Most Handsome Fire Emblem Characters

From face, body, outfits, design, etc these are the characters in the Fire Emblem series I find to be the best looking/most handsome. Feel free to vote for any male character you want in the FE series.

The Top Ten

1 Lukas

The first of the soldier class you run into from Echoes Shadows of Valentia. He stands out to me because unlike the other characters around Alm he's a little bit older and more calm than them but still very manly at the same time. He has a really nice voice and design and to me he is one of the best looking in FE:Echoes. - SweetBasil

2 Tibarn

Tibarn has a very masculine design. He is very muscular, has a lot of dominant traits, he is very good looking, and looks like a sky pirate but underneath he still cares a lot for his fellow Laguz and becomes one of the first to get over the laguz/Beorc hatred. - SweetBasil

3 Gatrie

Gatrie is really cute in my opinion although he's a big flirt like Sain before him. I find his design attractive, and he's one of the best knights in the series if you ask me. - SweetBasil

4 Frederick

To me He's the best looking male character in Awakening. He is manlier looking than the other guys but is still rather quirky underneath, with his tendency to look after and clean after Chrom. - SweetBasil

5 Boyd

He sort of looks like Ike but with more of an earthlier tone, it was a tie breaker for me between him or Ike but since many people know Ike I decided to list him. - SweetBasil

6 Geoffrey

I definitely listed too many FE9/10 characters but they're just really attractively designed. Geoffrey doesn't get much availability but he's definitely a big cutie and I like his love story with Elincia. - SweetBasil

7 Deke

From FE 6 although back then they didn't have voice actors or 3D models I think his design looks good. - SweetBasil

8 Ike Ike

Yep - ParkerFang

Yup he's hot

Too hot

His muscles r do hot! His pecs r just so we’ll build and massive and rock hard. Biceps r just bursting and r huge n sexy! Has toned sexy abs and oh I can’t taje it anymore! IKE IS SOOO HAWT

9 Hinata

A contrast to the other guys, other than Fred maybe, he's kind of on the sillier side but from the first time I saw him I thought he was really cute. - SweetBasil

10 Saber

Another guy with a pirate design but he looks really handsome and has a great voice as well. - SweetBasil

Oh my sweet naga. MY EYES are being healed. it was a tie between him and boyd, since boyd got a nice booty, but saber won because EE I am a weird fan girl.

The Contenders

11 Marth Marth

To be honest the first time I saw him was in Super Smash Bros and I thought he was a girl...-. But know I see him as a handsome character after Leo of course.

12 Takumi

So beautiful...*blushes and turns PLAID* makes kaze and saizo look like the inside of a garbage can


13 Shiro

He's more attractive than his father, although I haven't picked him much I think his design is handsome. - SweetBasil

Should be higher than Ike in my opinion - ParkerFang

14 Leo (Fates)

Beautiful ain't gonna lie

15 Roy
16 Fernand
17 Karel Karel
18 Berkut
19 Wrys

He is f in hot, that shiny dome and wrinkles is beyond this world. He is to handsome be compared to these men.

20 Ephraim Ephraim

Y not

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