then it has been Metallica backed into a corner while Megadeth delivers killing blows one after another with awesome albums, with more activity.

And not even mentioning the superiority of Megadeth's ...more

Megadeth has always been better, Metallica had two amazing albums, Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning, but Master of Puppets is so overrated and generic, the riffs are just the same thing over and over again, and the songs are unnecessarily long in a desperate attempt to look progressive and complex (see Disposable Heroes), only exception here is Orion, which IS a progressive and well made song, all thanks to the master Cliff Burton (R.I.P.), and maybe the title-track...And Justice for All was really good, but still sounded like a copy of their previous album, a better made one though (Battery = Blackened, Welcome Home = One, Orion = To Live Is to Die). The Black Album was okay, catchy and memorable, but not awesome. Death Magnetic was just weak, it didn't sound like the old albums at all, but like a copycat band of 80's Metallica, formed by teenagers.

Megadeth's songs are really complex, technical and creative, especially in their first four albums, just check out Rust in ...more

PerfectLy ON Top. Megadeth Is The Best Thrash Metal Band Ever. Marty-nick Era Was The Best But The Stuff In Kimb and peace Sells Is Just Too Intricate. Any Guitarist Can See Why Megadeth Is Far Superior Than Slayer Or Metallica. Metallica Is More About The Feels While SlayeR Is All About Speed. As For vocals Are Concerned, james Used To Be A GReat Vocalist BuT When You write Songs Like Good Mourning Or Last Rites Loved To Deth, I can't See James Doing Much Justice To Either. IT Has To Be Daves Imperfect, snarly, cynical VoIce. Plus his Higher Register Is Way More Than James'. Araya Is All About Screaming, although It Perfectly Works For Songs Like Angel Of Death And Postmortem. So If I Want To Bang Head Like A Madman then Slayer Is my Band, if I Want To Play easy Stuff And Still Sound Badass I'll Be Going For Metallica But If I Want To Practice Tough Guitars, high Pitched Vocals, Or Doing Both At The samE Time Then Dave Mustaine/Megadeth Is My Man.

For me Megadeth is the best thrash metal bands ever, their songs always have a lot of badass riffs and beautiful solos (from Marty or Chris for example) and I never get bored of their songs.Slayer comes in second for me, and I still don't understand why many people like Metallica so much, personally, I think their songs have some badass riffs and beautiful solos too but they repeat their riffs over and over again till it gets boring (such as Orion or Call of Ktulu, which I think would be better if Dave and Marty play them).and Metallica always failed at their concert and their rehearsal sounds kinda unprofessional.
James sings like a pop singer now, Lars plays drum with no passion and so unprofessional, Kirk can't even bend the right notes.i like their first four albums and I respect them because they're one of the first bands to start Thrash metal but I just think they don't deserve to be the best thrash metal band in the world.

I chose these because Metallica isn't thrash any more and four albums don't compare even though I thought 2 of those 4 weren't as good as people say they are, Slayer songs all sound pretty much the same as well and Anthrax haven't made anywhere near as good songs. These were also unbelievably good live which is more an I can say about most of the others. All of their songs have pretty much different sounds whereas every Slayer song sounds the same. Metallica also only had 2 extremely good thrash metal albums, and 20 songs give or take can not compare to Megadeth.

Personally I think Megadeth are rightfully first on this list and I wouldn't be complaining if Slayer were first either. But I don't think Metallica should be 2nd because I think Metallica only have one thrash album which is Kill Em All, on their next 3 albums they have a few thrash songs but they are not a thrash metal band they are a Heavy Metal band where as Megadeth, Slayer and even Anthrax have stayed more true to the formula of writing thrash music! I'm not bagging on Metallica because I love their music but Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax are better thrash metal bands!

Megadeth is easily the best thrash metal band of all time for one reason and one reason only: Dave Mustaine. Not only is he a prolific songwriter, the band's sound has never weakened through time, which is a true testament to his abilities to stay rocking and stay relevant since the 80's. I think that Slayer should get the number 2 spot, as they are a close second. Metallica is good, but they're more of a "metal starter kit" type of band, a gateway drug to better metal bands, if you will.

Without Question, Mustaine delivers, so sad Metallica missed out on his genius talent. What may have been, Megadeth has brought the fans to a level of enjoyment the other mentioned just missed. The fans are what made the bands and Megadeth never forgot where they came from and who made them what they were. Sadly, the other band forgot where they came from. Megadeth is the Ultimate Trash Metal Band of All-Time.

metallica arnt thrash anymore. they stopped after justice and now they have released death magnetic which isn't as good as there previous albums. if they kept on going, they would be awesome, but megadeth had stuck with it with the best trash songs in rust in peace, the quality metal of countdown to extinction and the insane thrash of endgame. plus all the albums inbetween(except youthlansia which wasnt really thrash and to be honest countdown want either)and youve got the best thrash band ever to exist! - lezakattack

Metallica got where they are because of the riffs in their first 2 albums. Mustaine wrote the riffs. Hence their rep. After a couple of albums Metallica went the garbage hole.. But on the other hand megadeth.. Kept making the same quality of music if not better and every album or song is unique. Mustaine might be a total ass but you can say all the great artists are crazy

Tough choice but Megadeth wins, Rust in Peace, Peace Sells are just amazing albums, I LOVED Metallica in the 80's but after "Justice" I turned off them. The black album was just a massive disappointment to me. All of a sudden all my mates who gave me grief for being a bogan because I listened to Metallica were into them. They remain second because they produced three metal masterpieces. Slayer is third, Exodus and then Anthrax for me.

