Ok. By far. Super difficult. Contrary to popular belief by other band members, it is NOT all fun and games. It requires a lot of skill and practice. Not to mention hard work and dedication. Most people think you just beat things with a pair of wooden sticks. It is certainly more than that. There is a certain style and techniece (I probably spelled that wrong) of hitting them. Not to mention dynamics and sticking. The drums are the "heartbeat" of the band. And we can't mess up. Otherwise, the entire band will. Usually, in other sections, if you mess up a note, you can just wait a second and jump right back in and nobody will notice. You can't find that in drums/percussion. Truly, you can't know everything in percussion. There are so many different instruments, and so many different ways to play them, that I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to know everything in percussion. Granted, I am still in my "early days" of playing percussion, but, honestly, is anything I've said incorrect?

Drums are so hard. I know people who have played every other instrument, but haven't mastered how to the the drums. I can play: drums, guitar, violin, bass, piano, and I sing. And I still find the drums the hardest instrument to play. Playing the piano is following music, every pianist is similar. Where as a drummer develops his own style, a style which nobody else can copy.

Yes. Drums or percussion is probably the most if not second most difficult instrument to play, especially since there are so many types of them for concert band, marching or even jazz. They are simple but not necessarily easy to play, and even harder when your percussion part is the only instrument keeping the beat in a song. I have been playing percussion for long time and I still even have some trouble with that and even more difficult is getting a mallet part that needs four mallets to play, and I have seen parts like that and people who can play them.

On a standard drum kit alone there are too many styles to count, which means another way of playing the instrument entirely. A professional metal drummer may play a lot of straight blast beats and have incredible speed, but they could possibly be lacking the independence and high level syncopation of a Latin or Jazz Fusion drummer, and vice versa. This is just one of the many things such as technique, groove, dynamics, and all around feel of playing drums that make it such a uniquely impossible instrument to master! There is just so much to learn and so many different ways to play, and as a reminder, that is still just with a drum kit, and not all the other forms of percussion.

Maybe drums isn't the hardest instrument out there, but it should at least be in the top five. When I first started percussion, I thought it was pretty easy, but it became clear later on that I was completely wrong. It was almost two years of percussion before I could finally do a good roll. So many people can walk up to a snare drum, hit it a few times, and call themselves a master. But when you hand a real sheet of music to them, they will fall apart. Unfortunately, humans are stubborn, and even after they fail horribly, they still think percussion is easy. :P

Playing set is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially considering it can be played completely different and through all genres of music you have to attempt to master (which you really can't) and you have to build up strength in your wrists and well as having extreme coordination. This still excludes the 100s of other percussion instruments there are.

Drums are difficult because new rudiments and new beats can always be created. It's a limitless instrument, and with an infinite number of kit set ups for millions of unique sounds and rudiments. Not to mention playing on time and keeping the beat can be very difficult, knowing which fills to use and where, sticking, footwork and tens of thousands of rudiments.

Playing drums really need accuracy. You need to practice hand-coordination, speed, leg-coordination, skill and a lot on accuracy. A drummer must practice a lot with a metronome and he has to develop some fancy fills with you won't need on playing piano, violin, etc. After that you will need to learn double bass, grooves... And a lot.

Percussion definitely is the hardest instrument(s) to play! We have so much to think about! You have to stay on beat, pay attention to your technique, learn how to play several different instruments, and work together with the rest of your fellow percussionists in order to work smoothly! Any band would fall apart without their percussion!

Everyone says drums is just hitting things and it's easy but it's not. You could say that for any like piano is just hitting keys and trumpet is is blowing in and pressing buttons. Drums you need the rhythm and you need to move around the kit really fast. Drums involves both feet and hands. Also you need a lot of control to play the drums

Drums may seem simple in the beginning, but like math, it quickly escalates and gets harder exponentially. Difficult things in the beginning? Hand technique, foot technique, coordination, speed, dynamics, tempo. Its much harder to keep time on drums because your at least doing three things at once. Drums are easy in the beginning, but it is really hard to get good at drums unless you work countless hours, for years, that's the only way..no shortcuts, like the guitar or piano.

Callouses on your hands from the sticks, shoulders ache and get sore, sometimes your shin hurts, and then sweating. All while having a kickass time getting your arms and feet to all work in different ways at different times. Yeah, drums totally should be 6th... NOT. I'd like to see half of the other instrument players try the drums. But, once you figure it out, you're in it for life.

The challenge of making your two hands do two different things is hard enough with most instruments, but add both feet into the mix and then have your whole body play a giant instrument makes the drum set the most difficult instrument to MASTER. Anyone can beat on a drum, but there are so few who master this instrument.

Being the sole center of the band and being what keeps it all together is very difficult alone, and that is not including having to use 4 different parts of your body at different times while keeping the tempo. It is a lot to keep up with and if you mess up or start rushing everyone else will as well and it is all on you.

You need to be very fast and coordinated. It's something that requires a lot of endurance. - jake33

I am a freshman in my Marching Band and I will have you know that drums are even harder when you march them. Even the very light ones are extremely heavy when you are moving. And mastering timing is very difficult

Mate, lets get down with the trumpets... Drums own in every way if you get me? I mean like when you have a ton of drums all around you, mate, you need to be dench and enthusiastic, as well as have energy or you may have to go play the little flute. Rhythm, my friend, is hard.

I think drums are incredibly easy for some people to pick up and almost impossible for others. It's just like any other instrument. And after playing in a band for about three years now, I can definitely say that they thy incredibly fun to play!

It is the hardest because you need skill, accuracy and an ear with a sense of beats and perfect timing

Drums are so hard! You have to worry about your feet and hands all while keeping beat and rhythm and timing. You have to do different beats with your legs than with your hands and you can't mess up or the whole band does!

I used to say drums would be the most simple thing to play and yes, I do enjoy hitting things. But when I joined percussion ensemble instead of band I freaked at how hard it is to play drums. They are simple, but not easy.

Keeping a beat is simple, but fills can be a challenge. But, for me, anyway, the hardest part is keeping time. I constantly get out of time either going too fast or too slow. I mean, I'm better than I was a year ago, but still.

I hate it when someone tell me playing the drums is easy. I've learned the drums for eight years and there are still quite a few things that a really difficult for me. It's like playing five different instruments.

It should be the hardest because first of all, you need the coordination of both your arms and feet without confusion and second, you need to memorize complicated beats to match with the "chemistry" of the band.

I'm 12 and my favorite instrument is the drums. When I was 10 I was at my friends hous and they had a drum set, and my brother taught me a very simple beat, and in a week I got a lot and was already better than him. Now that I've been playing for 2 years, I can play a lot of Green Day songs and my favorite to play is basket case. If you don't know the song than look it up. It's great. My brother also plays guitar and is FANTASTIC! So we started a little band sorta thins and we've got been jamming ever since.