Best Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Books

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are the largest book series today, selling almost 500 million and 400 million copies respectively. So which books are the best? Let's find out...
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1 The Half-Blood Prince The Half-Blood Prince Product Image

I'm kind of divided on wether I prefer the Half Blood Prince or the Prisoner of Azkaban, as both are amazing books. This one for example is everything you wanted the previous book, the Order of the Phoenix to be: it's mysterious, it's green, it's gloomy, it's well-condenced, it's interesting, and it's long enough to be complex (unlike the first two books) but short enough to not make you yawn (looking at you Order of the Phoenix). There is so much covered here, from Voldemort's backstory, Horcruxes, inferius, Snape's and Draco's development..., there's not a boring moment. Not to mention this book has by far my favourite climax and battle of the entire series. It gets you all pumped up..., and even as someone who had Dumbledore's death spoiled, it still shocked me and gave me chills, just the way it was all written. By far, the best book of the entire series.

2 The Prisoner of Azkaban The Prisoner of Azkaban Product Image

How can I describe an amazing ride of a book the Prisoner of Azkaban is? The first two books were already pretty great and exciting stories, but the third entry raised the bars even higher, and while it did get rid on some of the stuff that made the first two great, other better stuff came in its place! I mean sure, the first half is pretty boring and there's barely any relevant plot, but once it does get good, it's way too freakin' great to even describe. The mauraders' backstory is really touching and greatly written, it is the year Harry wins the Quiditch Cup, and it also just has so many memorable moments. From meeting Cho for the first time, to the lovely Knightbus trip, to Snape's vendetta, to Remus Lupin, to the longest climax in the series..., everything is just amazing in this one. Sure it's a little short but it's still amazing!

3 The Goblet of Fire The Goblet of Fire Product Image

This is when the Harry Potter franchise turned darker, and while it could've been slightly better, it was absolutely amazing for what it had in store! It expanded a lot on the wizarding world with the tri-wizard tournament between three different wizarding schools, and the new characters are all interesting. Barty Crouch Jr. is probably my favourite villain as well, mostly thanks to how likeable he surprisingly is as Moody's imposter. Now there are some plot-holes, like how the spectators would view the second and third tasks, but I loved it nevertheless! But Prisoner of Azkaban was slightly better as it was more consistent in quality. For example, the Buckbeak sub-plot was far better and more interesting than Hermonie and her S.P.E.W group.

4 The Lightning Thief The Lightning Thief Product Image

One of my favourite book of all time which perfectly sets the mood for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians quintology. It leaves the absolute best impression on me, and I was DYING to get the other parts, because of how great this book was. Unfortunately it was also the only amazing book of the franchise but eh. Everything about it is perfectly structured and told, from the very opening, to the arrival at Half Blood Camp, the journey to Los Angeles, and ESPECIALLY the Lotus Hotel, and last but not least, Luke's betrayal. I enjoyed every second of this book.

5 The Battle of the Labyrinth The Battle of the Labyrinth Product Image

It's definitely the "emotional" book in the Percy Jackson series for me, and one I surprisingly had a lot of fun with. The start and end of this book is SLOW and boring, but everything else, in other words, the journey was again, AMAZING. It similarly to the first book had so much good stuff going on. Calypso's backstory and Pan's death had be almost crying a bit, Daedalos' backstory is so well-crafted and I enjoyed the character of Euryktion as well. That being said, the start and end for this book were kinda boring, but this book is still my favourite.

6 The Philosopher's Stone The Philosopher's Stone Product Image

It's an amazing start to Harry Potter! I mean the first few chapters aren't the best, but they're doing a good job for setting up the story. Once we get to Chapter 6 with the train, it all becomes one of the best experiences ever, with Harry and the gang meeting each other, solving mysteries in Hogwarts, and of course, the twist villain! Professor Quirrell is one of the most underrated villians ever! I love Snape too! It's all in all just a really exciting book!

7 The Son of Neptune The Son of Neptune Product Image

What a massive improvement over the Lost Hero! That book was one of the most frustrating to get through because of how boring it was. The Son of Neptune is basically the Lost Hero done right. Instead of three random guys we don't know anything of, Percy is finally the main character again, alongside two other characters, who unlike Jason and Piper, are actually interesting. It was nice to finally see something new, which in this case was Camp Jupiter. It made me interested in roman gods as well, who up until this point I always just thought were rip-offs on the greek gods.

8 The Titan's Curse The Titan's Curse Product Image

This one's a bit opposite to TBL, in that the journey was kind of eh, but the start and end were LIT. It has by far my favourite opening and final battle of the series, with the whole military school aestethic..., and the battle at Atlas' mountain. I really liked the Hunters as well, as I am a son of Artemis (as ironic as it seems), and Nico di Angelo is the best character in the series. That being said, I'm not the biggest fan of Thalia, and the journey itself presents with a LITTLE too many action scenes that tired me out. But I really liked this book, still.

9 The Deathly Hallows The Deathly Hallows Product Image

A great ending to a great book series. The battle of Hogwarts was amazing, Snape's memories were top-notch, and it was all just a really emotional and climactic book. The epilogue was pretty satisfying as well. Unfortunately, the rest of the book is just ok. I just didn't like how we didn't get to see how Hogwarts was during the Death Eaters' rule, and instead had to go camping to a bunch of different places. If we could maybe see the book from Neville's perspective in Hogwarts, that would've been great. Other than that, it's good though.

10 The Order of the Phoenix The Order of the Phoenix Product Image
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11 The Sea of Monsters The Sea of Monsters Product Image

This book I had very low expectations but in the end had more fun with than I imagined I would. It's a bit boring and generic, as it has the least stakes in the franchise, but it had good bits. Meeting Luke for the first time since his betrayal was cool, and Annabeth has a pretty nice arc, as opposed to the other books where she's just there. This book is mostly just a weaker The Lightning Thief, which is still good, but not amazing.

12 The Chamber of Secrets The Chamber of Secrets Product Image
13 The Lost Hero The Lost Hero Product Image
14 The House of Hades The House of Hades Product Image
15 The Mark of Athena The Mark of Athena Product Image
16 The Blood of Olympus The Blood of Olympus Product Image
17 The Hidden Oracle The Hidden Oracle Product Image
18 The Dark Prophecy The Dark Prophecy Product Image
19 The Tower of Nero The Tower of Nero Product Image
20 The Burning Maze The Burning Maze Product Image
21 The Tyrant's Tomb The Tyrant's Tomb Product Image
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