Top Ten Most Handsome Persian Singers

The Top Ten

1 Morteza Pashaei Morteza Pashaei was an Iranian musician, composer, and pop singer. Born and raised in Tehran, Pashaei studied graphic design and was interested in music since his childhood, when he began playing guitar.

He is the most handsome boy I have ever seen in my life.

2 Mohsen Yeganeh
3 Sami Beigi
4 Benyamin Bahadori
5 Emad Talebzadeh
6 Mehdi Ahmadvand
7 Ehsan Payeh
8 Ahmad Saeedi
9 Mohammad Reza Golzar
10 Shadmehr Aghili Shadmehr Aghili an Iranian singer composer, arranger, musician, songwriter and actress . He was born in 1973 in Tehran . He started his career with the release of several albums in Iran . His second album, his music became famous mosafer . more.

The Contenders

11 Mehrad Hidden Mehrad Hidden is a Iranian singer, rapper, and producer. He grew up listening and composing rock songs. At age 18, He formed the group Zedbazi with Saman Wilson.
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