Megadeth is a good thrash metal band for the simple reason, they actually are in that genre I hear people fighting and winning about Metallica and I think, DUDE Metallica ain't THRASH, Metallica is a heavy metal band which is very different from thrash. Now to all you megadeth haters, come on admit defeat, Metallica just isn't a thrash metal band, they got a ton of good songs but there just not good in this genre. Now for Slaye, thing is slayer just doesn't cut it at times, I'm not saying megadeth is perfect cause well they ain't, the messed up in too many albums like risk and cryptic wings, but they a heck of a lot better job than slayer.
And as for Anthrax, you guys are kidding anthrax is like speed metal, or something down those roads it ain't thrash

Megadeth is the most complete, most powerful, and most impactful thrash metal band in the genre. There are very good bands, but no one can hold a candle to Megadeth's music writing ability. I appreciate many of the other bands on this list, and even some who didn't make it on the the list, but because of their sheer talent to write kick ass music, Megadeth belongs right here. Number one.

I will always take Megadeth over Metallica. That's not to say Metallica is sub-par. I just think Megadeth has better material from start to finish. They both have a sound all their own, which is why they are so popular in the first place. I love all the bands listed here, but where is Exodus? Sodom? - michaelhughes

I was the biggest Metallica fans until I heard Megadeth! Their Songs, riffs song patterns and entire feel of the band blew me away. They are still into Thrash right to their core and have produced some of the greatest Thrash or I should say greatest metal albums in the history of heavy metal. Dave Mustaine is my idol and Will remain till my last breath. Though, I still love Metallica but My vote will go to Megadeth. Hands Down!

Stood the test of time as one of the greatest metal bands to ever exist and THE GREATEST THRASH METAL band to have ever picked up a guitar. Absolutely nobody has contributed as much as Dave has to thrash metal. Say what you will about his newer albums but you can never say he isn't the king of thrash. The first time I heard megadeth it changed everything I knew about music, I'll forever be a fan.

First of all the black album hasn't outsold all of megadeth combine whoever said that on the Metallica comments and secondly megadeth is still trash look at dystopia and endgame, even parts of 13, when was the last time Metallica played metal... 30 years ago. They are a little late to the punch in modern metal bands. MEGADETH FOREVER. Slayer is also an amazing band, an extremely close second.

The greatest band ever. They never stop composing music. Every song has its own speciality, perfection, art, talent. None of the other band is as great as Megadeth. Dave make powerful riffs, solos and very awakening lyrics which Metallica can't do. Obviously Megadeth deserves first rank.

Thrash Pioneered by early Metallica (Lars, Mustaine & Hetfield) through out and first in USA. Heavy Spider Rhythm Chord technique which utilises Heavy Palm muted riffs was basically found by Dave Mustaine and this formed the basis of thrash metal. Megadeth may be 2nd to Metallica in Popularity & sales but purest form of thrash metal, intricate guitar solos, tightest plam muted guitar rhythms & intense drumming is what Megadeth climbs to the top spot

You know the answer is deep inside. You will always feel Metallica is the greatest and Megadeth always comes second. But whenever you listen to Peace Sells and Rust In Peace you will realize how great Megadeth is. Black album is touching but the song like "Promises", "Back in the day" and "The Hardest part of letting go.. " are forgotten. Megadeth wins - awanshrestha

Megadeth has two completely amazing albums (Rust In Peace and Peace Sells, this last one even has jazz influences), four really great albums (Killing Is My Bussiness, Countdown to Extinction, United Abominations and Endgame), four good albums (So Far, So Good... So What? , Youthanasia, Cryptic Writings and The System Has Failed), two decent albums (The World Needs a Hero and Th1rte3n) and two bad albums (Risk and Super Collider).

Metallica has five really great albums (the first five) but they still don't match PS and RIP. Don't believe me? Go to study musical or theory or ask a music teacher which is better, I can bet a million dollars he'll tell you the Megadeth albums are better. It really bothers me that Metallica is insanely overrated just for making five great (but nothing outside this world) albums. - Roy_Aspiros

the best metallica albums were written partly by mustaine (apart from master of puppets) there have been no terrible megadeth albums, but metallica have had loads. load, reload, black album (some of its ok) st anger and death magnetic. lets be honest, megadeth are the most technical and the most original. mustaine for president

Sorry guy but basically 2 best albums of Metallica been written by Mustaine! Megadeth would better musically them Metallica. No doubt Metallica is great, but Mustaine started their fame!

Oh come on Metallica fans! We all know people buy Metallica's albums not because they are good, but because they got famous around their first albums and people expect cool songs... But the winner is surely Megadeth. Metallica can't compare... No matter "Black album" or "Death Magnetic" Megadeth is far better than Metallica in everything - speed, heaviness, lyrics and yes even VOCALS... So yeah. THAT'S HOW IT IS! MEGADETH OVER HAMALLICA