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21 Arnhem Knights - Medal of Honor: Frontline

Why are all these easy as pie Nintendo games ahead of this? Arnhem Knights is a REAL challenge in comparison

No matter how far into the level you were, if you died it was back to square 1.

Probably the hardest evel in the game. This has Panzer tanks, Panzergrenadiers, snipers and riflemen, all attempting to shoot your ass off.

22 Water Temple - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

How is this 16, I get why tubular would be harder but this should at least be number 5 because it's boring and hard, switching your boots every 4 seconds is the worst now it did have dark link and he's semi fun to fight, but I got ticked when I found out after all that crap, I fight a stupid water creature.

This level is mainly difficult because you waste your keys and have to find one and you don't know which one it is also I was annoyed I finally got to the end only to find I couldn't beat the one room behind the boss I was pissed

This level is pretty much a 100 km maze with three stories and different water levels in order to get back and forth between the levels. It took me a solid month to find three keys. Just jump down the bottom, explore every room, raise the water level, jump back down the bottom, explore every room again, raise the water level again, jump back down and explore, lower the water level, explore every room on the second floor...
PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY. - TheGrammarPolice

The main challenge is staying awake. - yoshaholic

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23 World 8-4 - Super Mario Bros.

Screw whoever made this. (Sigh. )

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24 Eggmanland - Sonic Unleashed

Man! This was hard! (To be fair, I want a challenge with a final level)!

25 The Final Marathon - Kid Chameleon
26 Endless World of Yoshi's - Yoshi's Island
27 The Great Palace - Zelda II
28 Hidden Last Cave - Cave Story
29 Guy's Castle - I Wanna Be the Guy
30 Slippery Climb - Crash Bandicoot

In this level, Crash must the outside of Cortex Castle while avoiding a gauntlet of traps and tricky jumps. There is only one checkpoint crate in the whole level.

Oh my gosh! How is this level not on this list?

What I meant was Crash must "traverse" the outside of Cortex Castle."

31 Wily Stage 1 - Mega Man
32 Tealand - Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure

Oh God, don't even remind me of that god damned clock tower level. What is it with old school platformers and ridiculously annoying clock tower stages? - xandermartin98

33 Red Falcons Lair - Contra III
34 Omega Ruins - Final Fantasy X
35 HydroCity Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
36 Destroy Ship at Drill Platform - Jak II

This Level Is So Annoying And So Impossible That It Should Be More Higher In This List

37 Sigma Stage 1 - Mega Man X V 1 Comment
38 Sacret Grounds - Cave

It's "SACRED GROUNDS - CAVE STORY"! I just wanted to do that because this site made a mistake with the name of this level. - Virtualman

39 Rainbow Ride - Super Mario 64
40 Stage 3-A - Shinobi (PS2)
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