Hardest Skateboard Tricks

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21 Half Cab Kickflip

Those are easy I learned them in like 2 days

22 Varial Kickflip

As soon as you learn tre flip this trick is done

23 360/180 Pop Shuvit
24 720 Motherflip V 1 Comment
25 Switch Nollie 360 Dragon Flip
26 Cheese Nugget

Brilliant. To late for you mate. I will cut you.

Sounds legit

Sounds good

This should be number 1. Even though this was addded by a 3rd grader

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27 Big Spin

They are hard to get the timing down. I'm 12 and you can do them if I can do them

The timing you have to get right on a bigspin is extremely hard... and it's also difficult to keep your balance once you stick your feet back on the board after a 180.

28 Plasma Flip V 1 Comment
29 Laser Flip
30 360 Varial Kickflip Into Big Spin/primo Flip Into Casper

I tried it I only got in to the primo flip if you try it your gonna fall onto the big spin into primo flip

31 720 Tre Flip
32 720 Varial Flip Fakie

its confusing and VERY hard. I only know 1 person who can do it

33 Dolphin Flip / Forward Flip
34 Curbie
35 Nollie Laser Flip

its too hard I don't remember if I'm doing nollie tre flips or nollie lasers! 3 -

36 Melon Grab
37 540 Double Laser Body Varial
38 Kickflip Underflip
39 Heelflip

I can trey nightmare big spin double kick dolphin I learned most of those in a day but heelflips are aids

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40 Dark Slide

Is it really hard for you cause I did it 1000 times

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