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21 Cataclysm - Geometry Dash

This level is insane but look at sonic wave

22 Amon-Hen - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
23 Toxic Tower - Donkey Kong Country 2
24 Special Circut - Super Punch Out
25 Champion's Road - Super Mario 3D World

If you thought The Perfect Run, Special World-8 Crown, and even Mystery House Marathon wasn't already hard enough, have fun wasting countless lives here

This should be much higher on this list

26 Tower of Fate: The Ascent (Second Quest) - Shovel Knight
27 For Pete's Sake - Earthworm Jim
28 Dr. Wily Stage 4 - Mega Man 2
29 World 8-4 - Super Mario Bros.

Screw whoever made this. (Sigh. )

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30 Eggmanland - Sonic Unleashed

Man! This was hard! (To be fair, I want a challenge with a final level)!

31 The Great Maze - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Only 90! This hellhole is near impossible and is basically the entire game again but with evil shadow clones. This pain in the ash took me three days to complete! No level should take that long!

All bosses, shadow versions of all characters, intense length, makes me wanna rip my hair out.

This level is down right lazy but it's boss tabuu is one of the best bosses.

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32 Hidden Last Cave - Cave Story
33 The Final Marathon - Kid Chameleon
34 Slippery Climb - Crash Bandicoot

In this level, Crash must the outside of Cortex Castle while avoiding a gauntlet of traps and tricky jumps. There is only one checkpoint crate in the whole level.

Oh my gosh! How is this level not on this list?

What I meant was Crash must "traverse" the outside of Cortex Castle."

35 The Zillo Beast - Lego Star Wars III
36 Endless World of Yoshi's - Yoshi's Island
37 The Great Palace - Zelda II
38 Guy's Castle - I Wanna Be the Guy
39 Wily Stage 1 - Mega Man
40 Red Falcons Lair - Contra III
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