Top Ten Harness Drivers of All Time

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1 John Campbell

His money winnings speak for volumes. He is consistent and patient! His strength is his dedication and professionalism second to no one!

Not allowed to win anymore

Just count the money and the types of races he won with all gaits.

Saw John Campbell drive in the Battle of Lake Erie at Northfield Park.
A true professional. He is the best when it comes to harness racing.

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2 Herve Fillion

Never really saw him drive on a regular basis but his stats are almost untouchable!

Stood the of time, if he was in the sulky back in the 60 to the late 80's your horse was odd's on

He was great tactical driver

My dad said Herve would look at the program and tell u how many races he was going to win that night and he would!

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3 Bill O'Donnell

The best driver I ever saw and I've seen them all since 1950

The best driver I seen

Bad drunk

Campbell was speed racer, odonnell was racer x

4 Ron Waples

I saw him Drive a lot at Woodbine and at Meadowlands. He did things that no else would attempt he was way ahead of his time when it came to racing. Didn't matter what the odds he was always dangerous. He was a magician!

5 Dave Palone

Probably the best under rated driver in history. he can really get a horse around the track

Dave once farted in my mouth. Yummy

Stayed true to his home track and put up incredible numbers. Would have loved to have seen him go up against the Yonkers / Roosevelt or early.Meadowlands crowd back in the day. He would have done great.

Most under rated great driver ever... most wins in history.

6 Ron Pierce

He just keeps going and going. Any driver that can run at such a high standard for as many years as he has deserves be on this list. He has probably the biggest upset I have ever seen. He can never be overlooked in any race.

7 Michel Lachance

He is a Hall of Famer with some amazing stats. He held the record for winning 12 races in one day at Yonkers, he was dominate! Extremely aggressive and great with all gaits. He was money in the big races!

He was very competitive and extremely aggressive. He had was a dominate force at one time.

Great driver

8 Brian Sears

Extremely intelligent driver who also seems to have the horse in the best position and he doesn't overextend a horse. There are a couple of "popular drivers" currently who seem to drive every horse as though they're sitting behind the next Niatross. A class act who wins a lot of races without driving a horde of super horses for the elite owners.

Brian is a Talent. He is extremely intelligent driver and will be one of the most successful driver in a 7 year period.
He had the ability to find a spot for every horse he drove. Outstanding Driver!

No shot top 10 of all time. He can't hold David Millers jock strap

The best!

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9 Walter Case Jr.

I was lucky enough to see Walter Case drive mostly it was at Yonkers Raceway. Now I've seen many drivers since that time but to me Walter Case was and always be the best driver that I'd ever seen

I too was lucky to see Walter drive and unless you've had the pleasure of seeing him drive night after night. There are no words that I could write in this forum that would do him any justice

Walter is the greatest harness driver I ever saw he always get the most out of every horse he ever drive always get the most out of every horse he drove

The man with the golden hands got more out of a horse than anyone! And he just loved to drive... any track... any time!

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10 Yannick Gingras

This Driver will be in Top five of all time. He does some amazing thing in the track. He absolutely blows me away every day with his extremely intelligent driving and he super aggressive. He doesn't have enough time on the track to be on this list but really I can't take him off. Since the first time I saw him at the Meadowlands race track he stood out. He will be a top driver for years to come. He is a just a SUPER TALENT!

He has raced all over the world and has been an ambassador for the sport while wining at an incredible rate.

He is continues to win and on all tracks really a fantastic and intelligent driver.

He won another 4 on breeders crown night when most of the favorites fell and in the brutal slop. He is the best!

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11 Tim Tetrick

Will be all time best ever! No doubt. You can take that to the bank, to the bank

Tim is the best driver in the world without a doubt

Simply the best pound for pound

Sucked in Chicago

12 Doug Brown

When Doug was at his prime you could not beat him at the jockey club. I never questioned his integrity in the sulky. He was always trying to win! The entire time being loyal to his friends in the industry. I remember. I won't forget. You were one of the Canadian bright lights. A star when the industry was at its best.

He could keep a horse alive better than anyone.

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13 William Gale

William had many injuries in his carrier but what a master. He did some amazing things on the track. He was one of the most deceptive drivers on the track, you could never tell if his horse was done or not. He had a track timer in his head. brilliant!

Bill was one of my favorite drivers, always calm, cool, collected in behind a horse

Always dangerous he knew how to rate his horses.

Loved watching him at Hazel Park in Michigan!

14 Jack Moiseyev

Best harness driver I've ever seen. Some drivers get better horse. The true measure is instinct and intelligence on the track, and here he beats them all.

He had was a force no matter where he drove. He won many Big Races and could do it from all positions. Great Driver!

One of the best ever. Won a lot of big races. Jug included. And still loves to win

Jackie was born to race horses. No one better in the sport.

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15 Eddie Davis

Most underrated of all time. Won dash championships when racing one track at a time. Injuries slowed his wins down.

1,000,000 to show on Eddie D


Grew up watching Eddie at liberty bell, I'm 50 now and still remember his horses I liked,committeeman, ripping Russ, and Duke of Hillsboro not a great one but was one of my favorites.

16 Catello Manzi

Far far better than #17. This driver has won many more races and money than many above him.

Ate the gate at Freehold..poor Cat.

Most dangerous driver out of the #1 hole in all of harness racing!

Much better than 16

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17 Anthony Morgan

Tony morgan is the best top 5 driver of all time who never drove for the top trainers consistently in his career and you can quote me on that statement...

I raced at Louisville downs years ago with Tony Morgan, his father Eddie Morgan was one of the best, and he taught Tony how to drive. Tony was a quiet young man, loaded with talent. His barn was very hard to beat.Tony went on to be a super driver, one of the best

Tony Morgan very good driver. I'm remember him in Chicago.

Greatest driver I ever seen. Learned from his father eddie morgan jr, they were a great team at audubon raceway. Won 85 perccent of the time when tony had a real contenfer. He could take the 4th best horse and win.

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18 William "Buddy" Gilmour

Knew Buddy and his brothers when I was growing up. My grandfather was Elmer Rice a blacksmith for the tracks.

Got beat up once for not throwing a race

Best at Yonkers and Roosevelt.

Among the best ever

19 Stanley Franklin Dancer

Stanley Dancer was not only a great driver but a teriffic human being as well. He won three triple crowns only driver to do that. I asked him who his greatest horse was and he said Albatross, who did not win TRIPLE CROWN!

Not only the best driver, but the best driver/trainer combo, of all time

20 Dave Magee

Started watching harness racing in 1975. I believe that was when I first saw Dave Magee. In Chicago along with Ron Marsh and Walter Paisley. Dave was special.

Should be in the top 2. He and John Campbell. Best ever at rating a horse. Always helped trainers with rigging a horse. Great hands.

Smart driver with great hands.

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