Double Bass


The double bass is always underrepresented. It's difficulty makes even simple songs tedious; constantly having to shift and worry about intonation (arguably harder than violin, because bad intonation is harder to hear, and therefore harder to fix. Not to say that bad intonation isn't noticeable, it just feels wrong, rather than sounding distantly wrong). Tremendous finger strength is required too, and even with all this, all the difficulties of electric bass are still present.

Everything about the shifting difficulties is true, but another thing that many people do not consider is that bass students are given exceptionally easy parts for the longest time. As a bass player myself, I hadn't seen anything faster than a sixteenth note until I joined a high level youth orchestra. Many bass players are ill equipped to play truly challenging music; imagine how difficult it would be to learn the standard "oompa" bass sequence in nearly every song and then be expected to play standard bass audition repertoire, like Mozart 40.

Former violist of 5 years, had a buddy who played bass. If all things were equal music wise, bass is the hardest to play in an orchestra (orchestral instruments being the hardest over all other types). The role it plays makes it seem easy but if it were asked to do what a violin does (carry the melody) and get more lead music it would be extremely difficult.

I have been playing the bass for a while and if I know anything, the bass would be the hardest because you have to shift a lot and shifting on a bass is very hard to do especially because if you are just even a little off, the not is wrong. The bass also has really big strings that we have to press down really hard for it to make the right sound.

Lots of arguments state the instrument is to big and awquard but there are none more so than the double bass. The cello which is ranked 18 argues that it is really hard to shift, well the double bass is about double the size and you have to move your whole body to reach the lower notes. Not to mention that your shifts need pinpoint accuracy or the note will be out of tune. There's also the issue of co-ordinating your bowing with fingering which can be tricky. To get a decent sound on the double bass takes lots of practice as the strings are so thick and tough. The double bass should at least be in the top 10 for these reasons

People don't realize how hard it is to play bass. It's such a huge and awkward instrument that it is extremely difficult to master. bass players have to shift way more than other instrument. It takes strength to have good tone, but you have to be relaxed while playing, which is very difficult. Not to mention that playing something fast is like a full body workout.

First off, the strings are super thick and take a lot of time getting use to them. The instrument is big and heavy, so it requires lots of shifting. Plus, there are no frets so you must memorize where to place your fingers (which must be super strong)

The double bass requires hours of practice. After playing it your fingers can bleed and become calloused. Double bass players are also actually required to READ MUSIC.

I have played violin for one year and bass for 3 now, I can tell you that learning to play an upright bass is harder that learning the violin.

It's heavy, the strings are thick (I've been playing the double bass for years, my fingers once bleed), it's expensive, and because the fingerboard is so long, it's painful just to go from 1st position to 4th posotion, not to mention other positions. But it's totally worth it. You'd still love it.

MAN! This is a great instrument, and should at least be in the top 20's. I've played for 3 years now, and It's been quite a difficult path, but in the end, I realize there is no better instrument, than, the double bass.

Imagine the violin but massive, having to get your finger in the exact right place. A centimeter out and you've hit a bum note. I play both, double bass is harder.

You have to shift for almost every single note. I don't see why violin is at the top, when you barely have to move your hand to play it. Bassoon is also very hard to play.

While most classical double bass parts tend not to be as demanding as say the violin part, the instrument itself is physically harder to play.

How the hell did the electric bass beat this? I play both, and anyone who's played double bass in their life should think that this is number 1. - yoshaholic

Clearly nobody here has played a Double Bass. They are extremely hard to play. I can't believe electric bass and guitar beat this.

Basses only have 1,2, & 4 finger to place, but others have 1,2,3, & 4 meaning it takes less sapce to place the fingers and requires less shifting, also no one talks about how you hold it, YOU HAVE TO STAND UP MOST OF THE TIME, if you sit down it get increasingly difficult. Whilst the other instruments can sit down, the Basses must stand up for their best performance. Being 6FT tall it's still hard to carry this instrument.

It's the best instrument because you can make any sound.

Such a difficult instrument to play, yet gets so little respect!

In metal, the double bass is SICK. - Metalhead1997

Very hard must be pretty tall or strong to play

I've played violin for 12 years and doublebass for 5 years, and I must say that doublebass must be the hardest. The role in the orchestra, makes it seem easy, but when you play solo double bass things are much different. You have to get the right technique, so you don't mess up your body, because of the length of the fingerboard and the thickness of the strings. Normally you only have 3 seminotes in one hand, so when playing harder pieces you have to move a lot and still have good intonation.

How are three types of guitar and an electric bass infront of a double bass, the fretboard is so large and requires so much shifting. Guitars are probably the easiest instruments to play.

First off it's called an upright bass, secondly, I have played upright for 3 years and still consider myself begginer. If ask me a good musician who plays a frettless instrument needs to spend a lot of time studying theory

The double bass is literally the hardest to play. There’s extra shifting, and that pressure to keep a steady beat! Literally the whole orchestra depends on you! Now I have played bass for 5 years and I am the best middle school player in central Oregon!