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1 Tubular - Super Mario World

Prepare to lose all you're lifes (and you patience) - LucasMota

Not only is it hard to beat it normally but if you want everything complete like me you have to suffer through the level to get all five star coins

This level was so hard that I had never played the game ever again.

Blue Yoshi. Boom problem solved. - purpleyoshi98

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2 Aztec - Goldeneye 007

The Aztec is a very hard level. I beat it only once on 00 agent, but I haven't done it ever since. It's still a fun level though and it adds a challenge to the game! - beatles5

3 Animal Antics - Donkey Kong Country 2

This is a frustratingly hard level but how is it 3rd place? I'd rather see it around 16th place since the only hard part was the Squawks section, the rest was medium difficulty...

You might not think it's that bad at first, but then... THAT WIND!

Just beat it. Finally. It's been so many years.

4 Dam - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What's better than an underwater level with a time constraint? An underwater level with a time constraint with electric coral that gives you just a pixel's room of error to move through it.
That damn dam...

Might as well rename it to damn. Because you'll be saying it over 9000 times during this level. - Pikachu7586

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5 The Dungeon - Castlevania

In order to have any chance against Death (unless you're a ninja behind the controller), you need to keep the holy water that you get at the beginning of the stage, meaning you need to do a near perfect run throughout the entire stage. This involves also getting through a hall with knights and medusa heads, which is near impossible.

6 Rusty Bucket Bay - Banjo-Kazooie

I'll vote this cause I like this game.
I didn't find any game to say it is "Hardest"
The most of levels I could finish...
There's some DK 2 and DK3 Levels that's hard, but I think its not this ones quoted here.

7 Poochy Ain't Stupid - Yoshi's Island

Is this actually a name of a level in this game BECAUSE POOCHY ISN'T STUPID Nintendo... YOU LAZY NERDS!

8 The True Arena - Kirby Super Star Ultra

I've actually beat this biotch of a boss rush. Took me 3 months, but I did it.

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9 Norfair - Super Metroid Impossible

Norfair was easy before, but try going through THE ENTIRE PLACE without the Varia Suit.

10 Turbo Tunnel - Battletoads

Harder level than any level on this list. This level is notorious for being the hardest level in a video game.

This should be #1, as it aggravates more people than any other level. Very few people have ever beat it

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? Lily Pad Ride - Super Mario Sunshine
? The Zillo Beast - Lego Star Wars III

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11 The Perfect Run - Super Mario Galaxy 2

This and Champions' Road (that one was even worse) are the 2 levels of hell in the 3D Mario series. Thanks a lot Rosalina

You have to beat this on one life, prepare to die

How is Tubular ahead of this awesome mess?!

This should be in the top 5!

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12 Death Mountain - Zelda 2

I wish I died when I played this game!

13 Terra Tubes - Battletoads

Oh My Gosh. This level is a God Damn Nightmare. It is Turbo Tunnel ramped up to EXTREME. I haven't beat this level yet. I don't even want to explain how bad this level is. Don't even get me started on Rat Race...

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14 Stage 6-2 - Ninja Gaiden

Are you kidding me how is this not one of the highest levels in difficulty. This level literally made you glitch it at a certain point just to even think of beating it! SO HARD!

Screw this one. You have to have a precise jump and there's always an enemy that reappears. - NuMetalManiak

15 Through the Fire and Flames - Guitar Hero 3

You should see how many people tried to beat this song especially in expert mode which the total number of notes is 3722

16 Special Circut - Super Punch Out
17 Champion's Road - Super Mario 3D World

If you thought The Perfect Run, Special World-8 Crown, and even Mystery House Marathon wasn't already hard enough, have fun wasting countless lives here

This should be much higher on this list

18 Tower of Fate: The Ascent (Second Quest) - Shovel Knight
19 Toxic Tower - Donkey Kong Country 2
20 Bloody Swamp - Kid Chameleon

Many times I lost all of my continues.

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3. Tubular - Super Mario World
1. Norfair - Super Metroid Impossible
2. Turbo Tunnel - Battletoads
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