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1 Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort Lord Voldemort is a fictional character and the central main antagonist in J. K. Rowling's series of Harry Potter novels. Voldemort first appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which was released in 1997.

He does not have a nose people how can he smell when he threats

He is the biggest git. I am SO GLAD Harry killed him.

Killed Harry's parents

So, I’m not saying ANYTHING about this idiot, I’m talking about Snape, SNAPE IS NOT A VILLAIN, TAKE HIM OFF OF THE VILLAIN LIST

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2 Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.

I don't know if it is the actress who plays her, or it is her humorous craziness, but I love Bellatrix. She killed Dobby, Sirius, and tortured Hermione and I partly hate her for that. She is the type of Villian that I have to hate, but I admire because she is so crazy to the point where she is lovable.

I hate Bellatrix she is a total idiot! First she killed Sirius and then Dobby! The second I read Molly Weasley killed Bellatrix I was like Yes!

Hate her. If she had not tortured the Longbottom parents and Neville, and Hermione (I so hated this scene), and has not killed Dobby and Sirius, I guess I would like her. She does have a lot of gut and independence, which I totally like.

She's absolutely insane!

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3 Dolores Umbridge

Lord Voldemort had a sad childhood and is somewhat likable as a villain. Bellatrix Lestrange is wickedly crazy and cool at the same time. Severus Snape had a hard life and tried to make things right. Draco Malfoy has grown up in a pureblood family but changes in the end. Dudley Dursley was nice in the end and was just a kid.


Have you seen those pictures with Umbrige with the caption 'Admit it, you wanted her dead more than Voldemort'? Well, it's true. She's heartless, hates kids, and overall really, really annoying. Why couldn't she have died?!

I loved the fifth book because they rebelled against her harsh rules. She was evil, mean-spirited, and harsh. Those are the best qualities a villain should have.


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4 Severus Snape Severus Snape Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.

Not a villain! Read the 7th book! He saves harry multiple times. Sure he killed Dumbledore but that was planned between Snape and Dumbledore!

He is not a villain! Sure, he might of been a little rude to Harry in his years at Hogwarts, but this guy is a saviour! He should be on Top Ten Harry Potter HEROES. At the end of the first book, the trio find that Snape was actually protecting Harry! AND READ THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! Also, Snape was asked by Lily Potter to PROTECT HARRY. And Snape was so in love with Lily, he couldn't disobey her. He might still have been cruel to Harry, but he's not that bad. Including Draco, to be honest, he practically saved Harry's life in the last book because he said it wasn't Harry, and if he said he was Harry, Harry would have been killed in an instant, which none of us want to happen. Snape is a good guy! And (fact) Snape is the only "Death Eater" (I did this " because he practically turned to the good side, so he's not really a Death Eater) who can produce a Patronus Charm, because Lily, she made his life happy

Shape should not be on this list have you read the 7th book! In the first books snaps seems like a villain but he is really one of the most complex interesting characters you may ever read about he has so much depth and saves Harry so many times yet still keeping a mysterious and exiting tone that makes us all love him

Your right he is not a villain! - Pokemonfan10

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5 Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy Draco Lucius Malfoy is a character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is a student in Harry Potter's year belonging in the Slytherin house.

I like how moody turns Malloy into a ferret

I am crazy about Draco Malloy who ever plays him is a great actor he is evil and his my favourite player

Why is everyone writing Malloy instead of Malfoy?

Draco malfoy is the best

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6 Peter Pettigrew Peter Pettigrew

He had such good friends and he just went to the dark side.

That double faced rat who was all along on the dark side

He is the reason Lily, Cedric and James are dead

I hate him he's a snitch he ratted out Lily and James and ended up getting them killed to save his hide he killed 13 muggles and framed Sirius for it and while Sirius spent the last 12 years in Azkaban he was living with the Weasleys as a rat he murdered Cedric for no reason he was the one who revived Voldemort and he nearly ruined Ron and Hermionie's friendship by faking his death he is a horrible friend and a horrible person in general

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7 Lucius Malfoy

Lucius is a coward. Yes, he's a villain and darn right evil. But not a very good one. I didn't find him interesting at all.

