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81 Agro

South Africa's finest are also one of the top thrash metal bands. They have a very original sound and do what they truly feel. Listen to Power of the Brave, Force of Final Impact or What is Wrong

South Africa's finest deserve a chance up there with the classics. Watch a live show and your mind will be changed forever

The cream of South Africa's crop they stay true to what they love and they've been around for quite some time

82 The Haunted
83 Raven

No Raven? One of the founders of thrash metal. Metallica opened for Raven on their Kill 'em All tour.

Raven are awesome. This is a disgrace for them to not at least be in top 20.

What the hell 82 that's no respect for mr.Gallagher totally got that wrong. top 20

84 Deliverance

Deliverance is a Christian thrash metal in the 80's. The riffs are mean and awesome. One of my favorite album of them is Weapons of our warfare.

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85 Fog of War
86 Exmortus Exmortus
87 Exumer Exumer Exumer is a thrash metal band from Frankfurt, Germany. It consisted of Mem Von Stein, Ray Mensh, Matthias Kassner, Anthony Schiavo, Bernie Siedler, Paul Arakaki, Syke Bornetto, Holger Kolb, J P Rapp, and more, and was founded in 1985.

One of the best thrash metal bands easily. 4 Epic albums across 40 years in two phases by the band. Exumer is thrash at it's best

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88 Artillery Artillery Artillery is a Danish thrash metal band. They participated in the early development of the genre, and their highly energetic, riff-centric and often fast-paced music is similar in style to that of Voivod, Coroner, Megadeth and Sabbat from the same era.

It's kind of sickening that this band isn't on this list already, yet Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, As I Lay Dying, and Slipknot are extremely overrated, let alone on this list at all.

Artillery should be in the top 15, perhaps top 10. They're the Iron Maiden of Thrash Metal.

It saddens me to see pioneers of thrash being forgotten and rated so low in this list. There are too many bands listed that firstly shouldn't be because of their style, and secondly commercially overrated. Same as for Metallica; the black album was their point of no return when they decided going mainstream... What a pity.

What the hell! I'm disgusted seeing pantera bullet for my valentine trivium and other non thrash bands. How the hell can a true thrash metal fan not like artillery. All albums are kickass. Seriously it's a must as they are pure thrash

Very underrated.

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89 Lich King

If you're looking for something new after listening to Megadeth and Metallica all day? (Not that they're not amazing bands) Listen to these guys. Shredding riffs, flying solos, and decent songwriting for the most part. The vocals can be a bit off putting at first, but you come to like them after a bit. Listen to anything from Born of the Bomb, and Do-Over and you'll realize just how much potential they have. (Had. Not sure if they're getting another singer and continuing to make music)

90 Powersurge Powersurge

Power flows from barrel of the powersurge

Extreme riffs,powerful growling and energetic stage performance-this combination means Powersurge!

Powersurge is the Thrash / Groove metal band from Bangladesh... Their songs are awesome... Jameshed is the powerful vocalist m/ ( Ishrafil Islam Nur Jewel)

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91 Xentrix V 3 Comments
92 NadimaC
93 Sylosis V 1 Comment
94 Hobbs Angel of Death
95 Morbid Saint Morbid Saint V 1 Comment
96 Channel Zero

Underrated Belgian band. Though I prefer the first albums.

97 Black Fast Black Fast

These guys are awesome technical thrash! - ryanrimmel

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98 Mekong Delta Mekong Delta
99 Iron Reagan Iron Reagan
100 Pestilence Pestilence Pestilence were a death metal band from the Netherlands founded in 1986. They are known for incorporating jazz and fusion elements into their music.
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