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21 Toxic Tower - Donkey Kong Country 2
22 Bloody Swamp - Kid Chameleon

Many times I lost all of my continues.

23 Dr. Wily Stage 4 - Mega Man 2
24 Lavender Town - Pokémon

Everything is hard in this level, the pokemon tower is too hard, easily number 1

Easily #1, because, the pokemon tower

The ghosts scare your pokemon

25 World 8-4 - Super Mario Bros.

Screw whoever made this. (Sigh. )

It was OK, but then... WHY IS THIS HAMMER BRO HERE?! - TheYoshiOverlord

26 Eggmanland - Sonic Unleashed

Man! This was hard! (To be fair, I want a challenge with a final level)!

27 Ornstein & Smough? - Dark Souls
28 Hidden Last Cave - Cave Story
29 The Final Marathon - Kid Chameleon
30 Slippery Climb - Crash Bandicoot

In this level, Crash must the outside of Cortex Castle while avoiding a gauntlet of traps and tricky jumps. There is only one checkpoint crate in the whole level.

Oh my gosh! How is this level not on this list?

What I meant was Crash must "traverse" the outside of Cortex Castle."

31 Endless World of Yoshi's - Yoshi's Island
32 The Great Palace - Zelda II
33 Wily Stage 1 - Mega Man
34 Guy's Castle - I Wanna Be the Guy
35 Tealand - Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure

Oh God, don't even remind me of that god damned clock tower level. What is it with old school platformers and ridiculously annoying clock tower stages? - xandermartin98

36 Cataclysm - Geometry Dash

This level is insane but look at sonic wave

37 Waterfall - Contra
38 Showdown (Madness Difficulty) - Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia (Xbox 360)

This level has only 3 checkpoints. You have to kill a 4 bosses and complete 4 vehicle escape sequences in a row to sum up this level. This level may cost you your sanity.

This level is bs.

PS3 doesn't count! Anyone who has actually sat down and played this game on the highest difficulty settings through the first few levels would know how challenging this game gets. While it is fair and even enjoyable to some that seek a greater challenge (myself included), there is a lot to learn. The game gets harder and harder as a player progresses significantly enough to be compared with the nintendo hard trope. This is the last level of the game the harder of two levels in which difficulty is at its highest - showdown and catacombs. This level used to be glitched and impossible to beat. The glitch was fixed with a patch that also reduced the general difficulty of this game. Even with the patch, this level is still one of the hardest I have ever played, Including some from ghosts and goblins.

To sum this level up, think about this: you have about 65 unique enemies that have their own attack patterns, including bosses. On madness, enemies from late game chapters are thrown at ...more - Blazingsun733

39 Red Falcons Lair - Contra III
40 Omega Ruins - Final Fantasy X
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