Lucius Malloy is just a... Villain. I especially like the part in no2 when luscious nearly kills Harry and dobby stops him. It's cool

He is a great farther for Draco he's evil

A very evil person

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8 Fenrir Greyback

I hate grayback! He killed Lavender Brown (not a lot of complaints there),bit Lupin and Bill.

Hi werewolf thing I'm gonna blast u! Um fenrir is bad because obviously he is a bad werewolf on lord voldemort's side and killed a lot of students like a person I like!... Lavender Brown. Good thing he was killed or Put in Azkaban. He is not the worst villain like Tom ( Voldemort) but is so horrible.

He killed lavender brown and bit remus lupin... He is pure evil!

He is my favourite bad guy

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9 Quirinus Quirrell

He didn't try to make him come back to life voldemort tricked him. Some people need to read the books

This is really Voldemort sharing somebody's body. The actual villain here is Voldemort

This villain is very evil. Quarell was a professor who tried to make voldemort come back to life and he made to make everyone;s life even worse than anyone has ever had.

He is evil. He tried to make Voldemort alive

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10 Barty Crouch Jr.

He is just very evil, killing people, torturing people, teasing people, locking people up, making people go insane, working for Voldemort, showing students the unforgivable curses.

This guy killed his own father I mean who does that?

He is an evil person and he is one of Lord Voldermort's biggest supporters and also killed his own father( not to mention his weird tongue flicking habit! )

A mastermind who was both intelligent and menacing.Whenever I read the scene in Goblet Of Fire where he is revealed I get chills.Suuch an insane guy.Also he killed his own father which shows how insane he is.Who does that? Just shows how demented and evil this guy is.

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11 Rita Skeeter

Stupid reporter that gets everything wrong!

She is an idiot reporter I hate her. Probably worse than Voldemort 😆

12 Nagini

She is cool but evil however I don't think she knows what she does by killing people and its Lord Voldemort controlling her

And whats the best snake? - _iTzJan


Nagini was controlled or possesed by voldemort, so I do not find her a villain because she could had been an ordinary snake if voldemort did not posses her.

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13 Dudley Dursley Dudley Dursley

He was a git in the first few books BUT...he gets better though... Last book anyone?

He shoves Harry to the ground to see the snake when he could have stood by him

Dudley is fat and ugly

He's a retard - JUST2GOOD

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14 Gellert Grindelwald

He had the Elder wand longer than Voldemort. My question, how did Dumbledore defeat Grindelwald if Grindelwald had the Elder wand?

Grindelwald killed many many wizards and sought to take over The muggers

Umm, how is he at 14? It should be
1. Grindelwald
2. Bellatrix
3. Voldemort

He killed Krum's grandfather. Krum is a great Quidditch player.

15 Argus Filch

Argus Filch is kind of a fool at some parts but he is actually evil because he makes sirius black a very bad person in the prisoner of Azkaban and his mane goal is to just get Harry Potter and trouble and kill everyone's fantasy pets.

He's not EVIL some people are so cruel. He just doesn't like wizards because he is a squib.

Yes sometimes he does act like a villain because he always sided with dolores umbridge

He is a big threat when Harry goes on adventures

16 Mrs. Norris

She's just a cat peps! Take a chill pill!


17 Narcissa Malfoy

She wasn't really evil. She only cared about Draco.

She is not really evil

18 Regulus Black

He isn't bad he destroyed a hocrux

19 Salazar Slytherin

One of the founders of Hogwarts? ON THIS LIST?!?!?!

20 Antonin Dolohov

Just hate him 4 killin Fred

He killed Lupin too (at least that's what I heard) :(

He is pure evil

I loved fred you rotten basterd.

