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41 Sirius Black Sirius Black

They think he is bad at first he is good

This is false information

Blah blah blah he's evil

This list is made by someone who neevr read or watched HP

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42 Alecto Carrow

Spat in Minerva McGonagall's Face (BIG NO-NO)

Actually Amycus spat in Mcgonnagols face. She slashed Neville and is a death eater

Death eater

43 Hippogriff

I agree with the comment underneath

There not evil. It slashed at Malfoy because he called it a great dirty brute. Though Malfoy deserves it. I smiled at that bit. :-)

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44 Fluffy

She isn't evil shes guarding the sorcerers stone has this person even read/watched the films?

Fluffy seems like it does a goos job guarding the sorcerers stone but shes also evil...

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45 Death Eaters

One may have killed them all but lucius suckes because he is a death eater to maybe he could be dead so yeah

46 Cedric

She took cho to the dance well stole his dance but he shouldn't be killed

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