21 Sirius Black Sirius Black

Blah blah blah he's evil

Sirius is a evil bully!

This is false information

Sirius is a good man!

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22 Krum

Actually if krum didn't take hermione to the ball Ron wouldn't gotten jealous and Ron and hermione wouldn't have gotten married

Krum well guess what he took his best friends friend dancing partner at the dance

23 The Werewolf Lupin

Lupin was really good apart from some problems

Lol you he was a Werewolf and you probably didn't listen to it

Who put Lupin on here?

He tryed to kill serius

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24 Scabior

Yo its so funny when he fell of the bridge and Neville said "that went well ". So he's a bad death eater I can't really explain him.

He was a fool for thinking he could beat the best wielding school of all time.

I researched him. He is a horrible person. He hits on girls younger than him and torments people. He also killed his parents. He could’ve done some really horrible things to hermione if he had the chance. He rapes girls.


25 Fred and George

What Fred is not a villain he's a hero! but George is evil!

Fred and goerge do do do do do do..(george is too evil to get capitalized)

26 Basilisk

A great villain

27 Aragog

Aragog tried to kill Harry and Ron

Hagrid's friend - chamber of secrets

They were friends of Hagrid an they were trying to help Hagrid from Azkaban and what do they do try and eat them.

28 Alecto Carrow

Spat in Minerva McGonagall's Face (BIG NO-NO)

Actually Amycus spat in Mcgonnagols face. She slashed Neville and is a death eater

Death eater

29 Rodolphus Lestrange
30 Griphook

Griphook betrayed Harry Potter and his friends,he said"I said I will help you get in not get out"

31 Walden Macnair

I loved it when Hagrid threw him against the wall

32 Cerberus
33 Yaxley
34 Delphi Diggory

Hate her how dare she try to bring voldmort back when the world is finally peaceful so what he's her dad is voldmort I don't get how she proud of him either would you be? - H3RM10N3

35 Peeves

Peeves in NOT evil he just likes joking around

Seriously like who made this list

I heard he is not in the movies.. he is awesome in the books! - severussnape


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36 Igor Karkaroff

Every one knows' once a death eater,always a death eater'

37 Pansy Parkinson

Was willing to fork Harry over during The Battle of Hogwarts to save her own skin

38 Kreacher

Kreacher in not evil, he was just mean in the order of the Phoenix but was good to Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Deathly hallows

39 Vincent Crabbe

Did anyone else notice that crabbe was using the killing curse while goyle and draco were using the cruciatus curse on harry during the seventh book?

40 Gregory Goyle

Followed Malfoy and his gang

41 Gilderoy Lockhart

Lockhart is full of himself and copies off of what other people have done, like a fraud, and even tries to erase Harry and Ron's minds.

Umm he is NOT evil for being a copy cat

Am I a professor?

42 Moaning Myrtle Moaning Myrtle

What? Are you crazy? Moaning Myrtle helps Harry in the Goblet of Fire and in The chamber of secrets!

This list is so wrong!

Don't worry guys this person wasnt paying attention to the books he/she read

So annoying

43 Amycus Carrow

He only got the job because of Snape.

Who is any us car Row?

what is he

44 Hippogriff

I agree with the comment underneath

The hipogriph is not evil but he is cute and can FLY YAA

There not evil. It slashed at Malfoy because he called it a great dirty brute. Though Malfoy deserves it. I smiled at that bit. :-)

45 Fluffy

She isn't evil shes guarding the sorcerers stone has this person even read/watched the films?

Fluffy seems like it does a goos job guarding the sorcerers stone but shes also evil...

Who named her/him?

46 Augustus Rookwood

He looks kinda creepy

47 Avery

He did a lot of bad stuff

48 Percy Weasley Percy Weasley
49 Cornelius Fudge
50 Blaise Zabini Blaise Zabini
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